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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello all, hope your Friday is treating you well. Let the Odd News Begin!

If the Devil Wears Prada then what does the Virgin Mary Wear?

[Photo: Yahoo! News]
Lousi Vuitton apparently. I'm not a religious person but I do remember reading a verse in the bible that would probably frown upon this statue of the Virgin Mary in Italy donning some expensive Louis Vuitton garb. Something about being frugal with money and not buying super material items... Hmmm. I wonder if the Pope approves of this.

The artist, Francesco De Molfetta, stated that he did that as a statement against the materiality of our society. he said it was to "denounce a society based on the cult of appearance through the use of a brand that represents the search for ephemeral happiness."  Whatever the meaning behind it I find it pretty silly to see the Virgin Mary all decked up in LV.

Stupid Criminal of the Week

We may run out of money, food, or other important things but we will never run out of stupid people. I guess that is good for me because I will always have a stupid criminal news story to write about every week. Gosh people are such idiots.

This Cincinnatti woman decided she was going to pick and choose what laws she would follow. She was being chased by cops but she would stop at every red light. Maybe she was just being cautious or didn't want vehicle manslaughter added to her list of wrongdoings but it is an irrational thing to do when you are trying to outrun the police.

This chase was all because she was going 20 mph over the speedlimit and didn't want her car impounded. She even drove right to her home... Uh if you are going to try to outrun the cops you better believe your guy will 100% get impounded...

Bears in Cars, Oh My!

[Photo: Yahoo! News]
Peanut Butter Sandwich + Car+ Hungry Bear= Runaway Car... A bear was attracted to a PB&J sandwich in a car in Denver. He then managed to not only get himself stuck in the car but knocked the car into netural therefore crashing into a tree.

The bear was stuck in the car for 2 hours and then realeased into the woods. Ben, the car owner, did not press charges for grand theft auto.

How much would you pay for Golden Dentures?

[Photo: BBC News]

I guess the going rate is 15,200 pounds, well that is if they happen to Churchill's dentures. His gold mounted dentures sold for that rate at an auction. I don't know who wants someone's gold fake teeth but whatever floats their boat.

I learned something new from this article that maybe I should have known about Churchill. He had a lisp which is why he had these dentures, to disguise it.

Weekend Plans

Kevin and I are going to Dave & Busters tonight with another couple. I am pretty excited because I love D&B. Kev and I may be a bit too competitive though LOL. We take it seriously


I may be going to San Diego tomorrow during the day with one of my friends to check out 2 museums. One being the Space museum and the second being the history of man. Been a while since I have been to museums so it should be fun (if I end up going)

[Photo: The Saksam Group]

If my friends decide to be cool and actually hang out with me then I will be going to country night at the hookah lounge I go to all the time. I am so excited because I love line dancing!

[Photo: Comicbookmovie.com]

I am hoping to catch the matinee of Inception because I have heard some fantastic things about this movie. Then we will most likely go to the dog beach.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I wish I was at a Sporting Event so I could SCREAM without getting weird looks.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nelly but I am having a Shitastic day... My heart is pounding, I have a headach, and I once again want to pull my hair out. However, that is all the complaining I am going to do on that matter.

Sports From a Girl's POV
*Picture Warning* Before I start though I wanted to see how many of you guys would be interested in joining a fantasy football league (its free and safe) just for fun during football season... I just want to get a feel on the interest to see if its worth it.

See I told you...Crazyness ensues. We were doing a mock wave for the camera
I think I've mentioned it here before but I love going to sporting events because you can scream, shout, cheer, and make a fool out of yourself all in the love of sports. I can be as loud as I want and it is actually encouraged (well if you do it at the right time that is). I feel that a sporting event is my ultimate happy place. There is sports, food, alcohol, entertainment (people watching, cheerleaders, halftime shows, etc), and loudness. What more do you need? Can I please go? I mean now!
Going to games with awesome people is a lot of fun

This is my Town!!!!!

Food being fed to me + drink in hand+ baseball game=Great Times!

Of course going to games with my boyfriend is always fun! (BTW I miss being that tan)
So something I am looking forward to is football season. I am pretty excited because reading through your blogs I see a lot of you are football fans. Come together all you ladies who love sports. Show your pride. Lets playfully bash each others teams and just enjoy sports together.

What is your favorite aspect of sports?

