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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Oddities-The Best Odd News Stories!

[Photo Credit: Yahoo! News]

Hello! Time for some odd news stories of the week!

Weird Adoptions

These are always my favorite stories to read about, an animal (usually a domestic one) adopting baby animals that they would not normally care for. This one is super cute because a little tabby cat adopted a litter of bobcats. These little bobcats may be small and adorable now but they grow up to be big animals who could have their "mommy" for a snack.

Little Zoe, the momma cat, will only feed them for 4 weeks because after then their teeth would probably rip her nipples and prove to be a threat to her. It is good that they have this feline to suckle on instead of a bottle because they can learn habits from a the same species. Also it is very important that these bobcats maintain their fear of humans because it is actually a survival necessity.

Way to Prove a Point

If someone told you that you were a filthy pig would you throw more stuff on the ground? No because that would prove them right. However, this woman did not understand this logic. When a man called this woman that she was fat she showed him by biting his ear off. He then had to be taken to the hospital.

We can all learn two lessons from this.
1) Don't call someone fat because karma might come and bite you in the A$$ (or ear).
2) If you are called fat simply walk away, don't bite someone's ear off. Way to prove the statement and land a night in jail.

Funny Work? 

When the times get rough and work gets hard just laugh at it, that is great advice and an important way to stay sane.

I am going to buy this book that the article was tallking about, "WTF, Work?: How to Survive 101 of the Office's Worst F*#!-ing Situations". This sounds like my type of book. Humor mixed with advice.

Some of the advice they list in the article is very funny (and maybe even useful). My favorite is "If someone keeps taking your stapler, booby trap it with explosives or glue it to your desk" Sounds like something Dwight would do to ward off Jim (The Office television series).

That is it for news of the week. See below for some pictures that displays what I will be doing this weekend. WOOT!

The boyfriend and I are treating ourselves to massages tonight and then going on a date night. I hope we see Nightmare on Elm Street.
I am a chicken when it comes to movies but I love to be scared.
If it is warm enough on Saturday I am totally laying out at the beach. Time to tan my pastiness away
 Going ice skating with some girlfriends on Saturday-very high chance of me ending up on the ice.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling Off Esclators & Shot Trees

Hello All!!

I am back from Las Vegas. Did I survive? Easily! Am I sad to be back? Yes... I love Vegas, it was so much fun! Unbelievable! Since I have gotten requests for a detailed breakdown of my trip I will try to grant your wishes. I cant promise that I remember the details of every night because I was mildly intoxicated (it IS Sin City).Oh by the way, please note that I was never fully sober for any of this trip. Gambling + free drinks= happy Aimee (especially when I am paying for nothing and I broke even with my gambling money)

To warn you this is a much longer blog than usual. If you want to skim it , I wouldn't be offended. Also, if you want to skip this blog entry, at least check out the end where I will give you some hints about how to live it up in Vegas. In case I don't express it throughout the rest of my blog... I had a fantastic time!

 The above picture could explain everything that happened from 10 pm and beyond on Thursday, but I will get to that in a second. We got to Vegas at 3 pm and went to an NFL draft party that was sort-of lame, so we opted to gamble instead. We decided to venture down to the strip around 8:30pm,  so we bought a 3-day pass for the monorail ( see my tips section about this later).

I, of course, had to get the Eiffel Tower drink. What better way to get very drunk in a quick way then to down a girly drink in a souvenir cup? Be warned though, just because they are a girly does not mean they are sissy. They are VERY strong and will succeed in knocking you on your cute little butt.

We then started our trek down the strip.  We walked around, going into random casinos, and ended up at the MGM Grand. We went downstairs to a place called "Fat Tuesdays", a must when you are in Vegas. They have $1 jello shots and some of the biggest drinks in Vegas. After sampling their Jello shot faire, I was no longer in a sober state of mind. That is where the fun began.A quick run-through if the shenanigans that ensued:
  • I fell off the escalator.
  • I  did the rock'n'roll hand symbol to people while I was on the ground telling them they should go to Fat Tuesdays and have some jello shots.
  • I told a midget who shushed me to shush himself. I then proceeded to tell my mom that i wanted to put a sombrero on him and serve chips and dip off of him (Hey I never said I was PC).
  • We wandered around and got lost somehow.
  • I had a 30 minute phone conversation with me dad detailing my wedding
We ended up back at our hotel, we were staying at The Sahara by the way, at 3 am and passed out.

 I think this day was full of gambling. I don't think there was anything super interesting on this day. We made some friends and had a late lunch/early dinner with them. That was a lot of fun. That's another great thing about Vegas, you can meet a ton of interesting  individuals and can even share food with them. How fun! I think we went down to Imperial's Palace on Friday evening. Oh my gosh that was fun
 I played with Elvis, Alice Cooper, and Christina Aguilara of the ones pictured here.

The Imperial Palace has a portion of their tables that are called Dealertainers and it is so much fun. The dealers are dressed up like famous musicians (ie Beyonce, Alice Cooper, Elvis, and the Blues Brothers). They not only are your dealers but they also perform. It was a lot of fun to play and watch there. These dealers are awesome because they have a lot of personality and are able to high 5 you. I would say this is by far my favorite place to gamble except for the fact that I lost all of the money I was up here.

We also went to Bills Gambling Hall for some $1 margaritas and watched a very good cover band called StageFright. It was a lot of fun. Then we got lost off the strip which was not as much fun but an experience none the less. A little hint for you, don't go down a less traveled road thinking it is a shortcut, you most likely will get lost.


More gambling during the day and drinking at night LOL. We spent most of the morning gambling at our hotel. We did end up walking the strip during the afternoon. We took pictures with Jack Sparrow, with the hand prints on Planet Hollywood, and we had a Pink's hot dog at Planet Hollywood. This was my first ever Pink's hot dog even though I live in CA right by LA... I had to get one in Vegas. It was SOOO yummy. We then went to gamble some more at the Imperial Palace.
 Me with the 10 shots treee
 Taking it baby!
My mom and I with our shot tree
That night was another fun drinking night. My mom and I had a few drinks throughout the day (well we never stopped drinking while we were there if we are being honest.) We went to the NASCAR Cafe to get a 10 shot tree. We took 5 shots each and had a lot of fun entertaining our waiter. The shots I had were naughty shots (PG 13). I had a blow job shot (funny story here), a red headed slut, purple hooter, b 52 and chocolate cake shot. We were mucho intoxicated after this and decided to sit down and gamble while drinking more drinks. We also went down on the strip to walk around more and gamble in Imperial Palace.

Funny story about the shots experience- When we were picking out which shots we wanted I asked our waiter, Nero (a male), if he did blow jobs. His face was classic. He said we made his night and he even came over to watch us take our shots.  We took the blow job shot without our hands, of course, and I did very well with the whip cream but threw the rest of my shot all over me. I am so classy

 Sunday was a very touristy day. We woke up early to head over the the MGM because we were going to take a picture with the Lion cubs. AWW they were so very cute. Trust me, the $25 for taking a picture with the lion cub is very worth it. Ours was so perfect and even smiled with her tongue sticking out.
 She stuck her tongue out and smiled, aww

 Aren't they soo cute when they sleep?

We then walked the strip some more. We took pictures of the statue of liberty made out of jelly beans. Then we watched the water show at the Belagio. We ate and drank at The Tequila Bar in Bally's which I would highly recommend you go to. $1 tacos, margaritas, and $2jose cuervo shots. My mom and I got 8 tacos, 4 margaritas, 2 shots of jose cuervo and we only spent $20 all together. I think that is a fantastic deal.
 I had never seen the water show during the day. It was still beautiful.

We went back to the hotel and had a wonderful nap. I went down to the pool and fell asleep next to it. I am now very dark, yay for tans! Gambled a little more when I woke up then had to get dressed for our show. I wore a very pretty dress:) We went to go see Rick Thomas the magician who makes Bengal Tigers disappear. He was very good and I had a lot of fun. The rest of the night we just hung around the hotel and gambled and ate. Yay for steak dinners.

