**My name is Aimee and I will be blogging themed days usually. I will try to touch on a variety of topics and try to make this blog an interesting read. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read! I hope you enjoy your time here.**

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Update. Puppy Love!!

Hello All!!

So I am still super swamped at work and just can't find time to sit down and write a longer blog breaking down the details of my life lately.

I did want to share with you the newest addition to my little family. We adopted a dauchsund and beagle mix from the animal shelter on Saturday. His name is PeeWee and he is 1 year old. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever had. He does need a little bit of obedience training because he is having a little bit of potty issues and is not very good on the leash. But other than that he is FANTASTIC!

Our youngest cat is curious about him and she will get close to him now but will still hiss and growl at him. He does like to chase her at times but usually he is indifferent to her. Mocha, our 1.5 year old cat will not come out when he is inside and wants nothing to do with him. We are hoping that she at least tolerates him soon.

We took him to the dog beach on Sunday and he loved running around playing with all the other dogs and just taking in the beachy air. He also loves long walks and enjoys napping with me or Kevin.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look Who's Back. Back Again. Aimee's back. Tell a Friend!

Hello my wonderful BBs! I have missed you all so much. I am officially back and will get started right away on reading and commenting on all of your great blogs. Sorry I have been gone so long. Training at my new job was a 2 week semi-grueling experience but now it has slowed down a bit and I finally have time to go on Blogger!!

Well lets do some GTKY Sunday and tomorrow I will try my best to update you on what is going on in my life.

Getting to know YOU

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?

I would get a breast job (go up about 1.5-2 cups). I would also get laser hair removal everywhere! If I have money left over then I would get veneers.
2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
Growing up I watch As the World Turns with my mom. Even though I havent watched it regularly since I was 16 years old I am still sad to see it go :(

3. Favorite clothing brand?
I don't really wear brand name clothes yet. Don't make enough money to justify that yet. But I do love the way Tru Religions look. I also love Jimmy Choos even though I have never owned a pair

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?
Oh this is a tough choice. Well we do have maids that we pay to come in like 1-2 times a month.Plus m bf is really good at cleaning. SO I am going to go ahead and be selfish and say the shopping spree :)

5. would you ever vajazzle?
I doubt it but I never can say never
6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Aurora Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?
Um gosh I don't remember . Probably Def., Maybe and that was more of a personal thing why I bawled my eyes out and not so much that the movie was super sad. Oh and P.S. I love You
8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
Yes. My nose, finger, and wrist. I might as well have broken my ankle with how many times I have twisted and severly sprained it. I also had surgery on that same ankle
:) Happy Sunday

Monday, June 14, 2010

Its Slacker Time again

Hello Bloggy Buddies!!

Well it is time for me to be a slacker on the blogging world again. Please forgive me as I will be unable to come comment on your lovely blogs and my blogs will most likely be lame. I started my new job today and I got handed the itinerary for work this week and it is training ALL day for the next week. I am super duper excited about my new job but that means harldy anytime on the bloggy world.

When I come hone I will probably be studying and/or spending time with my boyfriend. But don't worry...I will be back next week in full force checking your blogs daily. I will also still be posting on my blog this week and trying to get to yours if possible.

Quickest Weekend Recap Ever:
Thursday: EPIC!! So much fun down in SD. Stayed in the Hard rock which is GORGEOUS and AWESOME! Hung out in our hotel room with one of our friends. Lots of fun
Friday: Horton Plaza in SD, chilling in the hotel room, a little spa action, and gaslamp quarter at night. FUN!
Saturday: Lots of chilling at home and hung with one of my chick friends.
Sunday: Another chill day with a massage and a little bit of shopping. Watched the Lakers lose :( Oh well, we will win it in LA, the right way... Luckily True Blood premiered last night. Who is excited about summer programing? I love True Blood, Entourage, and Hung.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday GTKY Questions :)

Getting to know YOU

Hello Everyone! How is your Sunday going? Wonderful I hope.

This weekend has felt super super long to me (which was nice) but I am glad it is finally Sunday because that means GTKY, massages, and watching the Laker Game. So without further ado read below to learn more random stuff about me. Want to link up? Click the picture above and link up, you know you want to do it.