Happy almost Friday! (please come sooner)

P.S. I am doing a Giveaway very soon in honor of going over 50 followers. This is post 94 and I plan on announcing the Giveaway on my 100th post so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's go for a ride! Way Back Wednesdays & Wee Bit About ME!

So I found a new little blog carnival to join in this week. So I am sorry but since I have ADD and  I think both Way Back and Wee Bit Wednesdays are cool that is what I will do from now on until my ADD takes over and I switch it up again. How Fun!

This week's theme is First Job

My first job was a cafe/food stand worker at Castle Park.

Well that was my first actual paycheck job. I use to always babysit but right when I turned16 I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me get a job.She told me I could apply for 1 job only and if I got it great but if not than I was not to ask again until I was 18. So I went to the local amusement park and applied for the only job you can get if you are underage, working with the food. They told me there were no positions available when I got there and I said "oh thats alright, thanks anyway" in my bubbly manner (I was super bubbly back then). I guess that was enough for them because they then hired me right on the spot because "I had spunk" apparently. I was beyond excited.

I worked at Castle Park for 1.5 years full time during the summer and then only on weekends during the school year. I quit when it got too much to juggle school, track, and work. I had so much fun working there. I would normally work in the ice cream cart (where there was no AC and I would be cooking funnel cakes all day long) or the Churro Cart. The churro cart was my favorite because it was right by the Log Ride and the Ferris Wheel, it was also located under a tree...yay for shade!! This also was the cart that got the most traffic so it was so much fun. Working at an amusement park is filled with lots of friends, adventures, drama, and great stories. Best place for people watching! Some key things I remember:
  • Free Pretzels, churros, ice cream, and funnel cakes. Ooo so yummy. My favorite was lightly salted pretzels with mustard.
  • Sweet little kids figuring out money for the first time and how to buy things. I liked helping them out and they were always so proud to be "big kids"
  • Getting flipped off by little kids. Yah where are their manners? and their parents? A little 5 year old flipped me off, geez. Sad thing about this park is that parents basically used it as a babysitting tool for their 12 and 13 year old kids.
  • Watching people make out on the bench right across from the ice cream cart...young love. EWW
  • Working with some of my close friends. When we took breaks together we would get to ride the roller coasters.
  • Of course when we were off for the day we would still be at Castle Park because it was free fun and the "happening place to hang"

{one} if you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Ok so I wish I could be sweet like leigh and put hate as that is a pretty fantastic answer. Instead though I will say above all it is horrible drivers. This covers those who drive too slow, too fast, cut people off, follow too closely, and any other bad driving habbits

{two} if you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?

Really!!! Hmmm I would have to say a trip to Europe.  With the longest time being spent in France. I really want to visit Paris and now Kevin showed me Monte Carlo. I also want to visit Italy, Spain, and England.
[Photo Courtsey of Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo]

{three} cats or dogs?

Both!! I cant choose. My little dog is the cutest, sweetest, and most lovable dog ever. My one kitten is super playful and both of the cats love to snuggle. See how can you deny these babies?

{four} would you rather date a lot of people or be in a committed relationship?

I prefer committed relationships. I just have always been a relationship girl

{five} would you rather own a luxury yacht or a private jet?

Hmmm this is difficult. I would say a jet though. I could have a lot more freedom in getting places. Would it be wrong of me to use it to take the short trip to vegas or SF?

{six} what was the last book you read?

I finished Secrets of a Shoe Addict and now I am reading Chasing Harry Winston.

{seven} would you rather be really hot or really cold?

Really hot... My back hurts and I get sick when I am really cold.
{eight} if you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Something that has a legitimate nickname. I love the names Aurora (rory) and Isabella (izzie or bella).

{nine} what did you dream about last night?

I don't remember at all. The night before I apparently was dreaming about property taxes because I was shouting about them in my sleep.

{ten} if you had to throw away either your tv or your computer, which would you throw away?
TV... I couldnt deal without my computer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lets move on to August please

So I am suppose to have Tuesday's Feature today but I forgot all about it. I guess that just explains my life recently... So I am having a HORRIBLE day and I had a bad day yesterday. Two bad days in a row? That doesn't typically happen to me therefore I am going to VENT! Sorry, I'll forgive you if you just decide to close this right now.

