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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Since I wasn't planning on posting today.... Oh and a few more pictures for you :)

So I wasn't planning on posting today because me being the dumba$$ I am I forgot to put what my Tuesday Feature was going to be. Seriously, I need to get better at that lol. Any recommendations for next week's feature??

Well Star tagged all her followers on this little fun survey thingy and in case you haven't noticed I like surveys because I like to talk about myself they are fun. And this one is a GIRLY survey :)


blusher or bronzer - I like blush!! Sometimes too much though
lip gloss or lip stick - lip gloss

eye liner or mascara - both please.. but I guess eyeliner

foundation or concealer - foundation

neutral or colour eye shadow - is gray neutral?

pressed or loose eye shadow - pressed

brushes or sponges - depends... for eyes-brushes but for foundation-sponge

I kinda want to get my nails done like this now

opi or china glaze -OPI

long or short - medium. I guess mine would be short

acrylic or natural - acrylic

brights or darks - brights (I love mhy toenails to be hot pink)



perfume or body splash - I like both but perfume

jeans or sweat pants - jeans, Im never in sweats
lotion or body butter - lotion

body wash or soap - body wash

lush or other bath company - Wow am I a bad female if Ive never heard of Lush? Others obviously

Im kinda craving a bubble bath right now and I never take those. Hmmm


long sleeve or short - short

dresses or skirts - dresses

stripes or plaid - stripes

flip flops or sandals - flippie floppies

scarves or hats - um neither?

studs or dangly earrings - dangly

necklaces or bracelets - necklaces

heels or flats - heels

The higher the better!

cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots... Or just some sexy FMB (or CMFs) or cute ankle boots. Now that its fall I have a ton of choices

jacket or hoodie - jacket



curly or straight - HMMM I guess straight
bun or ponytail - ponytail

bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins (what are we in 6th grade again?)
hair spray or gel - hair spray

long or short - short (well Iwish I could get my hair long but that just doesnt work)

light or dark - dark

side sweep bangs or full bangs - neither

up or down - both


Is that random enough for you?

rain or shine - sunshine

summer or winter - Summer

fall or spring - fall (football)

chocolate or vanilla - chocolate

Oh and you guys all are TAGGED!! Let me knowif you do it :) Oh and if you didnt have enough pictures yesterday here are just a few more. :) Have a happy Tuesday (its my monday!)
Scooby Doo is Cuddly


My cat tired herself out from reading (thats her little paw and thats my Cosmo lol)

Aww isnt this precious??

Monday, August 30, 2010

I went just a little crazy with my camera... Weekend Recap!

Hello all! I am writing this entry for home which is odd for a Monday as I should be at work. I either got food poisioning or some wierd stomach flu... I am feeling sick so it is stay in bed all day for me.

So this weekend was fantastic and long. I cant believe summer is almost over. Can you?

So on Friday I had that read through at my friend's house and it ended up being a lot of fun. I have never done a read through and it was an interesting experience. There were about 10 of us over there but only 3 girls (one of which was my friend the writer of this movie so she wasnt reading any of the parts). I did the reading of every single woman part except for the main character. The screenplay was really good and I can't wait till its made into a feature film. During the reading I had some glasses of wine and got a bit tipsy. I ended up staying over there until 2:30 am. When I got home I got my suprise gift from Kevin, my camera :)

This is how excited I was for my camera :)

Saturday was pretty uneventful. It was a lazy day with Soup Plantation and then we stayed in and watched Capitalism: A Love Story. I thought it was a really good movie and it made me even angrier at some of the things that occur in this country and made me think of the what-ifs.

Sunday was the best day of course because we went to Universal Studios. I haven't been in at least 5 years (probably more) and kevin hadn't been in over a decade. It was a ton of fun!  When we first got there we wanted to go over to the Studio Tour but then I had the brillant idea to point out the House of Horrors line was only 5 minutes. Geez! Im an idiot. Why did I volunteer to walk through a scary maze? It wasnt too bad, I mean I got scared but not as bad as I thought..until the end when there was a chainsaw. You see I have an irrational fear of those... I said some choice words and practically ran out of the maze.

