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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy List Saturday. Also Super Excited for Today and Why that Scares Me

Happy Saturday everyone and a Happy one at that! Well of course I am linking up to Dandelion's Wishes Happy List because what better way to start your Saturday?


I am Happy because:

I had a game night last night with some pretty close friends, some of which I hadnt seen in a while.

I am happy because yesterday my boss told me that I had a fantastic quarter and that I made my quarterly bonus along with full commissions for febuary which means an extra $4150 (well before taxes ater it will be almost half)  for me...Going into my savings baby!!

Ok so maybe Im a little obsessed with money... Sorry
I am double happy about the above statement haha. Like seriously I worked my booty off. And we increased sales by 14% for the quarter (I am trying to improve by 20% for the year bc one of the head guys in France said I could go to France if I was able to do that... a girl can dream right?)

I will go here one day!
I am happy that kevin's grandma is moving in. I am glad we can give her a place to stay and she is such a nice lady.

I am happy that we are having a foodie adventure with our friends Sarah and Mig (its a monthly or biweekly event). We are either going to one of our favorite restaurants or we are going to this big food truck festival with over 75 food trucks.

I am happy that tonight me and Kevin are going to the Kevin (different kevin) & Bean's April Foolishness show. It is a charity comedy event and some of the lineup includes Jimmy Kimmel, Axis of Awesomeness, Paton Oswalt (kev's favorite), Bill Burr, and Ray Romano.

Parron Oswalt

I am happy that it is April and it is a new month! April is my 2nd favorite month after all.

I am happy that we are leaving on vacation Thursday... San Francisco here we come.

I am happy that LA has been having some great sport days. LA Dodgers have won their first two games (and beat the hated Giants... Im sorry they are my rivals). The LA Lakers have won the last 2 days while the San Antonio Spurs have lost 6 in a row so the Lakers have a chance to finish #1 (as it should be)

I am happy that Im going to Vegas this month. I am happier because I might be going twice. Once for pleasure the weekend of the 15th and once for work from the 26th to 30th.

I am happy that I have such a long happy list because I was feeling kinda down in the dumps yesterday but now I am super happy because I see how blessed I am

So yes as you can see from some of the items in my Happy List I have a fantastic day lined up and Im super excited about it. However, around here the word excited scares us. Why? Well because whenever me and Kev are excited about something it usually blows up in our face. Like if Kev is excited to see me well then for some reason when I come home I act like a mega witch to him. Or if we are excited for a party we are hosting it usually gets cancelled or turns to a dud. So around here we try not to use that word.

 But im being extra optimistic and Im going to say that today will be a great day with no issues... (but ill knock on wood just in case).

Well I hope you have a great day and make sure to go link up and tell us why you're so happy today


  1. Well I'm happy my cats haven't puked up the dryer sheets they ate. And I'm happy that I am going to scrapbook and get some Etsy shop stuff done today... I feel grossly behind in everything.

  2. Have fun tonight. Don't forget to take some pics! :)

  3. Congrats on the bonus... sounds like you have a lot to be happy for!

  4. Sounds like you have a great April planned!
    Nice happy list!

  5. Congrats on the bonus! It's awesome when all your hard work pays off! Great happy list!