  • So it has felt like there has been a raincloud over my head for the past two days. No matter what I do I can't shake it off.  Everything that can go wrong has. Go away rain cloud!

  • Work has been making me want to pull my hair out. People are being super rude to me. Yes, I understand it is a busy tax time and that every business is in the middle of provision and quarter filings but that shouldnt be an excuse for them to yell at me and hang up on me.
  • Another thing that is bugging the beejezus out of me is that my laundry seems to be endless. Ok I know I suck at doing it but when I try to actually be domesticated it just is too impossible to do it all at once. How do you all cope with it? I have a full time job where i dont get home until close to 7... How do I keep up with the housework? I need magical cleaning fairies, or I need to make more money so I can have my cleaning lady come in more often.

  • Beware this vent might make me sound like a horrible person... I am in a transition stage right now because of my new job and responsibilities. I am also changing a lot which means I am growing apart from some friends and closer to others. I have 2 friends in particular that I am growing apart from and it semi-sucks but I know that in the end it is for the better. These girls use to be my best friends but one completly changed because of her bf and the other is still a close friend but she lives far away and she is on a different maturity level and is at a different stage in her life...
  •  I would like to talk about the second one because she is driving me CRAZY! She is being SUPER CLINGY. Texting me stuff like "I love you" all the time and "please dont let us grow apart". Am I a bad person because these constant texts are driving me crazy? You can be honest...I can take it 
Thats all my venting for today. I am hoping my bad days stop soon or I might just go crazy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Play all Day, Dance all Night! Recap & Mingling

Hello Friends!!

I am participating in Monday Mingle over at Life of Meg. If you want to participate click on the link below the coffee cup and hop on over.

Mingle Monday

I had a fantastic and fun filled weekend but I feel it went by way too fast this time. Actually life in general has been flying by... Slow down!! I hope you all had great but LONG weekends.

On Friday I was suppose to stay in and do some laundry and cleaning. Well I am a horrible woman and hate cleaning haha. My boyfriend is actually the domesticated one of the relationship because he does the cleaning. I do cook so I guess that makes up for my lack of help domestically. Right? Anyway I was being a punk and I was all pouty about having to be stuck at home. So my friends came to the rescue and invited me out to Hookah. How can I not go? So I got over there at 9 and ended up staying until 1 am. Overall it was okay but I kind of wished I did stay in...probably would have been more beneficial in the end,but that is neither here nor there.

This is a picture of the HUGE park we were at. You could even rent horses to ride, ride a train, go to a petting zoo. It was huge!
Saturday was CRAZY BUSY. We were on the go from the moment we put our feet on the floor after waking up. We had a BBQ to go to with a bunch of other couples. We were able to bring PeeWee and he had so much fun. The food at the BBQ was so yummy: the best chicken I have had, hummus and pita chips, hamburgers, and various salads. The dogs had a lot of fun playing and it was great watching them play. My poor dog though kept getting humped by this other dog (we had lots of gay action going on since all the dogs were boys). We also played touch football where I once again realized how 1) competitive and 2) out of shape I am....Needless to say we all had a wonderful time but were so exhausted by the end of it...We were there from 12-4:30

After the BBQ Kev had to go into work and I didnt feel like driving home and driving back to pick him up. Instead me and PeeWee took a nap in his office and also went on a walk and played in the park across the street. My dog had so much exercise and fun but boy was he wiped out by the end of the day saturday. We left my boyfriend's office at 6:15 pm and had to book it home because we had to be at a party by 8:30 pm. So many birthdays lately (people apparently like to get it on in the Spring). The party I was going to was Faux French. I wore this poofy black and white dress with fancy fishnets and a black wide brimmed hat with red flowers on it. I think I loooked very french. Kevin wore slacks, a black shirt with a red tie, and a pin striped vest. Sounds like we were going to a formal.

[photo courtsey of Joe's Pastry]

The party was a lot of fun. They had my drink of choice, as of now, which is Framboise. If you have never tried it you should, it is pretty tasty. They also had a ton of french treats: eclairs, other pastrys, and a wide assortment of cheesecake. Lets just say the fatty inside me was very pleased. I did a lot of dancing though. I semi-learned how to dance to French music haha. Towards the end we put on "clubbing" aka pop music. I really had a lot of fun. We ended up getting home around 3 am.

