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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was a busy but quick weekend- Clubbing, Drinking, and Nap Times

SO for the past few weekends we have been packing our weekends full of stufff because during the week we dont have much time to do stuff. While its great to be doing fun stuff all weekend the downfall is that the weekend goes by way too fast.

I may be a day late but here is my weekend recap. I will start with Thursday night because this week that was part of the weekend since it was St. Patty's day after all

Thursday: Im here for the Green Beer

Kevin and I went to one of my "sister's" house who was hosting a party complete with Green beer, shamrock sandwiches,  and lime and margarita jello shots. It was a green green night. I came with 2 travel coffee cups filled with my drink of choice lately (Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade-alcoholic Arnold Palmer) since I do not like beer. I also brought the Margarita jello shots I made which ended up being a big hit (lime jello made with 1 cup water, 1 cup tequila and a shot or two of Triple Sec).

Me, my munchkin, and my roomie!

The "family". Stephanie claims me and Kevin are her parents lol

I ended up hanging with a bunch of my other sisters dancing the night away while the boys chatted it up on the outside of the dance floor. I literally danced the night away and didnt care that I had to get up early the next morning for work.

Oh and it was great because I played a joke on my "roomie" (she was my college roommate for 2 years and we still call eachother that). She is super afraid of leprechauns and there was this dude there that was dressed like a leprechaun so I had him chase her around all night...Reminded me of being back in college.
Me with my Roomie.. See she still loves me

Saturday: Party like a Drunkard RockStar

Don't we look gorgeous? (one of the many shots of the evening)
I skipped Friday because all I did was come home from work and watch TV then go to sleep pretty early. I know how lame. Anyway...Saturday during the day was full of errands of which now I cant remember what we had to do and then we had to make sure our house was clean for Saturday night because we were having people over for a pre-party before going clubbing in Pasadena.

The pre-party was a lot of fun and I am sure there were people that were willing to stay and play at our house instead of going to the club. I had my 2nd batch of margarita jello shots along with Tequila Rose (amazing strawberry tasting stuff that you should try), tequila shots, and alcoholic Arnold Palmers. The kitchen was the happening place with lots of drinking and laughs and of course pictures.

Tequila Rose. I like it because it tastes yummy and its pink

Jello Shots!

When we finally ventured off to the club it was 10 pm. We got there about 10:30 or 10:45. I have decided we had way too many people with us that it was hard to keep up with everyone. It was me and 3 of my sisters (Elle, Roomie, and munchkin), one of my girl friends and her friend (Wendy and Kalli), and boyfriends and friends (5 guys). Then when we got to the club I met up with another girl friend and her friend (Chey and Veronica) and kevin had 4 friends come. It was pretty crazy.


There were lots of kissy pictures

Exhibit A...This is one of my favorites. See sisters love each other
See Exhibit B

And Exhibit C... I Love this picture of us though

I tried to dance as much as possible but I think I kept getting distracted with conversations and drinks. I also managed to sneak a flask in so we had a little too much fun with that. It was a successful night though because we all had a lot of fun, danced a bunch, enjoyed our drinks without anyone getting stupid drunk, and had the most entertaining car ride home. The only bad thing? I didnt sleep at ALL that night.

Well that was my weekend. Sorry for the lengthy post and the excess of pictures. Hopefully I didnt bore you too much :)


  1. ur so fun! and pretty! i wish my weekends were a blast! xo

  2. It looks like you had a VERY fun St. Patty's Day!