We then went on The Simpsons Ride which is now my favorite ride at that park. 1) The line is a lot of fun to stand in because of the Simpsons clips and the decoration is awesome. 2) The saftey video is perfect and 3) It is the best simulator ride Ive been on.
Kevin waiting in Line. HHAHA he is Krusty

We went on this ride twice because it was that great. After that we walked around the park for some great photo ops.
Don't I look super cute? ;)
This is one of my favorite streets at Universal.

Especially because I LOVE Notting Hill.

The people were making fun of me because I smiled but I think I look pretty darn cute. Im modeling with the shark, ok?

We then went on the Studio Tour which is always great especially when you get to skip the hour long line because you are Premium Annual Pass Holders. This tour never gets old. I just love to see where movies are made and it really amazes me every time to see the sets in real life. The new King Kong 3-D is super awesome! I got a ton of pictures of course but Ill only share my favorite with you. :)
I LOV Ferraris... I think I've mentioned that before. I also grew up Magnum P.I. so I was happy that Kevin got this picture for me

Yet another great picture taking by Kevin. The minature boat used in King Kong

Of course we had to take pictures of ALL the houses on Wisteria Lane.
This is my favorite picture from the tour because this is suppose to be Norman Bates. During the tour we see him carrying a woman's body to his car then he chases after us with a knife. LOL it was too funny

Another one of my favorite rides of the day was Mummy Returns. It is an indoor roller coaster and it goes pretty fast. You also go backwards... I was just sad that it was so short. They did a great job with that ride though. We went on all the rides and watched the animal show.

Overall it was a great day. Oh you want more pictures? Ok.

LOL Kevin is a ham

I had to get a picture with the tall dude

Then Kevin had to have his own picture too

I love this picture!!

Oh and this is one of my favorites!!

Ok well I hope you all had a fun and eventful weekend or a laid-back and relaxed weekend. :) I am sorry for the surplus of pictures but I got a new camera so its ok right?? Well Im going to attempt to eat something
. Look closely... Thats right Kevin is Wilma and I am Fred. Yes, this was on purpose and we got quite a laugh from the crowd...People even asked us if we realized we were backwards haha. Classic
Well I guess this photo is last. I didnt want it down here but it decided to come down here on its own and I cant fix it... Can someone teach me Blogger 101 when photos dont listen.

Aimee :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why am I happy today? Oh and GTKY Sunday!

Hiya folks. No I am not starting yet another theme called Amusement Park Sunday (even though that might be a fun theme to write about). I am going to Universal Studios today. I should be leaving in about an hour!! We are getting premium annual passes (gotta love great deals broken up into monthly payments of $10) which have no blackout days, 15% discount on everything, get 6 people in for 1/2 price, and you get to the front of the line for the studio tour.... Im beyond excited even though I got conned  decided not to go to a water park today.

Another reason I am happy? I recieved a suprise gift from Kevin this weekend... When I came home from my friend's house on Friday there was a box and a handwritten note on the table. We tend to write notes on lined paper often. Kevin got me a camera which I have been wanting for a while!

Its got a ton of awesome features like scene recognition and various shooting styles
Source: Google Images

Its a basic digital camera (Fujifilm) but I don't want a fancy high tech one because I don't take enough pictures to warrant that. However, I don't have an excuse anymore to not have pictures on here. So be prepared for TONS of pictures...

Final reason Im happy its Sunday is because I get to do this...

