**My name is Aimee and I will be blogging themed days usually. I will try to touch on a variety of topics and try to make this blog an interesting read. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read! I hope you enjoy your time here.**

What is this Blog About?

I started blogging because I was obsessed with reading everyones' blogs and decided that I should stop being such a creeper and actually start a blog of my own. I have always struggled with writing so I was, of course, nervous to start the blog but I thought I could utilize it to improve my writing. Who knows if it has but I am addicted!

On my blog you will find themed days. Sometimes I may be funny but if I am that must be a fluke because I don't think I am very funny. I try to keep things real and light on my blog. If something really pisses me off I might vent about it but usually I don't post about controversial ideas just because I don't want to piss people off...I don't like conflict much. Mostly I will be talking about my life, the people in it, and sports. Hopefully I don't bore you ;)

Themed Days

Monday: Weekend Recap
Tuesday: Tuesday's Feature where I pick a topic and feature it.This is also a linky so you can join in!
Wednesday: My meme days...I do Way Back Wednesdays and Wee Bit of Me.
Thursday: Sports from a Girls Point of View.
Friday: Friday Oddities. This is where I feature the best odd news stories of the week
Saturday: Saturday Covet.
Sunday: A whatever day and also I sometims share some valuable advice.

The purpose of my blog in the longrun is to be an accurate reflection of my life because I have horrible long term memory so maybe a few years from now I can look back and read about my life. I hope I can ammuse you all along the way...