Hints and Tips:
1) If you are going to gamble sign up for the players card. You never know how many comps they will give you. Last year when we came to Vegas we gambled a lot in the Sahara. This year when we went back I had $100 in comp money which meant I pretty much ate for free all weekend plus bought some great stuff from the gitft shop for free. My mom even paid the one night we had to pay for with her comp dollars. So because of the comps I pretty much  did Vegas for free. Sweet eh?

2) If you are going to be in Vegas for the weekend and plan on going all over the strip get the monorail pass. It is $30 for 72 hours and it really was a handy tool to have. We were able to jump on and off that thing and never had to walk super far.

3) Know your cheap drink specials. While in Vegas you should spend less on alcohol then you would wherever youre from because  they have the greatest drink specials plus free drinks if you are gambling or at least look like you are.
  • Know where your $1 drinks are- Bill's Gambling Hall, Fat Tuesdays, Sahara, Tequila Bar, etc.
  • the Imperial Palace ladies will give you drinks if you are watching the tables, even though you aren't gambling.
  • If you are a girl-even better. A lot of places have ladies night where girls will have open bar 11 pm and earlier if you are a girl (I know El Diablos is one of them).
4) Just Almost as important is  to know your cheap food choices. Especially your buffets. Because lets face it, eating a buffet in Vegas is almost as imperative as drinking till you drop. Also you cant get a better deal than steak dinners in Vegas. Also while it may be tempting, don't skip breakfast.

I almost forgot. I have the sweetest boyfriend. It was weird being away from him so long and we missed eachother a lot (insert awws or gags here).  Anyway, I got back to the condo on Monday before he came home from work. So when he comes home he has dinner in hand along with a bouquet of sunflowers. He is the sweetest!

:) Have you ever been to Vegas? Do you want to? Whats your favorite Vegas memory.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Post-Another Award


So I wasnt going to post today as I am very busy at work (what with it being a short work week this week and next. But one of my favorite interior decorating blogger gave me a blog award a couple of days ago and I somehow missed it...

So thank you very much to Meg from House Notes who has such an awesome decorating sense. Go check out her blog... you will be so very jealous of her house. I know I am, especially her redecorated bathroom (can you say spa getaway?)

So I will pass this along to some of my favorite bloggers this week who have shared some sunshine with me through their blogs. Please drop by these blogs. I am sure you will love them.

Antsy Pants (she just reached 100 followers, go congratulate her!)
Hope Chella (Very talented artist and a sweetheart too)
Life is Bananas (Her blog is so funny and I love her daily ramblings. Not to mention that I wished she lived closer so we can grab a drink, she just seems like such a cool person)
Raising Brats (Another blog that I am new to following. But I am enjoying it thus far. All about her life, raising army brats, and all the fun that comes along with it.)
Unexpected Surprises (Another Mommy blogger I just started following. Her son is soo adorable and her blog rocks.)
Relatively Unique (Aww Wendy is such a sweetie and she always drops by with such kind words. Her blog is fantastic as well)

Well I am counting down the hours till I am out of here. I just found out from my mom that we are going to a NFL draft party in Vegas tomorrow so let the fun begin early!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st Blog Award (Little bit of a Cheat)


Ok, so yes I sort of have a blog award but it is a bit of a cheat because Shelley at Hand in Hand decided to give the bestowed award to all of her followers that wanted it. You should go check out her blog, she is so sweet.

Here are the rules of the blog:
As a recipient of this award the rules are to link up to the blogger who bestowed it upon you, list 10 things that make you happy, and then hand it off to some more bloggers!

Right now the 10 things that are making me happy are...
1. Leaving for Vegas in 2 days!!
2. Wonderful friends who I can either party with or just have a relaxing time with. It doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together:)
3. LA Kings baby!
4. Sports in general. If only football was during the spring this world be the most perfect time in the world.
5. Kevin because he is a great boyfriend (I guess ;) )
6. Spring time weather, it has been soo bright outside.
7. Starbucks addiction is back in full swing...bad for the wallet but great for my sanity.
8. Getting caught back up on all the lovely blogs:)
9. Did I mention Vegas??
10. Much needed vacation from work:)

I am passing this along to:
Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's be Spontanous!


