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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesdays- PeeWee is the Cutest

Hiya folks! So its tough for me to get motivated to blog sometimes which is why I love the little blog hop parties and what not.  First off Im going to give you the quick rundown of my weekend

Friday: Game night!
Saturday: Foodie Adventure (Im going to do a review on the restaurant we went to on an upcoming Foodie Thursday). Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness charity comedy show. The line up consisted of Jimmy Kimmel, Ray Romano, Patton Oswalt, Jim Jeffries, Bill Buhr, Steve-o, and a few more. IT WAS AMAZING!
Sunday: Lazy day and then Grey's Anatomy at Dlo's

All in all a fantastic weekend. AND I leave for vacation in less than 48 hours. San Francisco here we come!

Ok so Im linking up with CMae over at Live What you Love for Tail Wagging Tuesdays

This week she wants us to feature our favorite picture of our furbaby.
Well I have several furbabies but I feel like PeeWee doesnt get as much attention on my blog so Ill focus on him.

This is my favorite picture because he is staring right at the camera. You could see in his eyes that he is a happy dog who LOVES his owners

Fun Facts about PeeWee:

1) He is super loyal and he thinks he is a scary guard dog.
2) He LOVES cats and thinks that they are his best friend. Him and our youngest cat Athena are best buds
3) He knows that Angela (one of our cats) is pregnant so he doesnt tackle her anymore. He just sniffs her tummy then walks away.
4) He prances when he runs. Literally he looks like a deer or something. We call him prancer sometimes because of it
5) He knows how to roll down windows when he is in the car but his smartness stops there because he trys to jump out of the car when Im on the freeway. So I have to lock the windows which pisses him off.
6) He thinks he is a big dog and he gets along best with the big dogs when we are at the beach.
7) He is 100% a momma's boy


  1. cute! wish we could have a dog but my kids are all allergic!

  2. aww so cute! He definitely looks like he wants his picture taken!


  3. Your dog is named PEE WEE I LOVE IT!!! So cute. He really looks sweet! :)