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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Asked and He Answered- Sport's Expertise Revealed

You asked and he answered!! Before we get to the answers a little bit more about our expert. 

His name is Kevin and he is 28 years old. His teams are the LA Lakers, LA Dodgers, LA Kings, and the SD Chargers.He has had a love of sports since he was a kid and is the most obsessed sports fanatic I have ever met (and trust me I have met a lot). Kevin is unique though because his sports knowledge spans across a variety of sports and he can name championship titles on the spot. I once asked him to name the past 20 Superbowl champions and he did it, no problem. He can rattle off sports trivia and statistics as easily as the ABCs. He spends all of his free time watching games, playing sports video games, and talking on the phone with his friend about sports.He is the most interesting man in the world one of the biggest sports nuts ever.

The Questions

Aimee (yep me) Asked: 

1)How can the Chargers win the Super Bowl?
It's not a complicated formula for a team with this much talent. They need to minimize mistakes. If they play mistake-free football, nobody in the NFL can beat them. It all goes to the coaching staff. A disciplined coach, like a John Gruden or Bill Cowher would have won multiple Super Bowls with this team. But AJ Smith and his ego are keeping the good coaches away. Once he's put in charge of player personnel decisions and not GM anymore, the Chargers will flourish.

2) Best Boxer of all time and why?

Sugar Ray Robinson. Nobody else has had his combination of speed, power and defensive ability in any weight class. Even Muhammad Ali considers him the best.

3) What sport team would Obama be the best on?
Obama is a pretty good basketball player from what i understand, so any team in the NBA.

4) Why aren't you a sports newsmen or analyst?
No idea.... (He would be so great on sports center or ESPN. He has such a passion for sports but I wonder if he would be able to keep his bias to himself)

How did you become so good at being a walking encyclopedia? since what age, etc..haha I'm so nosy.
Haha! I've always been a sports buff, but that knowledge also extends into other areas as I'm a very curious person who loves to read about new things. I almost made it on to Jeopardy once. =) (Yah he is also very modest obviously)

Football, Soccer or Baseball?
Football or baseball. I love them both rather equally. Soccer is not up there. (How he can not pick Football way above the other two I cannot comprehend. )

What's the worst/embarrassing thing he's done for his love of sports? 
I'm pretty sure I've canceled first or second dates to watch a game. I also knew a relationship wouldn't last when she tried to make me give up sports

1)Who is that older Asian woman who sits in the front row at the Laker games???
She's their acupuncturist. ;-) (D-Lo. I looked up the right answer for you. Her name is Yori and she is just a rich long time fan who has had season tickets since the 80s. Here is an interesting article that breaks down the seating chart of other "famous" season ticket holders)
Source....Some of the Lakers' most loyal fans

1)Who is the best roster in Laker history?
I'm tempted to say this year's, but of course, they haven't won anything yet. I'm going to go with the 1986-87 Lakers. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Byron Scott and Kurt Rambis starting with guys like Mychal Thompson and Michael Cooper off the bench? That team was unstoppable. (Well I am going to go and say this years team. And if (or when) they win the championship this year, and yet another 3peat, than I think there will be no question)

2)Best fighter in the UFC (pound-for-pound)? The *only* correct answer is GSP, obvs.

I agree. GSP is easily the best in the UFC. Most versatile, best athlete, powerful and quick. Deadly combination.

3) How come soccer isn't more popular in the US?
Because it's kind of a pussy sport. There's very little violence, guys get taken off on stretchers when they stub their toe and the average soccer player is about 5"7, 160 lbs.   (LOL I love how biased and real Kevin can be...I, like the typical American, love to see super tough plays, hard hits, and tough men so that is why I don't like soccer very much and why I love Football and Hockey)

1. Do you think Farve should have retired last year?
Yes, but not because the talent isn't there, because the passion isn't. He really didn't want to play anymore but the Vikings forced his hand, and you see the results this year. Last year should have been his year. (Yes! 500 times over...that old man should just retire and stay retired.Oh and maybe the whole sexting woudn't have been featured so heavily and I would have been saved from having to see his small package)

2. What do you think it'll take for the Twins to win the world series?
They will need some more starting pitching, as well as some luck in the injury department. A smaller market team like them needs to have the best in the game when it comes to scouting, because they can't spend money like some of the bigger teams.

3. All time favorite sports moment that you've personally witnessed?
Back-to-Back home runs in a Dodger playoff game.

4. When are you going to man up and marry my blog bestie?
This is not a sports question. (I didn't let him in on the fact that I told you that they could be not related to sports lol but trust me you wouldn't have gotten an answer from him anyway)

1)Should Lebron have joined the Heat?
Yeah, I don't see why not, it's good for the league. However, he should have manned up and done it a different way. However, i'm fine with people hating LeBron, so I don't care that he did it. (LeBron should just play basketball and stop talking. He is one of the biggest sports douches.)

2)Who is the greatest women's wrestler of all time.
The Fabulous Moolah.

3)Should porn be an olympic sport. 
Yes, yes it should.  (LOL I was cracking up big time at this)

Well thank you everyone that participated and submitted questions. I hope you all learned something and got your questions answered. For next week Sports Entry I will start a Sports 101 segment where I give the very basics of what you need to know about each sport. I will also be highlighting why women should love sports. 

Hopefully you all have a great Thursday and just think tomorrow is Friday!!


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