Ok so yes I was in Vegas for a turn around trip this weekend which explains why I am so fricking tired! But It was worth it.

On Friday my old roomie asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas with her on a turnaround on Saturday because she didn't want to drive out there all alone. I was just complaining earlier this week how my life is boring and I need to be more spontanous. So of course, I did not hestitate when I said yes!

We left at 2:45 pm on Saturday and got there at 7 pm. We rested for a bit and then got ready to go out, of course!  So we get dressed up in our little dresses (duh!) and headed out.

We decided we were going to go to Jet nightclub at the Mirage. I have never been to a nightclub in Vegas so I was very excited. The wait was FOREVER and I was getting highly annoyed standing in line, but it was totally worth it. Jet was so awesome. Inside it is gorgeous with great lighting, lots of bars, a ton of people, girls in lingerie on poles, and excellent music of course. So we grab our drinks and hit the dance floor. It was just a perfect experience. I LOVE dancing and being out with people so I was having a fantastic time. Not to mention I had a very nice buzz going on the entire night. Yay for being a girl and not having to buy drinks(usually)  :).Oh also I did something I have always wanted to do! I danced on one of the platforms right next to the pole! I was so excited even though I almost got knocked down by a wasted girl... So much fun!

After about 3.5 hours of dancing we decided it was time to hit the strip. So we met up with some others who didnt go to the club and had a fantastic time of enjoying Vegas. I love Vegas for the lights, people watching, sights, drinking, and endless hours. One of my new friends had one of those yards of margarita that they didnt want to finish so I handled that. We went over to Diablos and had a double shot of fantastic Tequila (I will admit I poured half of that shot into my drink, it was just too strong to drink straight). Then we went into Planet Hollywood and I played blackjack for a a couple of hands in MGM. (I won $20 LOL)
 Me and my roomie (I am on the left). Not the most flattering picture of me but oh well. We look like we are ready to party right?

We didn't end up getting back to our hotel room until 5:30 am and me and my friend hit the road at 8:30. So yes, sleeping wasn't really on the agenda...but really when is it? I had so much fun. I didn't tell you the greatest thing though... I will be back in Vegas on Thursday until late Monday morning. This time I am going with my mom so I am sure there will be no clubbing but more gambling but MORE drinking! Yes, my mom can probably out drink a lotof my friends.

Needless to say I am the luckiest (but most tired) girl in the world right now. Now only if I can win some tickets to the LA Kings playoff game tonight.

How was your weekend?

P.S. There was this professional photographer that got some nice photos of us so hopefully I can figure out how to get those. It was using one of those cameras that erases all flaws. I want it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Icy Volcano & Ve-Goose!

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all fantastic this lovely Saturday.

Well I feel bad that I didn't get my odd news blog up yesterday. It is my favorite day of blogging,

I was pretty busy at work yesterday and then it has been a very random and spontanous weekend thus far. I have included some odd news stories below but I don't have time to do any summary on them. You should check the stories out still, my favorite is the burglary story... I love horrible excuses.

So I will probably not be able to blog until Monday but you must come and read all about my weekend summary that day. I think this is probably the most spontanous weekend I have ever have and might ever have, so you should check it out:)

Ice Spewing Volcano?

Pantie Raids

Hall of Fame of Hall of Fames

Greatest Excuse for Burglery

What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Saturday

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It really is a Whatever Wednesday

Hello lovely readers!

I am having a crappy day with a capital C. I also am super busy! So busy in fact that I started this blog at 12 but got pulled away on a demo and 3 proposals (fun work mumbo jumbo) that now at 3:30 pm I could quickly try to do a blog post. Ok, enough whining.

Today I decided to do a post on questions that I "stole" from my new blog friend, Shelley @ Hand in Hand.

