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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is there a Phobia of Texting?- Random Fridays


Oh man. I don't think I have ever been as excited and geeked out on a Friday as much as I am right this second. I am about to leave work to take my bus and let me tell you-I am more excited than a fat kid in a cake factory or a druggie in a meth lab! 

So Everyday there is some type of story about texting. I am even subscribed to a Google Alert of texting to see how many news articles there are. I cant find the article that I read about the Worlds Fastest Texter but can you say ridiculous? WOW and this was on the normal news. I get texting. I mean its a necessity nowadays. But to have fastest texter competitions? 

Ok well I am going to be late for my train. So I am going to leave you with some weird phobias. I am going to add a new one. I have a phobia of too many texters-going to take over the world. (texthappytoomuchphobia)

Aulophobia- Fear of flutes
Kathisophobia- Fear of sitting down (what about laying down)
Sophophobia- Fear of learning
Xanthophobia- Fear of the color yellow  

Sorry did I scare you with that last one?
 Do you have any weird fears

I hope you have a great Friday!



  1. Hi Aimee. Loved this post about texting. My nieces drive me crazy doing it. When they visit, we get five minutes of hello how are you out of the way, then they pull out their blackberries or whatever. Drives me insane! I can certainly see how people who text while driving, can easily get distracted.

    Thanks for dropping by my place. Yes..isn't it interesting that most artist paint a composition twice? That's why most artist feel justified in the pricing of a canvas. The smaller the piece, the less work involved, but still quite an effort.

    Sure appreciate all the phobia info. Amazing stuff! I'm wondering now if I have any? To be honest, I think it's of ever getting fat. Is there a real name for that?

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

  2. Ok, now I feel bad that we only text each other! Texting has taken over the world of communication which is why I'm going to live like it's 1996 and page you. We should totally bring the pagers back!

  3. I text all the time! I've really been working on not texting while in the car. So far so good! lol

  4. Fear of flutes?! There's one I've never heard of before! :)