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Monday, April 11, 2011

SFC Week 2 and Boo Hoo Vacataion is Almost Over

Good morning everyone! This is the earliest I have woken up on vacation... But today we have a full day because we have the Giants vs. Dodgers game tonight. Please wish us good thoughts because we are Dodger fans and the spirits around here are that all Dodger fans were responsible for the beating of the Giants fan. So I am hoping that tonight goes well and we dont recieve a lot of shit.

Anywhosit, today is the posting for the 2nd week of the Spring Fever Challenge and I am sad to report that I didnt do much the first week (can I blame it on the vacation?)

Life's Journey with a Smile

Positive Picture:

Since I dont have any of my current SF pictures uploaded yet Ill use this one. It was taking in December of 2005 on my family vacation. I love how it makes it look like we are plotting to take over the city

This Week's Questions

1) What have you done this week to achieve your goals?
Not much sadly :(

Goal 1: Live a Healthier Lifestyle
Well I tried to eat healthier (aside from some of the stuff on vacation). I also worked out regularly last week.
-I ate a veggie egg white omlete this week and I havent had any red meat at all.
-I eat pescetarian most of the time now because Kevin is a Pescatarian for 6 months
-I went to the gym/worked out 4 times last week.

Goal 2: Train for a 5K and a 10K
I did some runs before I left for vacation but havent done any here as planned. However, even though I havent been working out while on vacation the long hilly walks we have been taking are good training.

Goal 3: Do More Around the House
I did do this last week. Especially with Kevin's grandma moving in with us. I cleaned up a bit more. I also did almost all my laundry including folding it and putting it away (which usually takes me a week to do).

Goal 4: Build self-confidence and do More for Myself
Well I am trying to work on my self-confidence but this is a slow path. I have allowed myself to indulge a bit but thats easy on vacation. I would say because of vacation I have done well on this goal.

Goal 5: Work on Weakness and have Personal Growth
I have tried to be more aware of my temper and anger issues. I also have tried to stop and think before I react.

Goal 6: Be Better with Money and Save
Can I get a free pass this week because of vacation? Thanks!

Goal 7: Read 2 Books a month
Well I bought SEVERAL books at Borders because the one up here is closing down and had 80% off everything. The book I am currently reading is Laker Girl by Jeanie Buss.

2)What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
Well I went out dancing the first night of our vacation. i love dancing because its a lot of fun plus I know I am a good dancer so it makes me feel sexy.

3)Is your mind future-oriented or in the now? How does this affect you when working on your goals
Mostly I am future-oriented, I am always thinking abot what my life will be like and what can I do to reach my ultimate goal. I think it helps in achieving my goals bc I can see the end result and work harder to achieve it.

4) Is there someone in your real life that makes you strive to do your best?
Yes, it is Kevin. He keeps me on my toes. He points out my weaknesses (not in a bad way but in a helpful way) and helps me figure out easy solutions for them. He praises me when I do well. He overall wants me to be happy and he encourages me to grow as a person esxpecially with my self confidence.

5) Fun Question: Do you read Blogs on the actual Website or through Google Reader?
I go to the individual website. 1) I dont understand Google Reader 2) I like to read my blogs on their home site. Its cooler that way (in my opinion)

Okay I guess it wasnt as bad of a week in terms of keeping up with the goals. I have bought  a notebook to keep better track of my goals and what Im doing or need to do to accompolish them. Hopefully I remember to use it.

Now I am off to finish my vacation. Ill be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with a recap.


  1. i need to be better with money too...but yeah...

  2. I'm the same with Google Reader - it just seems so strange. Good luck at the game!

  3. Hi. Stopping by from SFC. I am a new follower. Good luck with week 2.

  4. hoping there wasnt any payback to the dodger fans tonight!! still hoping they can those guys that hurt the giants fan.

  5. God for you for trying to keep up with your goals! Enjoy the rest of vacation!

  6. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! I can't wait to see photos from your latest SF trip!