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? 
I would want the power to fly. I am kind of boring but that is always my answer. If you lived in sourthern CA and experienced the LA/OC traffic on a daily basis you would want the power to fly as well.

2. The best thing I ever won is....?
Award/Competition? I won 1st in my league in both the 800 and mile when I was on my high school track&field team. I placed 4th in the CIF southern division

Raffle/Prize? I am super lucky when it comes to raffles and I often win. I guess the best pirze I ever won was this huge basket of goodies for a kickback such as shot glasses, a cute wine opener and wine glass tags and lots of different items. 
3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?
4. What is your favorite Summer month?
July because thats when the weather is usually the best and it is my birthday month!
5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?
Pool. Thats the only water I will go in. However, the beach is one of my favorite places to go and chill at.
6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?
Summer right after my senior year of high school. It was just a summer full of a ton of activities. We went to the beach like 3 times a week, amusement parks, and water parks. It was my best summer yet.

7. What's your favorite secret bargain?
No idea. 
8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?
I have watched bits of different games. I don't like soccer nor do I understand it but I guess I should be watching it because it is the biggest thing happening in sports right now throughout the World.

Thanks for reading. I am off to get my 1.5 hour massage.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Oddities-... PG13 Warning!

It is Friday and you know what that means? Time for some Friday oddities.

Quick Note: Blogger sucks!!! I wrote this post out on Thursday because I knew I ws not going to be around a computer at all on Friday. I scheduled it to post yesterday because I vowed to post a blog everyday at least until the end of summer. So Blogger you suck!! Anyway. Enjoy this post  a day late. 

This is my first scheduled post so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. Currently I am down in SD either enjoying the beach or walking around Gaslamp quarter. Hope you are having a great weekend too, now on to the crazy news stories of the week

That's One Way to Smuggle Things In:

Ok, so as I warned in my post title this story is PG13. When I heard about this story on Kevin & Bean (a morning radio show on KROQ here in the Los Angeles area) I knew I had to make it my feature story.

Gavin Stranger was arrested for a minor felony and sentenced to 3 days in prison, not too long of a sentence. However, it must have been long enough to justify smuggling some "vital" items in. How was he smuggling them in? Through his butt. See below for the full list of the items he jammed up there.
  • cigarette lighter
  • rolling papers
  • golf ball size of tobacco
  • bottle of tattoo ink
  • 8 tattoo needles
  • 1 inch long smoking pipe
  • marijuana.
Ok that is a lot of items and I don't know about you but I would never ever stick anytype of needles up my rear. Just seems like a poor life decision on his part.

Well I am actualy running out of time to make this post so that is the only news story you get today. Sorry

Weekend Plans:

Thursday: Head down to SD. Watch the game in our hotel room.  Go Lakers! Just chill for the night
Friday: Go to the beach or Wild Animal Park. Go out to dinner that night at Ocean Room
Saturday: Head back to the OC... I am hoping to hang out with some of my girls this night. Kevin has 2 shows today, crazy right?
Sunday: It is my best friends birthday on Saturday so we are going out to dinner at a Mongolian BBQ. I will also be watching the game

PS I am back from my mini vacation and will be posting some of the details (the ones that I can share) about my trip on my weekend recap on Monday. :) 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Things I Vow to do this Summer ***Updated!!**

Mama's Losin' It

So I am experiementing with a new theme day/blog hop/meme today. I am doing the Mama Kat's Workshop, check it out especially if you are stumped on what to write about today (as I was)

The prompt I decided to choose was 30 Things I vow to do this Summer.