Getting to know YOU

1. If you accidently knick a car in a parking lot..Do you leave a note or do you get the heck out of there?

It really depends how bad the knick is. I have doe this before and the knicks were barely noticeable (i.e. it came from e opening my door a tiny bit too far) and not that big of a deal so I would leave it. However I have left a note when I accidentally scratched a car with a cart...
2. Love your body or plastic surgery?
I love my body... However, I dont think getting plastic surgery means you dont love your body... It might just mean you want to get some of it enhanced or smoothed over...
3. What about your favorite blog(s) continues to drive you back?
Usually it is how well I relate to the blogger or the subject at hand. What gets me there to become a loyal reader in the first place is the contents of the blog. Howevr, once I hae been there a while I usually start talking to the blogger so its how well I like the blogger too.
4. What percent of your blog is BS just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is?
0%. Shit you guys have read my blog. If I was making this stuff up then Iam a horrible storyteller and really should embelish my life more...
5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Lamb... I dont eat it so that would be really easy lol
6. How often to you eat out?
Anywhere from 1-3 times a week. We just ate out yesterday... Went to the soup plantation for a late lunch/early dinner and then I came home and took a big fat nap. I guess I am a senior citizen haha
7. Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?
Skinny Jeans all the way!!
8. If you caught your spouse cheating would you forgive, divorce, or plan your kill?
It really just depends on the situation. Hopefully this never occurs, I would either just break up with him or forgive. Im not a vengeful person so I wouldnt even try to hurt either of them

Well have a great Sunday!! I know I will :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Oddities: Animal Edition... and a little more :)

Happy Friday! I am so happy this week is over. Its been one of the worst weeks in a long time and lately life has been good so I am happy to kick this week to the curb (take that!). So I got all dolled up for work today determined for it to be a great day and so far so good.

So I have noticed when browsing Yahoo! Odd news that it always has general themes to the stories. Like last week it was disgusting stories, this week it happens to be animals and more specifically animals being where they shouldn't be. Sadly there are some animal cruelty in some of these articles. I know none of my followers would ever do anything cruel to an animal but I just wanted to instill in everyone today the importance of not abusing animals. It makes me sad to read someof these stories and what some people do to defenseless animals.

Most Unusal Pet Insurance Claims

Source: VPI

I'm not making this up I swear! There is a contest for most unusual pet insurance claims. Wow, are we serious? The winner was Ellie, a labrador, ate a beehive that contained pesticides. She has recovered and even won a trophey in theshape of a ham and several dog treats and toys. This is a contest put on by VPI and a couple dozen dogs enter the contest. The runners up were a border collie that ran through a window just to get at a mailman and a terrier that thought a chainsaw was his food. All dogs recieved vet care and are fine. Weird awards.

Tigers in  a Bag

Source: Yahoo! News
There was a 3 month old tiger found in a bag in the Bangkok International airport. This poor baby tiger was drugged and being hidden next to a stuffed tiger. Nice try, the woman probably thought she was being smart by doing that but I guess she doesn't understand what an xray machine does.

The tiger cub would have died had it not been discovered during the baggage check. The probable reason for thissmuggling was that the cub could have been sold on the black market in Iran for the equivalent of $3,200. Wow. This is so sad. I am happy that they identified this cub before the flight and the wildlife conservation it went to has been able to nurse it back to health

She Threw the Cat Away

Mary Bale was outside and she saw a cat and decided to reach down and pet it, seems normal enough. Well the secuirty cameras caught her picking up the cat and throwing it into one of those "wheelie bins" and walked away. These security cameras were installed after Darryl Mann's cat went missing and needless to say he was PO when he reviewed the tape. Luckily Lola, the cat, is fine.

Now Mary's house is being protected by police guard since animal activist are protesting and are justifiably angry with her. She has gotten death threats though which I believe go above and beyond what she did but they're a lot of crazy and cruel people out there in the world (including her)

Snakes in Electricity Boxes
A snake decided to electrocute itself by slithering into an electricil box at Vassar Brothers Hospital in NY. The snake wasn't the only one affected by this, it caused a 10 hour power outage at the hospital. This is actually a common occurance for animals to electrocute themselves but a utility spokesman said this was the first instance where a snake has done it.Are animals just suicidal?