Since Saturday was so ridiculously busy Sunday was my lounge around the house ALL day in PJs. I did venture out to get some Cold Stone...What can I say, my lady time demands chocolate at all times and I can't say no to the monster. I stayed in and cuddled up with the cats while watching Valentines Day and reading Facebook Fails. What a day. You should all be proud, as Kevin was, because I fully did 2 loads of laundry. I even folded and put them away...this never happens.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sundays are Stay in you PJs day. GTKY!

Hello! I hope you all have been having a great weekend. I have had a very awesome and tiring weekend which I will tell you all about tomorrow. Now its time GTKY Sunday!

Getting to know YOU

1. Thong or Granny Panties?
Between the two I would pick a thong. My favorite undies to wear are sexy booty shorts or lacey undies.

2. If you see a guy with his fly down, do you tell him?
It depends but usually I would. I would want someone to tell me if my "bat cage" was open

3. Spanx or no Spanx?
Ive never worn spanx. But I think I would. Especially in some of my dresses

4. Do you sleep in your sheets?

No just under a comforter.
5. What is your favorite Disney character?
Tinkerbell or Aurora Rose. I also like Goofy a lot

6. Dream vacation spot?
Hmm some tropical private beach somewhere with endless supply of alcohol and food. :) I also want to go to Europe...especially London and Paris
7. What is your dream job?
CFO for the SD Chargers.

8. Who is your hero and why?
I am still working on trying to get a hero... I wish I knew who my hero is...

Have a great sunday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Odd News Nerd Style

Happy Friday!

In honor of ComicCon happening in San Diego I decided that I would focus on "nerd/geeky" odd news. We have a little bit of Star Wars trouble,

Give me your money, I am your Father

[Courtsey of Yahoo! News]

A man robbed a Long Island Chase in a Darth Vader mask, cape, camoflauge pants, and his version of a light saber (handgun). I don't know much about Star Wars (I know stone me now) but couldn't Darth Vader just used his mind to get the money.

This guy's idea worked because he was able to get away since most people thought it was a joke at first. I don't know about you but if I saw a guy enter a bank with a mask on, regardless of what it is, I would be freaked out and know he was going to rob the bank.

Murder over a Card Game
Some people are just super intense over games. I will admit that I am very competitive and that I don't like to lose. However, I don't think I would ever kill anyone over it, you never know I guess ;).

Stephen Green brutally murdered his woman and police and aquintances think that is was over a bridge altercation. The Greens were members of the Lytham Bridge Club and the members said that Stephen had been acting odd lately. He even threatened to throw her over the balcony during a game because of errors she made playing. Is this what we would call a crime of nerdy passion?

Weekend Forecast

Friday:  Lazy evening of laundry, cleaning, and some reading

[Courtsey of Scienceblogs.com]

Have you read this book? It is so good, I am about halfway through. If you like chick lit and a little bit of mystery then you will like this book. It is a sotry about 3 housewives who get themselves in a little bit of trouble in Vegas (each has their own different issue) and now they need to make money fast. Read this book for an easy but great read and to find out the unique way they are making money. Yes, I enjoy mindless reads along with deeper novels.

Saturday: Busy Busy Day

BBQ at the park with some other couples. We will also be playing games. I am excited because we get to bring PeeWee who loves socializing with other people and dogs.

[Photo Courtesy of entertainexchange]

My friend is having a Paris themed party. More so 1940s and 50s Paris. I am still trying to gather my outfit for that...Any cheap/DIY ideas?

Sunday-Lazy Dog Day

Sundays are the dog's day over here. We like to take him to the dog beach. He loves it even more. We will probably do some more cleaning and organizing.

Might also look at some houses for rent as well. We will be moving out of our condo in a couple of months for a house with a yard. I want my little puppy to have room to run around and I also want to get anoth dog, a bigger one. I will keep you all updated

~Have a great weekend~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lazy Edition of Sports from Girl's POV

Hello Readers...Happy day before Friday Thursday!!

One of my favorite things about sports are the awesome mind-blowing plays and of course, the messed up plays. I love the Top Ten and Worst Ten plays on Sports Center. I know a lot of women don't like sports, a fact that still puzzles me, but I am sure that everyone can enjoy the following videos.

So enjoy these sport video clips because 1) they are awesome and 2) I am just too busy to actually write an entry.

Magic Johnson- Greatest Basketball Player of All Time!