1. Who is your style icon?
I don't have a style icon. I admire people's fashion sense, whether it be celebritys, friends, or strangers, but I don't really model my own fashion after them. I do admire Jennifer Garner for her cool and chic mom style. I also always love Jennifer Aniston (copied that from Shelley-good taste girl!). I also love Eva Longoria, both red carpet and off red carpet.

2. What is your favorite socialite lit book?
I don't know if this counts but this book I just finished reading called Little Bitty Lies. Its great, It examines what happens when a rich ladies husband runs off unexpectedly with all the money. Read it, its fantastic!

3. Favorite party theme?
I love Black Tie because I love dressing up. I look for any excuse to wear a dress, they are so much fun.

4. Go to Halloween costume?
Any type of hoochie costume. I have been a sexy cop, a scantily clad Flapper. Eh I know its not very orginal but I never claimed to be. Halloween is the time that you have an excuse to be a hooch.

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?
Now it is my massages! I belong to massage envy and get monthly (if not twice monthly) massages and I don't think I can give them up. My high stress job really calls for it.
 Just look at how happy she looks.

6. Living person you admire?
Geez this is hard. I admire my friends Dolores and Chris because they already bought their own house and they are still pretty young. I hope that at their age I also own a house. I admire most parents because I realize that it is so hard to raise a kid, especially in today's economy.

7. Greatest Fear?
Losing someone I love (going to copy Shelley once again). I am so morbid I always think that one of my loved ones died, it scares me. I am really afraid of being alone.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?
Oh lord, lets not even go down this path. I have more traits I dislike about myself than I like. I guess I should probably work on this. I am going to go with two as it is a tie. My inability to stay calm and how hard I am on myself
9. Which talent would you most like to have?
Any musical talent. I guess more so either to be able to sing or to be able to drum. I have no artistic ability whatsoever
If I did have drums you better believe they would be pink. 
I bet Kevin (someone who can drum) would shake his head at this.

10. Greatest Achievement?
Graduating from college and landing a great job while being promoted 3 times since starting less than a year ago. Being able to live on my own, pay my bills, and just take care of myself so soon after graduation. I also am proud of my drive to always do my best in everything I do.
Feel free to "steal" these questions if you are stumped on what to blog about or like them. Let me know if you do:)
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Blogger: Film Review

Hello All.
It is Kevin once again, reviewing something in place of Aimee's normally light-hearted fare.
Now in case any of you don't know (Actually, I don't see why you would), I am highly political. My college major was political science and I always dreamed of going into politics. I still do in a way, but not as a candidate. I feel as though you really have to sell your soul in order to successfully run for office. However, I still harbor the dream to become a top advisor to a candidate in whom I truly believe.
That being said, my taste in documentary films tends to drift towards the political in nature, both liberal and conservative. "The Confederate States of America" is one such movie.
"The Confederate States of America" is a mockumentary that presents an alternate universe in which the South had won the Civil War, more commonly known as "The War of Northern Aggression". The viewer is treated as though they are watching a Confederate TV Station and the "Documentary" is presented in the style of a Ken Burns film.
In the movie, the South was able to secure French and British support during the war, which turned the tide for the Confederates. In reality, they nearly succeeded in securing European support which more than likely would have yielded the result presented in the film.
The abolitionist northerners are exiled to Canada, along with African-Americans (now African-Canadians) who refused to regress back into slavery. The rest of the north are part of Reconstruction, and are assimilated into the southern way of life.
The film then follows an alternate history in which slavery is never abolished and American society never truly evolves beyond propaganda films and Lawrence Welk, while Canada is the cultural center of the world and routinely dominates the Olympic games. 
From a political standpoint, the roles of the Democratic and Republican parties are never reversed, as they were in our history. For those who don't know, up until around Woodrow Wilson's administration. The Republicans were known as the liberal, progressive party while the Democrats were the conservatives.
The film talks about the 1960 election as being between Republican John F. Kennedy and Democrat Richard Nixon.
The film really makes an interesting case for showing just how important the Civil War was to our society. Radical Christian fundamentalism was allowed to reign supreme in this alternate universe, eventually outlawing all other forms of religion and atheism, as the country exhibited some of the less extreme signs of totalitarian government mixed with representative democracy.
I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in American history or politics. Even those with a minimal understanding can appreciate the imprtance of what exactly happened back in 1861 that altered the course of history forever.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Misadventures of a Starbucks Addict

Hello!! I hope that your weekends were fantastic. Mine was boring but relaxing.