It Must Have Been One Hell of a Hangover

X-Ray showing the bullet
Source: Yahoo! News
How drunk must you be to not realize you got shot in the head? I have had my fair share of extra "fun"nights but never where I wouldn't have known I got shot.So this Polish guy went to the doctors to get a cyst removed but instead they found a bullet in his head and they were able to determine its been there for 5 years. 5 years!!He slightly remembered a blow to the head ata New Year's party in 2005 but thought nothing of it because he was so drunk... Can I have some of what he is drinking? CRAZY.

Weekend Preview

Friday: I am going over to one of my girlfriend's houses to do a read through of her movie... Hopefully one day it will be in theaters and I can say I participated in the read through and some of the research. We are probably going to play some games and drink afterwards

Saturday: The morning will consist of TONS of research and ranking in preparation for my Fantasy Football Draft at noon! Also LOTS of laundry.
That night hopefully I will have a girls night and go bar hopping or something fun

Source: Wildrivers.com
Sunday: Going to a water park baby!! Finally! Especially since I have been wanting to go all summer. Im hoping for warm weather but not too hot

What are your plans for the weekend?

P.S Sorry about some of the dumb pciture placements. Me and blogger are having a love-hate relationship. Its more hate centric right now though

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blood, strains, and dumb plays... Sports from a Girl's POV

Sorry for the two posts again in one day. Started feeling guilty that all Ive been doing is venting this week on my entries so figured that I would give you guys what you expect from me on Thursday... SPORTS!!

Sports from a Girls POV: Injuries in Preseason

There is nothing that I find more stupid and ridiculous in the sporting world then players getting injured in the preseason. I cringe when I hear about it. You should be practicing hard and playing the games as if they were real during training camp and preseason but not hard enough where you ruin your season  (and potentially your team's season).

For this exact reason is why I disagree with having your franchise player playing for more than a series or two during a preseason game. While it is a general unwritten rule that there is no blitzing in the preseason and the hits shouldn't be as hard you can't always avoid it. That is like putting a cake in front of a fat kid and telling him not to eat it... The chubsters is always going to eat the cake and the football players are always going to want to tackle hard and blitz the QB. Fair enough just be careful.

There is nothing worse than hearing about your players having to miss the entire season because of a dumb meaningless play during a preason game or even worse during a training camp practice

Key Injuries and Dumb Moves:

Broncos: Oh man they had quite a scary preseason where it was beginning to look  like they were going to have no running backs and most likely have to play their 3rd string. Lucky for them (and their fans) most of their players have returned. One of the injuries they had was Tebow (a rookie QB I love to hate) who got a rib injury when he ran into 2 bengals at an exhibition game...But he seems to be doing better (aww shucks)

Vikings: The Vikings #1 WR, Sidney Rice, is going to be out for 1/2 the season because he decided to wait until now to get a hip surgery. The purpose of off season is to take care of those things toward the begining so that you can be in good health by the time season rolls around. Oh and get this, their # 2 WR Havin missed most of camp because of migranes. Hmm well the vikings were able to bribe Favre to play again but looks like he might not have the talent to throw to if the Vikings don't straighten their issues out... Oh well they still have Adrian Peterson (damn them for that)

Eli Manning:  This one is an example of just stupid playing decisions. Eli had to get 12 stiches after running into his own man in the backfield. So not only did he get injured during a preseason game but it was his own fault because he didn't follow the play right. Good thing it was only a small injury. He is the Giant's franchise player.

Dumb Rivers moment: I can bash him because he is on my team. Rivers (SD QB)
 is probably one of the hardest working player in the league but he is just as hard headed and stubborn and often gets in the news because of the lip he gives to everyone. Being the stubborn,  competitive player he is he decided to tackle a defensive player himself when the ball was intercepted. No Rivers that is not ok. It was great to see and a great play but NO, bad boy! You are our franchise player, you are a QB, and it is preseason. Geez. Im just glad he didnt get injured  (probably because the cowboy had no idea what Rivers was doing).

I leave you with 2 videos of the last two situations I discussed.