Best Plays of the Decade

Not Top 10- This is one of my favorite segments on Sports Center. I love seeing horrible plays and funny things that happen in sports

Hope you enjoyed my Sports from a Girl's POV-Lazy Edition

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's feature: Summer Blockbuster

Hello! Tuesday Feature is back and I really hope you are able to join in and play along. Even if you don't link up I still am very interested to know in what your favorite summer blockbuster is of ALL time!

Tuesday's Feature: Summer Blockbuster

So I needed to cheat a bit on this one because I needed some help so I looked at all the different lists. Its not because I don't have a mind of my own though, its just that how am I suppose to remember/know which movies were released in the summertime. After much deliberation and a little bit of eenie-meenie my pick for Best Summer Blockbuster of All Time is... (drumroll)....... Grease. It is the one that I want

Movie Synopsis (from IMDB)
Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?

Aimee's Opinion
This was the perfect summer movie. Ok so I was not alive when it came out in theaters but I am sure I would have had a blast watching it there, especially at the drive in. Grease to me is the perfect summer movie and just a great movie all around. A great love story that isnt too sappy for guys, awesome songs and dancing, great view on two opposite worlds coming together, and one of the best portrayals of how much we all can't wait for summer to come. I think the love story between Danny and Sandy is one of my favorites of all time, to me they still have the best onscreen chemistry of all time. I really can't find anything wrong with this movie. Also it is one of the few movies that probably everyone has seen and loved. That is why I feel Grease is the perfect summer blockbuster...great movie, summer themes, and singing & dancing.

Favorite Scene

Hands down, my favorite scene was the school dance. It had the best dancing in the entire movie. I loved seeing the dance off and all the "naughty" dancers that had to sit down. I think they did a great job in this scene capturing how high school students think and act. I also liked the conflict of this scene. I liked Cha Cha a lot because I felt she was a very strong independent woman who went after she wanted (even though she was a man stealing witch).

Favorite Character

Ok, I will admit it. I had a huge crush on Danny! I love love loved him. Was that just the beginning of me going after bad boys? Who knows? What I do know was I thought that John Travolta was hot when I was younger especially as Danny. I liked Danny for other reasons too. For example, he tried so hard to be bad but he was just a sweet gentleman, he wanted so badly to be liked, he was very loyal,and he had the best dance scenes of the movie.

Your turn!! Link up and tell us what your favorite summer blockbuster is:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap and Tuesday Feature will Return

HOLA!! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic and long. I still have the Monday blahs though. We need a cure for this. Seriously, why is it so hard for us to get up and going on Mondays? Does anyone NOT get the Monday blues? If you are out there, please let me know what your magical cure is.

Now onto my Weekend Recap


This was such a rushed day after work. I didn't get home until about 6:30 or so and I knew my friend was going to pick me up at 7:15. Being the good  mediocre owner that I am, I managed to take PeeWee for a walk instead of using that extra time to beautify myself. Got back and hurriedly spritzed myself with Supermodel (Victoria's Secret) so at least I didn't smell like dog.

My friend and I went out to a restaurant called Torritos and got there just in time for happy hour. Yay for Margaritas! The food was great but it seriously took about an hour or so to get it. I even waited 10 minutes for water before I went to the bar to get it myself. I understand that the restaurant was busy, but waiting 1 hour for food is CRAZY. I guess they also kept running out of glasses, so we got little sippy cups. How exciting! Nothing like drinking your alcohol from a kids cup to make you feel classy.

After we left, we went to my hookah lounge. It was unbelievably hot in there! I am talking 100 degrees! Damn AC breaking during the worst time. Hookah was a lot of fun regardless, as it always is. I ended up staying out until midnight.


I slept in very late on Saturday, it was so great! For the majority of the day I lounged around and was incredibly lazy. I watched a movie called  The Sweetest Thing. I had never seen it before and at first I thought it was going to be lame, but I ended up liking it. It was decently funny and not super sappy. I especially liked the ending.

Kevin and I then went to an early dinner (like the senior citizens we are) at The Soup Plantation. They have the best salads and breads!! Yummy. I had this fantastic asian-style salad and it was delicious

That night I went out with one of my other girl friends to go to her friend's birthday party and dancing with a bunch of gay guys. I felt bad because I bailed on the rest of our date night. Still, I had a lot of fun going out dancing. Its not often that I get to do that, especially with Chey because she has a daughter. While the dancing part was fun it was hard to find songs I could groove to because the DJ sucked. A bunch of  us girls decided we would do the robot every time the song sucked. Needless to say that became the dance of the night.