1) Have a ton of fun (doing good thus far)
2) Go to the beach at least 5 times (hopefully more) Dog Beach for the win!
3)Lose 5 pounds (I don'tt even know because I avoid scales)
4) Feel comfortable with my body (I think I will be there pretty soon with this new healthy food kick)
5) Work out at least 4 times a week (FAILED! This will have to be on my september goals)
6) Read at least 5 books (hopefully more). Im on my 5th one now
7) Talk and hang out with my friends more. I have been super good about this goal lately.
8) Go on 2 weekend getaways or more. SD and LV... :)

9) Clean more.....Another Epic Fail.
10) Eat healthier
11) Enjoy the finer things in life I went to a couple of museums. I stopped to "smell the roses" and examined all the awesome natural things there is around us. I also had fun doing random things
12) Lay out by the pool... I haven't really had the urge maybe this wknd

13) Make sure to wear SPF ALL the time. We don't need me looking like a lobster. ... Not all the time but I haven't gotten sunburnt yet (knock on wood)
14) Pick up a new hobby... Do computer games count?
15) Stay in better touch with my family. Eh.... I don't know yet
16) Work really hard at my job
17)Tell myself everyday that I am a beautiful woman Yes I have actually done this
18) Spoil my loved ones. I like to think that I have
19) Go to SD Wild Animal Parrk... Not yet

20) Take Kevin to a water park. He has never been to one before, can you believe that?... I am hoping for next weekend
21) Learn how to cook more things And even more to come.Once I get good enough I will take pictures of some of it.
22) Bake cookies and brownies for people. FAIL...Havent even thought about it
23) Discover fun outdoor things to do around my neighborhood. I have taken walks in the park. Thats all there is to do.

24) Go to 3 (1) baseball games.. 1 and thats all Im going toand Im happy with that
25)Practice my writing Thats what my blog is for...Also work emails have gotten better
26) Write in my blog every single day this summer, if possible. ...FAIL-I'll try for Sept
27) Think about others more
28) Have a lot of girl nights,...I have had much  more than I ever have
29) Find new friends... Made quite a few this summer
30) Show my family, friends, and other loved ones that I love them. I like to think I did

Adding More Because Im cool

31) Beat 2 computer games
32) Read at least 1 more book before Sept 10th
33) Have a political debate and make  good points with support.... I had a heated gay marriage debate over facebook with some of my sisters friends. I like to think I won.I know I used lots of good points
34) Find a good hairstyle and color for fall. Get that done! (suggestions welcome)
35)Find a new exotic healthy resturant
36) Eat food from 8 different cuisines.... In progress
       -American (lots of different meals)
      -Mexican (fajitas, tacos, carne asada)
      -Italian (went to an authentic Italian restaurant)
      -Thai (yummy curry, pad thai, and coconut ice cream)
      -japanese (lots and lots of sushi)

37) Spend more time with my pets
38) Go on a "new" date. (meaning one kev and I have never been on before)
39) Dress summery I even got a couple of summer dresses  :)
40) Try a new experience

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do the Happy Dance

Happy Wednesday/hump day everyone!!

Today I decided I was going to steal Leigh Ashley's idea and post a mid-week happy list.

What has made me happy this week:

1) The Lakers winning Game 3 in Boston yesterday. Get 'em boys!
2) Spa day with the girls yesterday. Got a facial and soaked in the Whirlpool
3) Knowing tomorrow is my last day at my job. (Actually this envokes happy and sad feelings at the same time)
4) Going to San Diego this weekend and staying in a BEAUTIFUL hotel that we still haven't chosen yet but I know it will be gorgeous.
5) Working out and feeling the pain that tells me I worked out correctly.
6) Relaxation at its finest. 

Hope you are having a fantastic day! I leave you with 2 pictures. The first makes me super happy and the second makes me go "awwww"

Fisher, Game 3 hero!
 Isn't she cute? She climbed in there herself.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday's Feature: Dessert. Come join the Linky Party!!

Hello all!! Ok, so those of you who have been with me since the beginning of my blogging journey or who went back and read some of my initial blog entries knows that I view blogging as taking chances and plunging into things.

Well I decided to take another plunge by hosting a linky party. I hope that some of you will join me and link up.

I hope you are hungry because today's Tuesday's Feature  is dessert. Share your favorite dessert and make sure to include a picture and even a recipe (if you have one).

Carrot Cake
My favorite dessert is carrot cake. Every time I see one it makes my mouth water. Just looking at that cake up top is making me drool. Yummy! I do not have a recipe for you because I have not been braqve enough to take a stab at making a carrot cake, my standards are just too high.

