**My name is Aimee and I will be blogging themed days usually. I will try to touch on a variety of topics and try to make this blog an interesting read. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read! I hope you enjoy your time here.**

About Me

Warning: Tons of Pictures!
Hello! My name is Aimee and I am a 23 year old at the beginning of my "adult life".I am still trying to get a grasp on what it means to have a ton of bills and to have to be responsible. I graduated from college in May 2009 with a Bachelors in Economics and Business and I have been trying my best to live a fulfilling and happy life while trying to become successful.
I did modeling shots for fun. Practicing my pout

Lets Get Personal, Personal
I have a boyfriend, Kevin, who I have been with for 2.5 years. We have lived together for 1.5 years. We live ina condo near the beach with our dog PeeWee and our two cats Mocha and Angela.

This is me and Kevin. We are a pretty high maintenance couple, can you tell?
This is my favorite picture of Kevin. Thats Angela he is holding
They love to cuddle. Mocha and Angela
This is PeeWee (doxie/beagle mix). He is a handful

I'm a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are, in order of importance: SD Chargers (football), LA Kings (hockey), LA Dodgers (baseball), LA Lakers (basketball), and USC (Go Trojans!). You will definitely see many sports references and posts on this blog because sports is a huge part of my life. Im happiest when I'm at a sports bar watching football games for the entire day.

Brittany @ Unexpected Surprises, one of my BBFs, made me this painting. Its Perfect!

Me @ one of my happy places
Of course I like hanging with the girls...Some of my favorite activities are: Hookah, going to the beach, dining out, bar hopping, dancing, and discovering new places. I like to be pampered as well and love getting massages and pedicures. I am working harder on having regular hang out times with my chick frinds but this too is a work in progress...This was much easier when I was dorming all 4 years of college.

Bar Hopping (Senior Year)


Me and my college roomie at my happy place, Hookah Lounge
This was the day the little modeling shoot
These girls mean the world to me. My sisters!
Me and some more of my sisters
Oldie but a goodie... Me and my little sister (Sophmore Year)

Work all Day!

I was lucky to get a job right out of school doing business to business sales for a financial company. I quit there after 1 year though because I wanted to be more involved on the financial side of things. I have been working at a botique tax firm doing business development/tax consulting. We help businesses with refund and state tax incentives.

My goal in life is to get my CPA and hopefully one day becoming a CFO. I am an extrememly hardworker because I am motivated to become super successful and wealthy one day. I will work super hard in whatver financial role I do so that I can one day acheive my goal.


I am the middle child of 3 and I have the middle child syndrome. I was raised in a pretty typical american household. Well not really but I don't like going into the details of my childhood. I have a mom and a dad (who are married) and an older sister, Becky (25) and a younger brother, Timmy (19). I have a brother in law, Nathaniel.
Everyone including my grandma