Its a good thing I had a lazy day on Saturday because I felt like Sunday was a "run-around-and-do-everything" day. I mean it was fun stuff don't get me wrong, but I still felt like I didn't have time to relax at home. Kevin and I went and saw Despicable Me. GREAT movie! Seriously, they are making these kid movies so good lately. It was funny, a great plot line, and the voice casting was perfect. Is it sad that the past two movies I have seen  in theater's were kid movies? I don't even have a kid or a niece/nephew to use as an excuse.

Kevin had band practice,  so I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble and had a great time. I love book stores. I was reading part of The Philosophy of Harry Potter, which was a good book, but I ended up buying Secrets of a Shoe Addict. It seems like a good book so far. It is a chick lit novel with a little bit of mystery involved, which is one of my favorite genres. After Kevin got out of practice we went over to my sister's house because it was my Dads birthday. We played games and ate, and my mom got on my nerves like no other! Ugh! Also, we couldnt stay late because of Sunday night programming on HBO, which is the best. Unfortunately, we got home a bit late so we only caught the last half-hour of True Blood. We did see all of Hung and Entourage though, which is good. Hung is my favorite. I want it to be True Blood but I missed 1.5 episodes and now I am SOO lost. There shall be a catchup day soon.

How was your weekend?

**Tuesday's Feature will be back tomorrow**. The theme is Best Summer Movie of All Time. So look back and see what movies were released during the summer then come back here and link up. You can do a mini review, a long one, or you can simply name the movie. Just remember to come back tomorrow and link your blog up.


Friday, July 16, 2010

It's back. Get your fix of Odd News Here!!

Hola everyone!!!

So I am FINALLY bringing it back. My favorite entry of the week when I get to comb through all the idiotic and crazy news stories and share them with you. So sit back and enjoy!

"Just imagine everyone is in their underwear."

I am sure you have heard that piece of advice many of times when you were prepping for a presentation, speech, or performance. This story takes it to a whole different level. Sadly in Boulder, CO, you are no longer to debate in front of the city council in your underwear. Aww shucks there goes my vacation plans...that was on my Bucket List.

Sweaty? Go home!

A boss in Germany is allowing his employees to go home if they are too hot (heat wise) or sweaty. "Whoever sweats gets to go home."  He claims its because he doesn't want anyone passing out, but I think its because they all are too stinky. I'm sweating, can I go home now?

Stupid Criminal of the Week

They should all be wearing this sign

I love when people commit such a stupid crime. How dumb must you be to try to pay your bail with fake money? Are you serious? I find it very interesting that these people actually think they can get away with such idiotic crimes. It gets better though, because he actually came back and demanded a refund because he said he paid too high of bail....So let me get this straight: He paid his bail with fake money, then he came back and demanded a refund of $200? (Speechless)

Well that's all the news for the week. I don't have a weekend plans segment because I don't have any plans yet... Well except to hopefully see Despicable Me and also to continue my new Sunday ritual of going to the dog beach. What are your plans?

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sports A-Holes! *Sports from a Girl's POV* (might be offensive to some)

So I love love sports as you all are aware. However, there are a couple of things about the Sporting World that I despise Those are: athletes who think they are all that, ESPN's repetivive story lines, and the broken hearts you endure from being passionate about your teams.

Today I am going to focus on who I believe are big Sports A-holes in current times. I am sorry if I offend anyone or spotlight your hero. These are my opnions and shouldn't be taken too seriously... Please do not read if you think you might get offended... I warned you :)

1) LeBron James
He is the biggest jerk in the sporting world today. I hate him so much and the last 2 months have made me hate him even more. I am sorry LeBron but you are not the best player in the NBA. MVP titles don't mean anything if you don't have any rings to back them up. Also even if he does win rings in Miami he won't be the leader of the team. The reasons I hate him are that he is sooo full of himself, he treats his fans like crap, he did his own special on tv to spotlight himself, and he dragged out his decision and infested my tv with his crap. I hate LeBron and I hope that he never ever wins a ring! Any guy tha self proclaims himself the King is a Douche in my book.