Since I do not have a recipe to share with you I will share the story of how carrot cake became my favorite dessert. It was just over 4 years ago that the love affair began. I was a freshman at my college and just started to get a hang of being away at college and deal with the crappy food provided to us in our meal plans. There was one thing, however, that the CI made well and that was the carrot cake. I got into the habit of eating several pieces whenever they offered it (which was about 2-3 times a week). Hello "freshman 15" 30" Damn you carrot cake!

It is a love affair that to this day I cannot resist. If there is a carrot cake within 10 feet of me I will sniff it out and devour it. If I get married I will most likely have a carrot cake as my wedding cake. Untraditional? Sure, but it is my wedding and I will have my cake and eat it too!

I know you must have a favorite dessert...So link up!

Its on like Donkey Kong!

Man I remember saying "It's on like Donkey Kong" all the time when I was younger and not even understanding what I was saying. I just thought I was the coolest person by saying that.

I have been thinking lately about how our definition of cool evolves from when we are young through our adulthood (is that a word?). So for some reason I decided just now that I will do a post about the evolution of cool.

My idea of cool before I hit 12 was anything my sister (or anyone older than me) did. Barney and Power Rangers were on my super cool list too.
This is how uncool Castle Park really is...This is the best picture I could get of it. WOW
Oh, the Awkward 13 year old stage. That is me on the left, believe it or not.
Ages 12-14 I thought that partying was cool (I never partied at this time), going out to movies and amusement parks, and just being able to stay out until 10 pm on weekends. It didn't take much to please me at that time. I thought I was super cool because I spent the majority of my weekends at Castle Park, the local amusement park, getting "boyfriends" for the day. Me and my best friend (pictured on the right) thought we were "hot stuff". I look back on that now and laugh at how pathetically boy-crazy we were.

 That's me in the center with my sister and my brother (I believe I was 15-16)

High School: This was when I started realizing I was not (and would never) be one of the cool kids. My idea of cool at the time were those very nice looking girls who got the hot boyfriends. The cool kids were the cheerleaders and the jocks at my school. While I was friendly with all of the cool kids I was not part of the "cool crowd". I mean look at that picture of me circa freshman year. I was so opposite of cool looking, haha.

College: This was the beginning of my enlightenment of what "cool" really means. I realized that there really isn't one definition of cool and everyone could be cool in their own way. A person is cool if they have the confidence to believe they are cool. An activity is cool if the person participating in that activity thinks it is cool. In other words, cool is subjective.

I still believe cool is subjective.Actually I don't even believe in cool anymore. I think that everyone is cool in their own way.It is so funny to me now that something that we all cared way too much about as we grew up does not matter when we are adults.

Sorry about all the "cool" rambling. I had not planned that at all, it literally came up because I said "its on like Donkey Kong" and that caused me to reflect on my childhood. Weird. Let's reflect briefly on my weekend.

Friday: Date Night! 
Kevin and I went out to eat at Chilli's which was very yummy. I had the Triple Dipper which is what I always get there. We then went out to our favorite Hookah place. Have you caught on that I LOVE Hookah?

Saturday: Lazy Day!!
I stayed in ALL day long watching Netflix and browsing the Internet. I read everything on Facebook Fails, I am not kidding.

Sunday: Productivity
I got a lot done on Sunday. I went and ran errands and picked up my finishing items for some different swaps I am participating in. I then went and worked out for about 45 minutes. I am so proud of myself.

I then went out to a bar with 2 other girls to watch the Lakers lose to the Boston Celtics. That sucked! I mean I had fun with the girls but it was really hard to watch the Lakers lose like that. They just weren't playing like theirselves. I really hope we go into Boston and tear it up!

Great weekend all in all.

By the way tomorrow's feature is on your favorite dessert. If you want to join in come back tomorrow and link up (that is right I am turning this into a Link Party). I am also looking for someone to make a button for this link party. Let me know if you can help.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to Know you!

Getting to know YOU
If you want to play it is easy...Just click the link above, copy the questions, and link up. How simple!
1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them?
If it was my boyfriend or a close friend than yes. I wouldn't tell a stranger or even an aquantince, I tend to stay away from potentially awkward or embarassing situations.

