**My name is Aimee and I will be blogging themed days usually. I will try to touch on a variety of topics and try to make this blog an interesting read. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read! I hope you enjoy your time here.**

Key Players in my Life

These are in no particular order and I will add to these as time goes on. This is a list of people who I tend to talk about on my blog or who may be involved in some of my activities that I recap

Kevin: He is my boyfriend. He is a walking sports encyclopedia, political junkie, sarcastic, playful, and overall a typical guy except he may be a bit too charming for his own good. He has his own blog where he mostly talks about controversial issues and sports. Oh and I should mention he is a very talented musician. He is the lead singer of a band but he also can play the drums really well (been playing for 15 years). He also can play the guitar, paino, bongos, and a bunch of other instruments that I can't remember because im a horrible forgetful gf.

Dolores and Chris: These are one of our closest couple friends. They also have a blog and I blame their blog soley on getting me addicted to blogger. We try to go over to their house twice a month (I would love to go more but you know how busy schedules get). Chris and Kevin have been friends since they were young. I met them about 2 years ago. D-Lo and I have become friends so I can thank Kevin for that.

Chey: This is one of my closest girl friends and wshe is pretty fantastic. We hit it off right away and I feel it is super easy to talk with her. I am also learning a lot through her since I am a lot like her when she was my age...thats probably why we're kindred spirits. We try to hang out once a week and we typically just talk about life (deep issues though), go to karoke, and go on fun random adventures. I met her through my boyfriend but then became close to her. She is married and has the cutiest 4 year old daughter. She is an aspiring movie director/producer/writer.

"Little": She is my little sister in my sorority and I am super close to her. I have known her since my sophmore year (well I briefly met her my freshman year when she came for honors weekend) in college. She pledged Jan. of her freshman year (my sophomore year). We always have fun, crazy adventures when we hang out.
The guy is my "little brother"(I call him LB). He is my Little Brother for the society.

"Roomie": This is my old college roomie and we still call each other roomie. We lived together Junior and Senior years but we lived on the same floor our freshman year. We are really close and have a great time when we are able to hang out. Busy schedules get in the way (damn being an adult)

M,C, or L:These are my hookah girls. I knew M first and introduced her to Hookah. Then she brought L to Hookah one day and we hit it off and then I met C through L. We often go to hookah together and its a lot of fun.

This is me and M... I dont have pictures of L & C yet.

Livster/Livi: She has been my best friend since I was a freshman in high school. We live about 45 minutes away and we dont see eahc other that often. We will always be best friends. Lately we have sucked at staying in contact in a normal way but we are working on it.

Anteater: This is a close friend of mine. She is another one of my "sisters" and she pledged in the same time my little did, We didnt become close until my Junior Year. 

"Big": This is my big sister. We get along really well but we just don't get to hang out that often. We both are working professionals with long hours. She lives in LA where I live in the OC. When we do get to hang out though it is CRAZY TIME. We always have fun together.

I will add more people as I realize I talk about them