2) Ladanian Tomlinson
Oh LT how you let me down. He use to be my favorite athlete. I don't hate him because he left the Chargers as that was a necessity. I hate him because he got a Jets tattoo. LT you have not even played with them. He is such a liar because he acted all heartbroken about leaving SD but then he goes and does that. Wimp ass move.

3)SF Giants Team
I hate the Giants. I don't have to have an excuse other than I am a Dodger fan. Sorry.

4) Ben Roethlisbergr
Ok, it is pretty bad when you are the QB on a team and even your own team doesn't like you. Ben is a loner in the locker room. He has gotten in trouble many times with the law including his shady behaviors with women. He is just an all around bad guy. Guess that happens when you become so popular at a young age.

5) A-Rod
This is Kevin's pick. He is rude to his fans. I hate people that are rude to their fans...hello a lot of the reason you are making the big dough is because your fans come to your games, buy jerseys and other logoed gear, and root for you. The least these athletes can do is sign some autographs and smile at their fans.,

The Winner of Biggest A-Hole of ALL Times goes to...

Barry Bonds
I am sure you all don't need an explanation. He is a jerk to his fans, he treated his team like crap, was one of the most self-centered athletes of all times, and was a cheater. Congratulations Barry here is an award you are actually deserving of.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catch up on my Life and Wee Bit Wednesdays

Hello All!

I am still trying to get into a normal routine with my life. I swear it takes me forever to adjust to new circumstances...When I start a new job it typically takes me 1-2 months to be "normal" again. Tomorrow is my 1 month anniversary here so lets keep our fingers crossed that I will blog regularly. Until then you get a bullet point update and some more surveys about me!
  • I am now 23 years young!! You all know that though thanks to my wonderful boyfriend's guest blog entry. I told you he was way more talented than me at writing. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes
  • My birthday was AMAZING!! On Friday I went to the Dodger Game and that was a lot of fun because we sat in MyTown and had all you can eat food and a t-shirt. The Dodgers won, woot! That night we had a kickback at my house which was semi-lame but oh well.
  • My Saturday birthday celebrations were the best. Me and 9  others went to Yardhouse which was very yummy. Afterwards we went to my favorite Hookah place to hang out for the rest of the night. It was crazy fun because we had 20 people there. It was perfect because I got my bday lap dance, I danced a lot, and won a new hookah in a booty shaking contest. Also all the people were super cool and made this one of my best bdays ever!!
  • Work is going very well. I am an account manager/tax consultant for a botique tax firm. My job consists of finding new clients for our company to help with state incentives and refunds. I LOVE my job so much!
  • Life in general is awesome. My weekdays consists of work, spending time with kevin or going out with one of my friends, and spending time with the dog. Weekends usually consists of 1 date night, 1 girls night, and 1 dog day.
  • The dog beach has become one of my favorite places to go on Sundays. PeeWee loves it! He is such a sociable dog and loves being able to run around without his leash on and play with other dogs. I love being near the beach and watching the dogs.

{one} do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I never did until about 1.5 years ago when I had an encounter with one. I also think my office has a ghost in it. They don't really scare me though
{two} are you more of a talker or more of a listener?
Talker but I try to work on listening more. I have the middle child syndrome though and like to have all the attention

{hree} would you rather get up early or sleep late?

Get up early, when I sleep late I feel like I wasted the day away.

{four} if you could instantly become an expert at one type of dance, what type would you choose?

Any latin style dancing. I feel like they are super sexy and then I could go out dancing with more people. I love salsa and merengue
{five} what's your favorite drink?
alcoholic: I am on a big martini kick right now... I also always love Tequila. Non-alcoholic: Sprite or Grande Iced Chai Latte
{six} if your house caught fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?

i'm assuming here that my three pets would be able to get out safely and my boyfriend... So my computer, PS3, and my purse (with my wallet, phone, makeup, and jewlery already in it)

{seven} if you could only visit one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

A sushi restaurant.. OO kobe's because they have great steak and tepan grill and sushi!! Yummy!

{eight} who inspires you the most?

I don't have a great answer for this. I wish I did. I don't really have a real life role model. Hmmm I need to work on that I guess
{nine} if you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?

Great question. I would have Anotonio Gates, Obama, and Bradley Cooper (just because he is nice to look at)

{ten} sneakers or sandals?

Sandals!! But I prefer heels or wedges