2. What are you passionate about?
I am going to steal an answer from The Shoffernan's Grow and say life. To be more specific I am passionate about all my relationships and the people in my life. I sometimes am too passionate and care too much about what they think... I am also passionate about work, reading, and staying up to date on all of your blogs..
3. How long have you been blogging?
I actually had to check this one but its only been a couple of months...My first blog entry was on Feb 10th.
4. What is your favorite "summer" drink?
ok I am not going to lie, I love my alcohol and I tend to drink more of it in the summertime. My favorite summer drinks are absolute lemonade (tastes just like lemonade), strawberry daquiris, and refreshing wines.
5. What is your favorite type of music?
I like all different types of music but I guess my favorite would be alternative rock. Boring answer i know.. I am sorry
6. Something I do before I go to bed is......?
I always kiss Kevin, my boyfriend, good night. I also always try to read before I go to bed. That is something i have been doing since I learned how to read.
7. My Summer vacation plans are...?
Well since I have a full-time job and I am no longer in school I don't really view summer as a vacation time anymore at all. On top of that I am starting my new job on June 14th so can't really take much time off now. I do have some weekend trips planned. I am going to SD next weekend (to celebrate my new job). I also have at least one Vegas trip lined up... a girls one... I have a summer birthday and this one happens to fall on a Friday so I have a weekend of fun lined up that includes a Dodger game, a party, a resturant, and hookah...
8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is?
I love my Merle Norman makeup. I just started wearing it recently and it makes me feel so beautiful so the face makeup, that is what I cant live without.

Hope you enjoyed my answers and I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh the Places you can Go...Saturday Covet (And a Giveaway!)

What do I covet this lovely Saturday? It is hard to come up with something because my life is going so well (knock on wood). However, I do have one thing that I am coveting, traveling and people going on vacations.

 I wish I had one of these...

I love the summer but one thing that summer brings that makes me super jealous of others is traveling. I want to travel! A lot of my bloggy buddies are going on trips lately and of course them talking about trips only makes me want to travel even more. I go on small weekend trips sure and I guess that counts but it is not as cool as going on an awesome long trip.

Here is a little background on me so you can understand why I get so jealous of others who travel. I live in Orange County, CA and I have taken weekend trips all over CA (San Francisco, SD, LA, and Santa Barbara) and the only place I have traveled out of CA is Indiana... Sorry to those living in Indiana but it is not exactly a place where I have dreamed of going on vacation.

One day I will get there, I will see the Eiffel Tower in person. I want to have the need for a passport. I am hoping that one day, hopefully sooner than later, I will travel around the world or at least visit one country outside of the United States. So today I covet those of you who are going to Hawaii, France, Mexican beaches, or any other awesome vacation but maybe one day soon you will be jealous of my exotic vacation...

Happy summer and safe travels! By the way keep reading on for an awesome giveaway hosted by a great blogger.

Finally, you guys should check out the giveaway at Leigh Ashley, a fantastic blog. She is celebrating reaching 100 followers by giving away this gorgeous necklace. So go check it out

Come on who wouldn't want this gorgeous necklace?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Elvis, Dirty Diapers, and Hot Woman Oh My!!

 Hello!! It is Friday and you know what that means around here right? Friday Oddities!! Let's see what crazy stuff is happening in the news today

Photo Credit: Scrapetv
I would love for Elvis to be Lieutenant Governor of CA.

Elvis is in the Building?

Elvis is alive and well? No, I am sorry Elvis lovers this is not THE Elvis but there is an Elvis impersonator running for Lieutenant Governor in Minnesota. His name is Todd "Elvis" Anderson and he is hoping to get on the primary ballot later this year. I wonder if he will use some gyrating pelvic movements to secure the vote.

 I'm too Hot for this Job...

DebrahLee, a New York woman, got fired from her job at Citibank and she claims it was due to her good looks. Geez, I want to see this woman now. Apparently her managers told her not to wear similar clothes as her other female co-workers (i.e. pencil skirts, turtlenecks, fitted suits) because her figure was just too much for her "easily-distracted" male co-workers to handle. When she asked why the other woman were not getting told how to dress her management basically told her that the other women were too unatrractive for it to matter.