River's Awesome but Dangerous Tackle

Im just going to attempt to free write because Im Pissed (HUGE VENT..Its ok if you skip this one)

Sidenote: Sorry about my momentary ridiculousness yesterday about the commenting. I didnt mean for it to come across the way it did... Complaining. So please just ignore that. I love you all and I know that I shouln't care about how many comments I get and I know you all read but just get super usy, hey i understand. So Sorry again. :)

Today has just been a ventacular week. So bear with me but I need to stop keeping things in and I guess this is a safe place to vent. The only way this entry will be related to sports is that I wish I played a sport because then I can hit things really hard and run people over and just pummel people to the ground. I really should get into a team sport, preferibly one that utilizes a lot of force.

Oh how I would kill to do this right now!!
Photo Source: Desertnews.com

OK so I carpool with one of my coworkers to work because she happens to live really close to me. At the beginning all was cool and it was working out great. Kevin would drop me off at her house, we would take advantage of the carpool lane to and from work, and would usually just get along great. Some key points to add is I would get dropped off over there and she would NEVER be ready. She would be putting together her lunch still or running around trying to get the last of her things together. So we would usually leave 5-10 minutes after I got there. Well I am a pretty laidback person so I was just whatever about this.

Photo Source: Phuckinpissedoff.com

I make mistakes too people, I am human so there have been times that I have gotten there late and she woulkd be waiting in the car. There was also one time when I was sick that I completly slept through my alarm and I apologized to her profously for that because I actually never made it over to her house. Most of the time lately I have been getting there right when she is finally ready to leave and that has worked out much better because I wouldnt have to sit around awkwardly at her house watching her put together her lunch. Oh and for the last 2 weeks I have been having to get a ride home with Kevin because for various reasons she couldn't give me a ride home. Thats fine, I can deal. I mean sure that meant being stranded at work until 6:30 (kevin works 10-6) but I was dealing with it.

However, lately she has been being more and more rude to me and getting angry at me for being a couple of minutes late. Im sorry but how many times are you actually ready when I get there even if I am late? Its harder to get to her house on time because I have to drive there and yet often times even with that I am still there before she is ready...seriously? So needless to say I have been getting irritated more and more by her in the morning.

Photo Source:pissedoffteacher.com

Today was the straw that broke the camel's back and hopefully if I get my way I wll not be carpooling with her any longer... (I probably won't get my way though). She said she wanted to leave by 7:30 because she had a call at 8:30...Fair enough except that she couldn't be ready in time yesterday when I had a call at 8:30 (we left at 7:45...5 minutes after I got there I should add). So this morning I was running late (ok to be fair to her I have been running late most mornings but 90% of the time I am there before she is ready) and I even texted her to let her know and apologize. I was 5 minutes late and when I got into her car she gave me the silent treatment (can we say awkward and juvinielle) then when I apologized (for a second time) she started yelling at me. She said how frustrated she was and how she doesn't mind going by herself but when she says she wants to get there early it is frustrating that I was late etc. She also brought up that 1 time I woke up way late and just went to work myself which was almost a month ago (wow way to hold onto something). She just kept telling me how much she was annoyed by the fact that I am ALWAYS late (wait what??). She went on for a good 5 minutes. Wow...way to have a shitty morning.

I did defend myself saying that I understand how frustrating it is to not leave on time as I have dealt with that  on numerous occasions with her. I told her that I too had a call at 8:30 yesterday yet we left late but I didn't yell at her about it because I had already done everything for that call before I left the house because I had assumed that she would be running late. Oh and didn't she state very clearly to me a month ago not to schedule calls before 9 because it is just too difficult to get there on time?  Then she got mad because I was texting a lot this morning. Excuse me that I was super angry and didn't feel like exploding on her.

One more important fact...she is a horrible driver and I mean horrible. She never pays attention and I have to tell her when there are brake lights.We have almost got into a couple of accidents. She waits till the last minute to get over and cuts people off. Oh and we would have gotten to work by 8 am today if she hadn't missed the exit. Seriously? Wow! Instead we got her at 8:05... Wow all that yelling for nothing.

