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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge

Hello everyone! So I am pretty excited because I decided to participate in Spring Fever happening over at Life’s Journey with a Smile. It is a fun and inspirational challenge where you set goals for yourself for the spring and report on how you are doing on them.

Life's Journey with a Smile
Every week I will be posting an update along with a positive picture and something I did the following week that made me happy. I am really excited because I am hoping this will keep me on track with the goals I have already set for myself. Sorry that these may be longer posts but I hope they don’t bore you as I would love your feedback!

Positive Picture:

This picture makes me happy because the Dodgers are off to a great start and we won 3 out of our first 4 games. We basically showed the Giants who were boss (sorry I dont like the Giants). I hope the Dodgers win when we go to the game in San Francisco on the 11th.

Do Good for Myself:

So I dont think this technically starts until next week but i did have a feel good moment this week to share. I went to an awesome comedy show (April Foolishness); laughter is the best medicine


This Weeks Questions:

1) What are your Goals?My Spring Fever Goals: (It may seem like a lot but I have faith in myself)

Goal # 1:Live a healthier lifestyle.
  •  Eat healthier and keep a food log
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week
  •  Drink lots of water
Goal # 2: Train and complete a 5K and a 10K

Goal # 3:Do more around the house

  • Cleaning. I hate it but I need to get over it and just clean
  • Laundry. I need to stop waiting till the last minute to do this. Try to do laundry on a weekly basis.
Goal # 4: Build Self-Confidence and do more for Myself

  • I sometimes care too much about what other people so I am working on not caring about it as much. 
  •  I’m going to try to be a bit more selfish because I don’t do much for myself and I spread myself too thin and ignore my own need
Goal # 5:  Personal Growth/Work on Weaknes
  • Work on temper and sensitivity
  • Organization (work, house, day)
Goal #6: Be better at saving money & have better spending habits

Goal #7: Read at least 2 books a month

2) Why did you choose these goals? Well I feel like these goals are pretty well rounded and it affects every part of my life (health, work, personal, and relationships). My main goal is to make myself a better person inside and out so that was the motivation for most of my goals. I really want to be a healthier person (physically and mentally) which I feel will most of my goals help with that.

3) What is your plan of action to make them happen? All of my goals will have mini goals so that they feel more attainable then I have the following ideas:

  •  Exercise and food journal through mapmyrun.com. It’s a great site that keeps track of calories and miles ran.
  •  Personal Growth, Organization, and books- I am going to keep a journal to stay on track
  •  Saving Money- I have a specific amount of money that I have to put into my savings account per paycheck. I am also going to keep a closer log of my bills and spending
  • Rewards (Yes I am a little kid that is motivated by rewards) If I have a good week I will get myself ice cream or some other type of reward
4) What does this challenge mean to you? It means I am on the right track to becoming a better person. It will also show that I’m a strong person with will power if I am able to meet these goals. It will give my everyday life more meaning than usual.

5) Fun Question: What is something most people don’t know about you? I am obsessed with post it notes. They actually make me super happy and I get excited when I go to an office supply store just to look at the post its.

OMG I want this piece of art. Its a bunch of post its.

Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed my first segment of Spring Fever Challenge. Come pop by every Monday to check it out
Have a very Happy Monday!


  1. Happy monday! Missed you. I haven't blogged in forever so I have a lot to catch up on!

  2. Hey! thanks for the comment on my post! I love your goals 4 and 5! I made similar goals for the winter challenge and surpassed them better than I imagined! So be prepared for greatness! :)

  3. Haha I always leave laundry until the end too. But I love the fact that your goals are so realistic. I'll be following along with your journey over the next 12 weeks!

  4. I'm awful with laundry too - and I live alone, so if I don't do it, no one does! :( Good luck with your goals - I'll be running a 10k too, in June!

  5. Ah..Sweet Aimee, I Was Happy To See You Had Visited My Place Earlier. You've Been Away And I Missed You. :)) Sure Appreciated Your Kind Comment Regarding My Newest Composition. Don't Ya Just Love Springtime. The Birds Are Singing, The Sun Is Shining..And The Flowers Are Blooming. Who Could Ask For Anything More? Hugs, Terri