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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Foodie Thursdays

Hiya folks! Happy Thursday! So I am going to introduce a new theme into my blog because you all know (or should know ;) )that I love themes. Food Thursdays (I know its not an aliteration but o well)

I am a pretty big foodie. I love food. There are not too many things that make me happier than food trucks, new restaruants, and food festivals. I am constantly looking for information on restaurant weeks, savor and strolls, and "taste of" towns. If you look Im sure you can find some awesome food events happening around you. I use Yelp as my main resource to find great new places to eat because its nice to see how others rate it and also what they recommend.

Lately my obsession has been Food Trucks. I'm talking about the gourmet food trucks that have specialized menus and have people raving about them. The ones that have the mouth watering menus and the paint job to go along with it. I have tracked them down and fit them into my work schedule so I can start scheduling my appointments around where the highest rated food trucks will be. I have decided Im going to try to eat at a food truck once a week. Yummy!

Every Thursday from 11 am-2 pm there is a Food Truck Fare at the OC fair grounds in Costa Mesa, CA.  There are different trucks featured each week. Basically there are 10 food trucks set up in the parking lot all right next to each other ready to fulfill whatever your craving (tacos, bbq, potatoes and fries, meat, sushi, greek, etc).

Mmmmmm Sushi!! I didnt have this one but it looks good eh? That comes out of a van
I stopped by there for the first time and boy I was a super happy camper. I hit up the RollingSushi Van anf got Spicy Tuna Chips and a Baked Lobster Roll. It may be a bit scary at first to get Sushi from a van but it was delicious. For dessert I had Rasberry Louks from Louks to Go. I really wanted the Nutella with banana one but they ran out of bananas. The rasberry one was super good too though.

Nutella Louks... I wish they didnt run out of bananas. Looks soo good.

If you havent tried out a gourmet food truck you are missing out. It is great and unique cusine for inexpensive prices. I would recommend you check out Yelp to find food trucks around you and find out when the best rated trucks will be by your work.

Have you had food truck gourmet? What did you think?


  1. I have always wanted to try a gourmet food truck! I go to school in New York City so I think that it is something I am definitely going to try.

    Nutella is the BEST THING EVER. Just saying.

  2. Wow! That looks yummy! It'll be quite a while (or never) before I get to try a gourmet food truck locally, but hopefully on a visit somewhere far more trendy, lol.

  3. How fun! Food trucks seem so cool to me! That last one looks so yummy!