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Monday, May 9, 2011

SFC Week 6 (3..6... thats how I count)

Hiya strangers! Well life and work has been crazy lately (as always) so hence my disappearance from bloggy world. 2 weeks ago I was in Vegas for a trade show and then last week was the work week I have been dreading. My boss was with me all week on sales calls so needless to say it was a hectic and stressful week.

I still need to do my SF trip recap and my Vegas trips as well. I have so many photos to share with you guys! I also fell behind on the Spring Fever Challenge and I missed weeks 4 &5. Oh well... No need to dwell on it, I will just update you all now on my goals and hopefully do my recaps within the next year ;)

Positive Picture of the Week

This is my new puppy, Roxie. She is 3 months old and is a Husky/Pitt/Lab mix. She is super sweet and very lovable.

My Goals:

1)Live a Healthier Lifestyle

2) Go to the Gym 4 times a week

3) Do more around the house

4) Build self-confidence and do more for myself

5) Personal Growth and work on weaknesses

6) Be better with money and save

7) Read at least 2 books a month

This Week's Questions

1) What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
~I go back and forth on my healthy lifestyle. I don't ever eat super unhealthy. I don't like most fast food or fatty fried food so its pretty easy to stay away from that stuff (a plus). BUT because of travels and being on the road well I havent been super healthy. I am concious about ordering the healthiest food on the menu. So I am doing ok with this goal.
~Gym=FAIL! You try going to the gym when youre traveling and working super long days. I was completly out of a routine the last 2 weeks. I think I went just a couple of times. But I am going to try super hard this week
~I clean up after myself but I havent done any chores in a while. I am better about doing my laundry so thats an improvement :)
~I see a big improvement in my self confidence lately. I have been feeling prettier lately. I also am comfortable with my weight and body. I also worked on my inner strength this week and not letting people walk all over me. I stood up for myself and it felt good.
~I am working on my temper and lazyiness. I think I did pretty good with temper last week. I also have worked on my sensitivty and it is getting better. Good progress
~Great past few weeks for this. I got my bonus check which was nice and I put a bunch of money in savings and haven't touched it. I paid all my bills right away and didn't spend too much money on non-necessities. I have a paycheck coming this Friday and I still have a lot of money left. So proud
~ For April my books were Laker Girl by Jeanne Buss (which now I am thinking is what caused the Lakers to lose) and Onward by Howard Schultz. I recommend both books. For May I am reading House Rules and it is a long book so Im not sure if I will have time to read a second.
2) What have you done this week to make yourself feel good?

I spent the weekend over at my mom's and I was able to see my two best friends that I haven't seen in a long time (one 3 months and one 7 months). I also played games with the family and went to Hookah with my little brother. Then Sunday was spent with Kevin's family. it was a great weekend

3) What goal are you having the most difficult time with? Do you have a plan to make it better?

I would say its probably a tie between Live a Healthier Lifestyle and Do More Around the House. I am going to start cooking more and buying more groceries so that Im forced to eat healthier. Kevin and I also plan to take daily walks with the dog. As far as doing more around the house...well I guess I can just suck it up and clean more

4) What goal are you rocking? Do you plan on keeping the momentum?

I am rocking the reading 2 books a month. I love reading and its nice to set aside time in my busy life to read. I plan on rocking this even more and going to Barnes & Noble more like I use to. This past week I have been rocking the money so hopefully I keep that up. Thats probably the most important goal.

5) Fun question: What is your favorite Board Game?

This is a very difficult question for me because I LOVE LOVE games. I am happiest when I am having a game night. some of my favorites are Scatergories, Loaded Questions, and The Game of Things. I also like Tabboo a lot as well.

Well thats all folks. I will try to come back and do some more updates for you soon. Until then I will leave you with another picture. Don't look below if you don't like seeing bikini shots or if you are going to chastise me for posting a bikini shot of myself. I warned you :)

I got this done at a local photo studio. :)

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