My weekend was so dull and uneventful in fact that I was actually having a difficult time coming up with something to blog about (as Mondays are suppose to be Weekend recap days). Well, being the ditz that I am, I ended up having a fun adventure at work that I could share with you lovely readers :).

A couple of disclaimers about myself to put this in better perspective:
1) I am a true Southern Californian so I never dress for the weather and 85% of the year I don't have a jacket with me at all.
2)I have no idea of how to look at the sky and predict that rain will be coming because as noted in point 1, where I am from we don't have rain too often.
3) I am pretty addicted to Starbucks and will walk 1 mile in 3.5 inch heels to get my Starbucks if the craving hits.
4) I am stubborn and usually will not ask for help.

Ok so today it has been a bit overcast but the sun is still shining through. Around 11 am I figured that it was a good time to walk over to Starbucks to grab my regular, Grande Chi Latte and a plain bagel with cream cheese. Keep in mind that I am wearing black capris,a short sleeve shirt, and 3.5 inch heels. I look outside and the weather is great. I am very excited, just to be getting some time away from my desk by taking a walk down to Starbucks. 

Everything went as planned until as I am leaving Starbucks to walk back to my office it begins raining pretty hard, well pretty hard in Californian standards. My first thought was to walk inside and call the office to have someone come pick me up but of course that would make things too simple for me. Instead, I decide to be stubborn and walk the 1/2 mile back to the office. 

I looked like a wet puppy by the time I got back and I was so cold that  borrowed a co-workers jacket to warm back up. I have learned a few lessons from this.
1)Always have a jacket on hand if the skies are a bit overcast.
2) Don't be stubborn, just call for help so that you don't have to ruin your make-up and hair.
3) Starbucks is worth all of that trouble. It was so yummy:)

Do you have any addictions that you would sacrifice your comfort for?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wishes/Coveat

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros]

This weekend I have decided that I have no other option than to be rich and have a butler when I get older. I hate cleaning with a passion and lately it just seems our house keeps getting messy easily. I washed a ton of dishes yesterday and there are still more to be washed. It is a never ending cycle. 

To be quite honest I am not even the one who does the cleaning around here. Kevin is a neat freak and does most of the cleaning. While I feel guilty when he is cleaning I don't feel guilty enough to get off my lazy butt and help him. Does that make me a bad girlfriend or a sloppy person?

So when I achieve my goal of becoming a CFO in 7-10 years I will hire a butler and a cook. Or I can just hire someone like Geoffrey who does the cooking and the cleaning. I think the cost is worth it. 

What is your hated chore? Do you think you would hire help if you had the money to?

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cats and Strippers, oh my!

I am so glad it is Friday! I cannot express it enough, even if I am being lame tonight by staying in and doing laundry.  I'm such a boring 22 year-old. Oh well! Onto the weird and funky news stories of the week.

Scary Cat?

We've all heard about postal workers having issues with dogs before, but cats? Never happen? It has in England, where mail is no longer being delivered to a woman because of her cat. She claims that the cat is too lazy to attack the postal workers. I must say I believe the woman as I have never met a cat that I would consider scary or harmful. I think these postal workers are wimpy! Unless you're 7 inches tall and have a tail, you're not going to get chased by a car. Where do you think they phrase Scaredy Cat comes from?

Stripping as Protest
[Photo: yahoo news]

A time tested way to get your voice heard (or at least have people pay attention to you) is by stripping. These ladies have 9 months of wages that have not been paid to them by their company, so in protest they created a calendar posing provocatively in various airplane settings. I wonder why they waited so long, I would not go 1 month without pay. Maybe they should sell these calendars and make a living that way. Kevin wants to know where he get one of these.

Run to Freedom?

