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Friday, March 18, 2011

ODD News Fridays are back!! :)

Hey everybody! Im slacking off at work big time right now but shhh I didnt say that. I always think "ill be better next Friday" but seriosuly Fridays are soo hard to work, especially in my office because everyone is in a silly and giddy mood and we are all casual. I work better when Im wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels.

Anyway I digress, I am happy to report that Odd News Fridays are officially back and boy am I excited so lets get started :)

Making Up a Reality AKA Scientists are Bored

Apparently scientists got bored one day and watched the movie Up and decided "hmmm we can do this". National Geographic engineered an actual house that could fly with the help of 300 balloons and it actually did work. It flew for 1 hour and there was no big birds or talking dogs involved. I just dont understand why we need a flying house...gives a whole new meaning to mobile home though

Anything for a Successful Visit

Rio de Janeiro will do anything to make sure it doesnt rain while Obama is there on his visit. They have even hired a medium to keep the rain clouds away during the President's trip. I am sure Obama would not shy away from a couple of showers since he has spent a lot of his life in Illinois where rain is a nice alternative to their snow storms. Hey if she makes good money fooling these people then the more power to her.

Ice Cream or Xanex?

An ice cream man was accused of dealing prescription drugs while using an ice cream truck as a cover. He made a lot of money from it while he got away from it but Im sure it pissed the kids off when they went up to ask for their Power Ranger ice cream with bubble gum eyes and he only had Oxycodine...Okay i guess it wasnt like that, he still had ice cream but still imagine if that was your ice cream man. But really you shouldnt trust an ice cream man whose truck has the name Lickety Split on it.

Well folks that is all especially because i need to get back to work (boo and hiss). I hope that you all have a great weekend. Im hoping mine doesnt go by too quick but im sure it will since its jamed pack full of stuff.

Happy Friday!

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