So if you made it through that, congratulations. Do you think that I am pissed off for no reason? Am I being ungrateful? How would you handle this situation?

P.S. I am so excited for my online drafts this weekend. Yay for fantasy football. Now I have to sit down tonight and do tons of research and prerank my players.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the Game goes on...

Where has everyone been lately? I feel like no one has been posting today and Im not one to complain about not getting any comments. But wow...my boyfriend is the only one who commented today. Thats ok. Ill forgive you. Im going to assume you all have lives and don't waste your time all day like me (Hey I can read and call at the same time ok) :)

Well I got tagged again. Can you believe it? Whats funny is that it was from Amy @ Ha Ha Wait. I was actually going to tag her earlier but for some reason took her off the list (I think we have telepathy). Then she goes and tags me. Crazy time...

1) If you could change your name to anything-what would you change it to?
I would keep my name because I like it and it fits...If you would have asked me a couple of years ago I would have wanted to change it to Emily or Aurora

2) If you could watch only one movie for the rest of your life-what movie would you choose?
Oooo toughie. Hmmm I guess Step Brothers. I never ever get bored of this movie.

3) If money were no object and you could move to anywhere in the world-where would you go?
Wow Im giong to be lame and stay in CA because I really do love it here (I hate cold weather). I would move to one of the rich snooty beach cities. Dana Point, La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Laguna Nigel. Yah any of those... Malibu, thats a nice one too.

4) What is your favorite animal and why?
I love frogs because they are cool looking. I also love dogs because they are awesome! Frogs and Dogs

5) What is your dream job?
 CFO for the SD Chargers!! Or an event planner for them. Either would be find

6) If you were a bad guy would you rather be interrogated by Jack Bauer or Jack Bristow?
No clue because I have no idea who these people are. :(

7) If you could meet any celebrity (dead or alive) who would you want to meet?
Oooo, this is sooo hard! Sandra Bullock. She is such a strong woman and I love her.

8)How do you pronounce the word crayon? Do you say cray-on or crown?
Cray-on. Yes, I had to say it outloud to figure out how I pronounced it

Oh and I tag ALL of you!!  Because I am just too lazy to go pick another 8 and link them all up and notify everyone again. I can break the rules since this is the second time Im doing this.

My Questions:

1) What high tech gadget are you drooling over?
2) What is your signature meal?
3) If you were given 1 free night to do whatever you pleased (money and law no object) what would you do?
4) What is one childhood tradition that you plan on passing on to your kids?
5) Do you peel the label off of your water/soda bottles? (Have you heard that if you do that then you are supposidly sexually frustrated?hmm weird)
6) What got you into blogging and how long have you been doing it?
7) Whats the wildest thing you have done under the influence?
8) What is a desire/goal that you have that you have never shared with anyone?


I wanna talk about me!!!! Oh and lets play tag...

Hello Lovelies! Today is Wednesdays and you all should know what that means by now. Time to learn more about me!

First a little Wednesday Vent. I am really hating work lately and I wish that I wasn't. I mean I love where I work and usually I love my job but just lately I have been in a slump. I am super hard on myself and I am a bit of a perfectionist (but only when it comes to work) so when I'm not overexcelling at work I get depressed. I seriously don't know what to do because I have been feeling this way for a week now. My stomach hurts, Im unmotivated, angry all the time, and just wanting to give up. Any words of advice or encouragement would be great. I just don't like feeling this way and its getting worse. When did I dread going to work? UGH this is only making me even more stressed out.

Oh I was tagged by My Life in Purple so before Wee Bit Wednesdays. I must fulfill my tag duties.

The rules are fairly simple to follow: I must answer 8 questions, make up 8 questions of my own, and tag 8 people. Simple enough.

1. Margaritas; crushed and blended or over ice?

I like it crushed and blended and usually a flavor. My favorite is from Chilis, their strawberry margarita with sugar on the rim is delicious!