I don't know who to feel worse for  the "unattractive women" who can wear whatever they want because no one was looking at them anyway or the "hottie" who got fired because of her sexy figure and inability to stop being so hot.

Stinky Theif

I know I have a lot of mommies that read my blog so this story will probably gross you out, make you mad, and blow your mind all at the same time. This man was breaking into people's houses to steal something that everyone else views as trash and gross-dirty diapers. This Amherst man has gotten jail time but even more importantly, pyscho-sexual examination... Only a psycho would want to steal dirty diapers because he wanted to wear them...

Weekend Plans:

Not too sure of what my weekend consists of yet. Going to just take it as it comes.

I know it will involve some of this
 Photo Credit: NBC Sports
Not in OUR House! Get out of my kitchen!

A lot of this:
Curled up on the sofa with a bowl of ice cream.

If I am good I will be doing this
And I am pretty sure there will be DANCING!
    I hope your weekends are all great!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things and Sports Talk

So I decided I was going to link up at You just can't Google everything and do her Three Things Thursday. This week's question is "What do you splurge on?"

Well what don't I spend money on? You guys learned yesterday that I have a bit of a bad spending habit that I am trying to break. Hopefully I can cut back on these three things that I spend too much money on.

1) Starbucks. I quit it for a while but now I am back to being an addict. I blame it on being a grown up and not having enough time in the morning to make breakfast. Running down to Starbucks is so much easier.

2) Shoes... I am a shoe fanatic and if I had more money you better believe I would be buying a ton of name brand shoes.

3) Going out... I can easily go through a couple hundred bucks in 1 weekend if I go out every night either for dinner or drinks. I will often offer to cover one of my friends if they say they can't afford it, when even I shouldn't be going out. I can't turn down an invitation to go spend time with friends.

Brief Sports Run Down

Let's take a look at whats going on in the sporting world:

Yesterday the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks at the end of the 14th and won 1-0. They swept the Diamondbacks in that series. I am pointing this series out because the Diamondbacks now have the new record of going the most amount of innings without scoring a run (31 innings). Not a great record to have but I am loving it.

Basketball: Tonight is the 1st game of the NBA Finals. LA Lakers vs. Boston (or BosDONE) Celtics.

Even if you do not like basketball you got to check some of this series out. It is going to be a very heated and passion filled series. These two teams hate each other. The Lakers have revenge and redemption on their mind so they should be playing with a lot of passion. Also both teams are very talented so it will be a very eventful series. Go LAKERS!

Hockey: Stanley Cup Playoffs Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Flyers

The series is now at 2-1 in favor of the Blackhawks (who I am semi-rooting for). It has been a good series thus far. I haven't watched any of it yet so shame on me but I urge you to check it out, even if you don't like sports or hockey. Hockey is the most exciting sport to watch during the playoffs and the Stanley Cup is the most prestigious sports award. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sticking to my guns

I am the type of person that sucks at achieving her goals. I never make New Year's resolutions because I never keep them. Every time I say I am going to change something whether it be work out more or be better with my money it may last a week at the most. However, I decided that it is time to try even harder at a bunch of new goals and if I can stick to 3 of them I will be so proud of them.

I decided I need to go to Target and get some type of planner or something that will help me be more accountable for my goals. Also if I write some of them on here then maybe that will encourage me to actually follow through on them as well. Lets see if this will work.

1) My main goal is that I want to be better with money. I spend money like no other and I never stick to a budget or write anything down. I need to be better with my money and actually knowing how much I have in my bank account before spending it. Or I could just grow a money tree right?

Gotta get my Booty in shape!
2) Work out. I am so out of shape and lets not talk about the excess weight and pudge i have put on. I am still a "small" girl but I have a pooch and on my small frame it looks horrible. I would like to ideally lose 7 pounds and more so have my clothes (especially my work pants) not fit so snug. I need to put myself on an exercise regime and get back in shape. I use to be an athlete... I won't have this fast metabolism forever.

3) I need to work on being more organized and clean. My poor boyfriend cleans the house all the time. I am like a kid, when I am away it is easy for him to keep the house clean but when I am home it is almpst impossible. I need to get better about doing my household chores and not throwing my clothes everywhere.

