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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Craziness has Subsided... Weekend Round up

Hi Everyone!!

So things have been sooo crazy the last 2 months BUT I am happy to report that it will finally slow down. :)

I have been so busy because my sorority/society has been pledging over the last 5 weeks and I am the alumni sponsor so I had to be at pretty much every single event (which drove Kevin mad). But they had their convocation celebration on Saturday so we welcomed 15 new girls into the society.

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So for the weekend recap:


Kevin and I were able to have another date night. With my schedule lately it has been nearly impossible to spend 2 quality nights together a week so it was really great to have another fantastic date night. We went to the Improv to see Jay Mohr and it was fantastic. I havent been to the Improv to often nor have I seen too many stand up comedians so it was awesome. We started off the night with dinner and drinks at Dave & Busters which reminded us that we have to go there soon for a group date night because its lots of fun.

Then we headed over to the Improv. The first comedian was really funny. He reminded me a lot of Jack Black. He was a great opening act. Jay Mohr was HILARIOUS! He did a great impersonition of Charlie Sheen "Duh Winning!" and he was completly inapropriate which is what makes comedy so awesome. Then he ended with some other great impersoniations. My favorite was when he did Tracy Morgan but it was closely followed by his Christopher Walkin impression. All in all it was a fantastic night.

Saturday: BUSY BUSY

This was the last official day of pledging and it was the day of celebrations. I was super busy all day. We met the girls at 11:30 am where we then sung songs to them and did the rituals by the rock. Then we did our afternoon ceremony at an alumni house.We then did the school ceremony where we presented our new girls to everyone and went out to eat.

Our new girls... The 2nd from the left is my new Little (I have 2 little sisters now)

After that I had a mini break and went to a BBQ at my next door neighbor's house. I was there for an hour before I had to leave to go PARTY it up with the new girls while we went from house to house that night. It wasnt as much fun as I usually have but mostly because Im getting too old foir that stuff. Thius will be my last year attending that party and I only did it because I took another fantastic "little sis"

Sunday: Sleepy Day

Does anyone else get as exhausted by the time change? I hate spring forward. I actually hate the time change in general. It is an old tradition that should stop since we arent farmers anymore and dont rely on the sun and time like they use to. We have electricity now...

So Kevin and I practicially slept all day. When we werent sleeping we were watching tv.. The Office of course because we cant go a day without watching it. I also started watching King of the Crown which is a beauty pagent show (that isnt as scary as Toddlers & Tiaras) and Whose Wedding is it Anyway (not one of my favorite wedding shows).

We also played Trivial Pursuit which Kevin wooped my ass good.. I have begun to realize I am not really smart (haha) and I dont have any talents that I can show. So I am going to start working on those two things. i need to be more well rounded.

Well that was my weekend! I am looking forward to a quieter week and hopefully getting a puppy...The one I wanted got adopted but I just really want a puppy so if I come across one that I fall in love with Kevin said I can get it. But I have to really really want it...

What are your talents? How was your weekend?

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos on my entries. I need to buy a new usb cord for my camera because I lost mine...I just havent gotten around to doing that.


  1. I love D&B! That place is always so much fun! Glad things are finally slowing down some for you!

  2. What a fun weekend! I love seeing stand-up! And, congrats on your new girls!