2. On top, on bottom, or other?
Wow...She made some personal questions. Hmm, I guess I'll say bottom or other.
3. What colour lingerie do you wear when you want to feel sexy?
Black with hints of pink in it. Hot pink especially makes me feel sexy.
4. If your life were a book like Eat. Pray. Love., what would your three words be?
Hmmm Work, Play, Love (or Smoke Hookah). LOL
5. Where is your 'happy place'? Is it real, or imaginary?
I have a couple of happy places (in no particular order). Hookah lounge, beach, Dave & Busters, Barnes & Noble, and Staples Center
6. Have you ever purchased anything "As Seen on TV"?
I haven't personally. My mom got a magic bullet when I was in high school. I liked it a lot
7. Have you ever looked up your lover's ex? (Facebook, Google, etc.)
Ive looked at pictures he has shown me on myspace. But I personally have not.

8. Who in your life would you really love to tell off?
No one pops into my head right now. :)


Im pondering them ok?
1) What is one thing (non-mandatory) that you do in your free time that you couldn't give up no matter how much someone would pay you?
2) Have you done anything that you thought you would never do or something that would shock your parents if they found out (i.e. I got a tattoo and I never thought I would do that. If you would have asked me in highschool I would have said HELL NO)
3) What is one perk that you never could give up even if it didn't exactly fit in your budget?
4) What did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now?
5) What do you sleep in?
6) If you were given $50,000 today and told you could only spend it on one thing what would you purchase?
7) What non-domesticated animal would you want as your pet if there were no danger involved?
8) What noise bugs you to no end?

Tag Your it: Brittany, Leigh, VicStar, Shelley, Smitty, Meg, JG 
**PS If you weren't tagged but want to answer these fantastic questions anyway then please do so either here or on your blog... I wish I could tag everyone but didn't want to break the rules** Double PS. If you guys don't follow these lovely girls you need to. Not only do they have fantastic blogs but they are some of the most loyal followers :)

{one} what was your favorite birthday gift?

Oh gosh...This is so hard because 1) I have a horrible long term memory and 2) I have had some great gifts over the years.. Kevin got me an ipod nano for my bday last year, that was pretty awesome. Also for my 18th party my parents helped pay for a huge party I wanted. Kevin is still waiting for this year's bday gift to be available and if it is what I think it is then that will be one of my favorites :)

{two} have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?

Im from CA...we don't do those things here lol. Now I am going to have to google snipe-hunting because I don't even know what that is
{three} what’s the strangest talent you have?

My ability to memorize certain things for a short amount of time. Use to piss my professors off because I could skip a lot of classes, glance at the notes, and then ace the test. Or how about the fact that I have a horrible long term memory but I can remember what people were wearing when I met them or at various events. Are those talents?
{four} what are your favorite kind of chips?

Im not really a big chip eater. I like pita chips with hummus. Yummy! Thats one of my constant cravings lately.
{five} do you know any tongue twisters?

Of course... Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore. I hate tongue twisters though... I suck at them
{six} what was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Despicable Me....It was so good too
{seven} do you collect anything?

Animal hair? LOL JK. Its just our condo has way too much fur flying around with our 2 cats and our dog. I don't really collect anything...not officially anyway.

{eight} what is something you wish you were better at?

cleaning, following through on my obligations, being organized, nt taking things so personally, making friends, making plans, and the list goes on and on.

{nine} what’s the worst habit you have?

Oh lord... I have so many. Swearing, being messy, sticking my toes together (kevin hates this)

{ten} when you wake up, what is the first thing you think?

"5 more minutes" and I usually press the snooze button a million times (yet another bad habbit)
Well Happy Hump Day everyone!! Only 2.5 more work days until the weekend!! WOOT

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh and before I forget... Tuesdays Feature

Gosh I am horrible about this Tuesday's Feature thing but I am not going to give up on it. I had every intention of posting a blog on Saturday with the theme so you all can plan accordingly and decide if you want to link up (I know you all want to). Maybe if I had a cool button I would be more motivated. Any of you artsy wonderful bloggers out there want to help design one? Hit me up. We can discuss all the details over email :)

Tomorrow's (Tuesday) Feature will be for all my sport lovers out there. I am actually amazed at how many of my followers are sport fans. Makes me happy...