4) Make a bucket list and actually start doing the things on that bucket list. I will post my bucket list next Wednesday so that I have 1 week to come up with it.

Any hints on how to stick to goals? What are some of your goals?

P.S. Sorry about no feature yesterday, been so busy that I forgot about it, oops. The next Tuesday's feature will be on your favorite dessert (include a recipe if possible). If you want to be part of the feature send your dessert with picture, review, and recipe (if have one) to runningchick5505@yahoo.com by Tuesday at 9 am PST. Don't know what Tuesday's feature is?? Check it out here.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plain Epic!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I completely disappeared off of the Blogging World for the weekend. I didn't realize how busy I was going to get and how epic of a weekend I was going to have. Kevin was suppose to post a blog letting you know of my absence but he sucks was really busy this weekend too. Without further ado let me give you a breakdown of my weekend and a new picture of me.

Newest picture of me and I like it so much thought I would share. Excuse my egotistical attitude lol.

Friday: I had Friday  off from work so be jealous of me because I had a 4 day weekend. Woot!! I am loving it. However, I didn't get to sleep in because I had to be at a bunch of my friends' college graduation at 8:30 am in a town that was about 20-30 minutes away. 

Morning-Afternoon:The graduation ceremony was good and it was great to see a bunch of my "sisters". My best friend (Anteater)graduated along with my "little sister" (Little)    [special note:I am in a society which is the same as a sorority]. I also had a couple of other great sisters graduate too so that was very exciting. 
 Me and Anteater. I am so glad she is a graduate!

I then went out to lunch with Anteater and my Little and their family. We went to Red Robbin, which has become a tradition to go after graduation, and had yummy food and great conversations. I then left to go buy a dress for the party that night and to go home to get ready. The dress is super cute but I don't have any cute pictures of me in it so I have no pictures to show you. It was white on top and black on bottom, bouncy and short. You can just take my word for it :).

Night: After I got beautified for the graduation party, Kevin dropped me off at my little's dorm to chill with her until she was ready. Every year for graduation there is a big party thrown at the Raddisson and we take over the whole lobby and dance floor. We went down to another sister's room to pre-party a bit and then went to the Raddi. The party was a lot of fun and I was able to celebrate my friends' graduation with all of them, dance a bit, and chat a lot. I love these parties because it is great to get caught up with people I never see.

Saturday: For the rest of the weekend I decided to go to Vegas with one of my friends on the spur of the moment (hence no blog entries). My friend "M" has friends that live in Northern Las Vegas so we stayed with them...In fact I didn't go on the strip at all this past weekend. We got into town at around 6. We all went out to dinner (me, M, her 5 year old daughter "banana", Queen, Char, and Mister Char). Then us girls plus Queen went out to a gay bar called Free Zone. It was SOOOO much fun, one of my favorite bar experiences ever. There was a drag show, tons of dancing, and  even more dancing. Lots of fun!!

Sunday:  Sadly I didn't get to sleep in, no matter how hard I try I never can sleep in when I am away for the weekend. Isn't that when we need it most? So instead I got up and watched some Hannah Montana with Banana. Our day consisted of Red Robbin (twice in  1 week baby!), shopping at the mall (I got some new undies and a pair of flip flops), and going over to Char's parents house for a BBQ. I knew no one there and it was funny because I was just sitting down scarfing my face and the Char's dad asked who I was and I said "Oh I don't know you, I just smelled food and decided to come help myself. This isn't an open BBQ?" I was just the random hungry girl.

Sunday Night: Fun party that night at Char and Mister Char's house. It was so much fun, I met a lot of new people and learned how to play a new game. It is called FUBAR and I loved it. 

Monday:  So of course the traffic coming back sucked and it took about 7 hours to get from LV to southern CA, dang that Memorial Day traffic. I was so excited to get back and see my boyfriend because we hadn't really seen all that much of eachother. We went out to iur favorite steak house, Maderas, and then to Hookah to celebrate my new job and to also have a date. 

All in all fantastic weekend. Sorry about the LONG post and the lack of pictures. I will try to post some pictures from this weekend once I get them. Until then I leave you with this picture of me and my boyfriend, it is my favorite of us. 

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was great!