I love these types of stories, where a person gets what they deserve by accident. This guy is running from the police because of a traffic violation and ends up jumping into a prison. It was a women's prison but he had the right idea. Now not only is he going to prison, but he is facing trespassing charges as well. Classic!

Better Late than Never

Everyone has done it. Turning in a library book late or forgetting about it all together and adding it to your collection of books you'll never read. Should it be a federal offense? I don't think so, but a Colorado judge on the other hand disgrees with me, a decision that cost him his position on the bench.

The judge issued an arrest warrant for a 19 year-old male because he had turned in a library book late. The teen was held in custody for over 8 hours because Colorado police saw he had an outstanding warrant outstanding after a routine traffic stop. Moral of the story? When in Colorado, turn in your books on time!!

That does it for the odd news of the week. Please see below for some pictures of my kitties (that will be going to wonderful homes in 1 month, hopefully). See, cats are too cute and lazy to attack.

What are you doing this weekend?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I couldn't get Married in the Spring Time

Hello Folks!

Time for another edition of Sports from a Girl's Point of View!

You may all be wondering to yourselves, "What do weddings and sports have to do with one another?"

Well, to me, they are closely tied. You see it is a sports enthusiast's heaven right now. Baseball just started, the NBA and NHL playoffs are set to commence, and last but certainly not least NFL DRAFT DAY is coming!!

Just a couple of reasons why, if and when, I ever get married, it would have to be in July or August, as those tend to be the least sports intensive months of the calendar year.
[Photo from: The Wedding Botique]

I think this is the cutest cake topper ever. I think I will have to convince my groom (whoever he may be) that we have to incorporate some small aspect of sports into our wedding. I Think I have to marry a guy that is CRAZY about sports, which isn't too difficult to find, just like my current boyfriend. You never know ;-)

Enough with the make-believe wedding talk however. There is a lot going on in the sporting world that I want to let you all know about.

Dodger Come Back
The Dodgers lost their first 2 games of the season to the Pittsburgh Pirates, the worst franchise in baseball for the past 20 years, leaving many long-term fans disgruntled, to say the least. However, today they rebounded in a big way to beat the Pirates 10-2. Not a bad way to redeem yourself. Maybe the McCourt's divorce isn't going to damage the Dodgers after all... It is still too early to tell.

NHL Playoffs
I am not a hockey expert, not even close. In fact, I just got into hockey this year (the one sport that my boyfriend insisted upon). However, it has quickly become one of my favorite sports.

When the game is good, it is great. You can't get much more excitement than what hockey brings. The fast-paced action, the skill level, and not to mention the fights. I am very excited because for the first time since 2002, the LA Kings are in the playoffs. I am just hoping my bad playoff luck doesn't affect them. I have listed the rest of the teams that are also in the playoffs.

In no Particular Order
  • LA Kings
  • Washington Capitals
  • San Jose Sharks
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Pittsburg Penguins
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Nashville Predators
  • Colorado Avalanche
If you don't watch Hockey I would recommend catching a playoff game or two, I hear they are great.

Miscellanous Sports News
  • Tiger Woods returns to the Masters Tournament: Okay this story is getting as old and annoying as the Brett Favre debacle. Leave him be already
  • Draft Day- April 22nd: As a football fan, this day is almost as exciting as first opening kickoff of the season. I am very excited about this and I hope the Chargers pick up some good players. We are in desperate need of a running back and a defensive tackle.
Hope you enjoyed the random sports update. Are there any teams you're looking forward to watching in the playoffs? :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Artsy Fartsy- Tuesday's Feature


So I am a bit too lazy and intellectually drained to do a real feature this week. Instead, I have decided to feature some art from my favorite artist, VanGogh. I know everyone has already seen this art as it is widely known. However, everytime I look at it, I get some inspiration and happiness.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces with you on my intellectually dead day. Who knows maybe it will inspire me to actually accomplish something at work today.

[photo from wikimedia.com]
This is his most popular painting and it is my 2nd favorite. It is such a different take on a night landscape, I love it.