Tuesday Feature

Best Sporting Event Memory

It could be from when you went to a game or an awesome NFL party you had. Anything, as long as sports were somewhat involved. Come back tomorrow and link up. I will try my hardest to get the link up as early as possible. Come join in tomorrow!

A Whole Lotta Nothing...Oh and I go off on Tangents A lot

Happy Monday! I swear I hate Mondays...Well not as much as I hate Tuesdays. By Wednesdays I have finally come at terms with the week, I know thats pretty sad eh? I do like Monday evenings, however, becaue that usually means cheap night at Hookah or Weeds. I am so excited Weeds is back...I love that show and so far this season is looking fantastic. Oh and Dexter is on soon as well. WOOT WOOT. These are just a few of the reasons why fall is becoming my favorite season (of course Football trumps it all).

This weekend was an "eh, ok" one. I really didn't do much. Thats okay though because earlier this month and last month I was jamming my weekends so full that we didn't have time to breath. So it is nice to curl up on the couch and read a book. I am happy to report that I finally caught onto The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trend. Before I couldn't get through the first chapter but now I am addicted, it is soo good. A lot of my weekend was spent reading that.

Friday: I did go to the bonfire. It was ok. It was nice seeing my friends I hadn't seen in forever. I have decided that I hate bonfires though because they hurt my eyes. I am not being a baby either. I literally had to sit under a blanket because my eyes were watering and burning so much. I know they got pictures of me under the blanket so as soon as those are posted I will share (I think I have mentioned this before but I am a horrible person because I don't own a camera... I know what type of blogger/person doesn't have a camera?).I did have a yummy s'more which my little made for me.

At the bonfire I realized how high maintenance I am. I blame it on my boyfriend. I didn't want to make a hot dog so my old roomie made it for me and then my little made me a s'more. Gosh how lazy am i? Is it sad that I just want to go out to a restaurant because I like to be waited on? One of my other "sisters" (I was in a sorority in college) was poking fun at me with my healthy foodkick and she said "mayo is the bond that seals us together" LOL see this is the shit I have to hear. I thought it was pretty funny nonetheless.

My little and I then went to hookah later and that was fun. The real fun was on the way home because we got distracted. We were talking so much that we lost track of time and where we were at. We actually ended up in Compton...Luckily it was the nice part of Compton (yes amazingly there is a nice area) and we were able to just get right back on the freeway. Thats why you shouldn't talk and drive.

Saturday & Sunday: Both these days pretty much consisted of me lounging around the house all day reading and watching TV. Well on Saturday we did end up going to my best friend's surprise bday party even though I didn't want to go. (Im not a horrible friend I swear i just got told about it way late and I live very far away). It ended up being just as lame as I thought it would and we left pretty early. Well early considering the party didn't even start till 11:30. It just wasn't fun and I don't like the majority of people that were there. Their idea of fun is sitting in the grass and talking the whole night while ignoring those people that arent around that much. Im not around a lot because I booked it out of my hometown as soon as I was able to. Just take my word for it that it was SUPER boring.

{Source: MyCarHatesYou.com}
Poor Kevin had to go into work yesterday to finish up a really important grant. I stayed home all day. I took PeeWee for a walk and that was the extent of my excitement for the day. I still had a good day of reading and letting the pets run wild in the house.

I'm hoping for a very fun and exciting time next weekend. I am trying to drag Kevin to a waterpark.

Weekly Goals:
-Start working out
-Cook at least 3 yummy meals
-Do my laundry
-Work harder on cleaning
-Try to get my motivation back at work.

Oh and a little welcome to those who stopped by from Monday Mingle :).

How was your weekend?

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