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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiting on an Airplane. :) Foodie Adventures & a Review

SOOOOOOOo we kind of missed our flight this morning. Blame it on me taking forever to get ready and thinking that dancing around was a better alternative to putting my clothes on (hey can you blame me?). Anyway, we probably could have made it but we didnt want to do the classic running through the terminal and screaming to "hold that plane!" Instead  we Kevin being the chill people we are  person he is decided to just get put on the standby for the next flight. Done and done. We shall be boarding the plane at 10:40 am and getting to SF at 12 pm. I say thats a good plan.

This is the coach cabin. Pretty nice eh?

The Virgin America terminal is so cool. When checking in you are greeted with mood lighting and music and hot pink walls. (I love hot pink!) The service is amazing and helpful. The actual terminal is circular in shape and has super comfortable seats to wait in and FREE WiFi! (no not all terminals have this. I know for a fact that Terminal 5 at LAX does not). It has been a pretty relaxing morning (aside from me stressing out about being late).

Since I have time I decided to do a Foodie Thursday post and do a review of Shenandoah at the Arbor which is a restaurant we went on our last foodie adventure. Now I am not a good writer and Kevin won't do the review for me (pouty face) so bear with me

Shenandoah at the Arbor

(Top l,r: inside dining room I love the mismatch fabrics, outside terrace complete with coy pond
Bottom l,r: Surronded by cute botiques, complimentary apple fritters served right when you sit down)

The Basics: Shenandoah is an American Cuisine restaurant with a homestyle/kitchy feel. It features recipes that the chefs and owners have gathered from all around the US including Galveston, TX, San Francisco, and Louisana.

Atmosphere: As soon as you walk into Shenandoah you feel as if you walked into your typical grandmothers house (I know it remind me a lot of my paternal grandma). The dining area is designed to look like a home with  the intimate atmosphere and the vintage cabnients and mismatched linens. It just makes you want to take off your shoes and stay awhile.

I really love the mismatch linens.

Service: The service is fantastic and you are treated like you are family. As soon as you are seated you are served the most delicious fresh out of the oven apple fritters, you just have to make sure not to eat too many. The first time we came the waiter got to know Kevin and I (and by the end of our dinner even knew our anniversary) and he was very helpful in our choices. We always ask what they recommend and it always tastes delicious.

Doesn't that just scream "Eat me!"

Food: The food is delicious and their servings are huge so you always have leftovers to look forward to (and trust me they taste even better the 2nd time around). My favorite dish here is called the Galveston Pasta and it is unlike anything you have ever tasted. The description is "Penne, shrimp, chicken, & Andouille sausage, in a jalapeno tequila cream sauce". Their speciality here is their sauces; no matter what you get you can guarentee that the sauce will make the dish. Some other notable dishes are their Dixie Style Fried Chicken which is what they're famous for and their Riverwalk Steak (once again an amazing sauce tops it off).

Rating: 5 Stars. Excellent service, warm atmosphere, fantastic food, and great drinks. Great for an afternoon lunch with the girls or a romantic date night. I haven't tasted one thing on the menu that doesnt make you think "Wow this is fantastic" If you are ever in Orange County or near Long Beach, CA I recommend to check it out.

Well our plane will be boarding soon :) I hope you have a great day!


  1. ahaha...i would have died if i missed a flight! ur way to awesome and talented to be blogging while waiting for your next flight.....i'm so scared, i'm ready to board hours prior:) hehe! have a safe one! that place looks amazing

  2. Have a fabulous vacation!!

  3. What a neat looking cabin! I've never flown Virgin Airlines before (surprisingly since I've flown so much) but it looks fun! Have a great trip!

  4. OMG- I have never been on a nice plane. I always end up on the one that gets shut down right after we get off. Seriously. I'm sure I'll die in a plane crash someday at this rate.

  5. Oh I love those mixed chairs!!! Have a great time on that awesome plane ride!