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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SFC Week 3- Working hard for my money

Sorry I have been kind of sparse lately. With my vacation and then my turnaround trip to Vegas I have not really been on the computer much. I will do some recaps soon but I have to get a USB cable for my camera and it is finding difficult to find. If you know where I could get one please let me know. :) This week I may not be able to post much because it is a SUPER stressful week for me at work.

So its time for SFC Week 3... I was suppose to post this yesterday but that proved to be impossible... Sorry :(

Life's Journey with a Smile

Positive Picture of the Week

This is my little puppy (well dog he is almost 2 years old) after the dog beach. Isn't he a cutie?

My Goals:
1)Live a Healthier Lifestyle
2)Train for a 5K and a 10K Go to the Gym 4 times a week
3) Do more around the house
4) Build self-confidence and do more for myself
5) Personal Growth and work on weaknesses
6) Be better with money and save
7) Read at least 2 books a month
This Week's Questions:

1) What have you done to achieve your goals?

~I have been eating pretty healthy lately. , I dont eat fast food or fried food. Even when we went out to dinner last Friday I got salmon and a salad. Also even when I was drunk in Vegas I ate a Cesar's salad.... I do need to start taking vitamins. I have been better at drinking water

~I had to give up on running because I have 2 bad ankles and it was proving to be too painful to run. I failed at going to the gym last week but I did walk some and I was sick. I did go on Thursday even though I was super sick.

~Ive been trying to clean up after myself and not leave stuff around. I still need to work more on this goa

~I failed on the self confidence this past week. I have been feeling really down about myself. I have been doing stuff for myself though. Like taking naps, reading, and going out of town.

~I failed on personal growth and working on weaknesses though. Big time.

~I have been good with my money and even when I was in Vegas I stuck to how much I planned on spending there.

~ I finished Laker Girl by Jeannie Buss and I recommend it to any girl that enjoys sports ESPECIALLY if you are a Laker fan. It was a great read. I am halfway through 2 books now. One is the newest Starbucks book out Onward by Howard Schultz. This one is another great book focusing on how a company overcame challenges.

2) What have you done this week to make yourself feel good?

I went on a turnaround Vegas trip with 2 of my girl friends. It was a lot of fun especially because we went on a party bus. I think letting go and taking another weekend off was needed.

3)Are your SFC goals your ultimate goals or steps to your ultimate goals? Do you find it easier to set big goals or mini-goals?

These are not my ultimate goals they are just baby steps that will help me reach my ultimate goals. I like making mini goals because I feel that its tough to just say "I want to feel comfortable with myself" well how are you going to go about doing that? You have to be healthy, work on your self esteem, and not care what
others think. Or if you say "i want to be rich" well how? Save money and work hard at your job so that you can climb up the ladder.

4)What are your ultimate goals, things on your bucket list?

Ultimate Goals: Be happy with who I am, Be very successful and live a comfortable lifestyle, travel, and be great in any realtionship Im in (girlfriend or wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc).

Bucket List: Travel the world, Go to every single baseball park and football stadium, have kids, sky diving, and many more.

5) If you could achieve just one more thing in your life what would it be?

I would want to be the best person that I can be to my loved ones. i want my friends to enjoy being around me and know that they can come to me with any issues they have. I want to be the best possible girlfriend to Kevin. And I want to be a better daughter and sister to my family. Does that count? Be the best that I can be. Haha

And since this has been a very wordy post I am going to leave you with one of my silly pictures from Vegas.


  1. you're so cute! I love the picture at the end.

    Glad you had a fun vacation. I like reading about your goals, it makes me want to get motivated. :)

  2. Aw, your dog is too cute!!!!!! That photo from Vegas is HILARIOUS!

  3. Sounds like you had a bit of a stressful week! But I'm sure the trip to Vegas made you feel better (would have made me feel AWESOME!!). And Your dog...is absolutely adorable and hugable!

  4. Hey girl- I keep getting these virus emails from you...like probably 6 different ones now. I don't know if anyone told you. You might want to change your password.