[photo from: vangoghgallery.com]
This is my favorite panting of his. I love it because I love sunflowers, as you all probably could tell. However, I love that his are not perfect, you can see some are wilting. I love when artists exhibit the imperfections.

[photo from: vangoghgallery.com]
"Still Life with Earthenware and Bottles"
This is one I discovered as I was going through the gallery. It stood out to me for some reason. I just love how realistic it looks, I can imagine myself in that kitchen cooking something. I love how perfect the lines are and the shadows are great. 

Hope you have a fantastic day!     

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shake & Bake

Hello! Happy Monday!

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and a very beautiful Easter. I did not celebrate Easter this weekend but will be celebrating next weekend, seems as all of us kids have gotten older we don't really celebrate the holidays on the actual day, have you noticed that?

So, yesterday we Southern Californian's experienced a long, rolling earthquake that was centered in Baja. It was a 7.2 and lasted upwards of 40 seconds.  As a native, I am very used to earthquakes but that does not mean I like them. Earthquakes scare me. So yesterday as I was laying on the couch (feeling a bit nauseous already) I was not very happy to be feeling an earthquake. My boyfriend did not feel it right away and probably thought I was going crazy as I was laying there saying "Earthquake" over and over. Crazy times! Our chandelier was swaying back and forth and I thought it never was going to end. If it would have happened 30 minutes prior I probably would have thrown up...It literally felt like we were on a boat.

Other than the quake I had a great weekend. One of the more relaxing ones I have had in a while. I am, however,  disappointed I didn't get a chocolate bunny:(

On Friday night we stayed in and Kevin watched Netflix Instant Queue while I read a bit. I swear I don't know how I survived before Instant Queue, we don't even watch regular TV anymore. Saturday was a great lazy day then that night Kevin and I went out to dinner and Hookah. It was a much needed date night. Then Sunday was just another lazy day. I must say usually I feel guilty if I have more than one lazy day over the weekend, but it was nice to just relax and rejuvinate my body.

How was your weekend and your Easter?


Friday, April 2, 2010

Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Hola everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well and are as stoked as I am that it is April! I love this time of the year. Sorry I went MIA for a couple of days, I should not expect to come on the last week of any month as it gets too crazy around here.

 [Photo Credit:Monkeybriefs]

So who is excited that it is Easter? I sure am. Even though I don't get baskets anymore or decorate eggs at all (hmm maybe this year I should, I still like the holiday a lot. Plus the weather is so nice.

Time for some crazy stories!

I don't think dressing up like a bunny will make drivers be safer and less likely to hit pedistrians. The cops in Glendale thought otherwise though and dressed up like giant bunnies to distract bad drivers. Just sounds like a horribly funny idea to me. Wish I could have seen it, I wonder where they put their gun

 I must give my props to this blind singer because 1)He drove blind 2) He drove VERY fast blind and 3) He drove a Ferrari!

[Photo credit: Danielangerer.com]

Doesn't that look super yummy? Not going to lie, I so was craving that until I read what it was made from...breast milk. Ewww! That stuff is only for babies, no one else needs to be drinking or eating anything made out of it. 

Klee Brasseier, the chef responsible for this cheese, described the breast milk as "liquid gold" that they did not want to waste when his fiance was producing more milk than their daughter could drink. That milk is great for its purpose, feeding babies, but it is not some delicacy that anyone else should eat. 

An important point that was brought up in this news article is that it is one thing to eat fluids and meat coming from an animal in a different species from yourself. However, unless you are a nursing baby you probably should not be feasting on fluids from humans. There are a lot of infections and problems that can be derived from that.

Ok well those are the stories of the week, I will leave you with odd April holidays. 

+————– Bizarre April Holidays —————-+
April 1 is One Cent Day
April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
April 3 is Tweed Day & Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day
April 4 is Tell-A-Lie Day
April 5 is Go For Broke Day
April 6 is Sorry Charlie Day
April 7 is No Housework Day
April 8 is All Is Ours Day
April 9 is Winston Churchill Day and Name Yourself Day
April 10 is Golfers Day

Happy Friday!