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Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Are you my father?" Ultimate Prank!

Ok so have not watched Project Runway yet so I can not do my summary yet. Have no fear though. I have to tell you guys about one of the best pranks I have ever pulled-I love pranks, too much fun.

A little Background
I was hanging out with my older cousin, Jeff, yesterday. I hadn't seen him in over 4 years. We went and picked up his 15 year old daughter to hang out. So we all were just hanging around and couldn't decide what we wanted to do so  we started plotting and came up with this great prank... Oh and just an important note that will become relevant later. His daughter looks way different now.

The Prank
So we paid a surprise visit to my mom and as we were driving over we expanded our master plot. We sent Rissy (the daughter) up first to knock on the door asking for my mom, who opened the door. Rissy then told her she was looking for her dad. She said her name was Kimberly and she was 18 years old and her mom just told her who her dad was. Then she asked, do you know Jeff? My mom then invited her in and said "Oh well I guess I am your aunt". So Rissy did a great job with the story saying she had never met Jeff or knew anything about him. We left her up there for about 5 minutes then I went in-my mom knew I was dropping by. She used her serious voice and said. "Aimee come in and shut the door". She looked super concerned. But then my cousin Jeff came in right after and my mom was like "OMG" and was SOOOOOO shocked.

She was so fooled which is so awesome because she always plays pranks.. I guess my mom talked a little about Jeff and gave her the number she had for him. My mom later told us that so many things going through her head: should she call Jeff and tell him? should she just give her the information. It was so much fun. My mom still didn't put it all together because she was like "Well who is this?" about Rissy because she was scared it was one of his girlfriends. HAHA she didn't recognize her at all.

We then played the same trick on my dad later. Oh yesterday was so much fun! Very random and it was nice to see my cousins after all this time.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Nothing says "lighthearted prank" like a woven tale of bastardization.

    But Seriously, I remember you telling Dolores and I about some of the pranks your mom likes to pull on you. She deserves pretty much whatever you can dish out.

  2. Oh Aimee..I have laughed myself silly over this post! I'd say you out-did yourself on this one!

    I'm dropping in to say thanks (as well as sharing a laugh) for the sweet reference you made today about my flower composition.

    I've burned two of my fingers recently (learning to solder in a stained-glass class) and I've had to resort to using Chaulk and Oil Sticks of late. Just remember everything happens for a reason (even blisters) because I'm really starting to enjoy the flow of these long forgotten mediums when I was suddenly forced to use them again.

    Love your blog..will visit often!

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri