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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bowling Alley in a house is a must- Tuesday's Feature.

So Tuesdays will be my random thing(s) of the week.  I will pick normal or out of the normal things to feature/review.

Before I begin I would like to encourage you to go over to these 2 blogs. They are both doing giveaways (I think everyone is in a giving mode-how lovely) and they both have fantastic blogs that you should check out. 
  • First we have Low Tide High style.check it out. She is so sweet to be offering this giveaway for Valentine's Day (especially considering she would love to have this gift in her own house).
  • The second is a blog I just recently started following. Kim at My Domestic Bliss always finds great things and also has a very great decorating style as well. I am jealous of the budget-friendly items she finds. Check out her awesome giveaway and her blog!

I love love looking at properties that I most likely will never have enough money to own-but a girl can dream right? So this week I am going to do property of the week.

1) Sandcastle Estate in Bridgehampton, NY

This house has 19bedrooms and 14 baths. It is located on 11.5 acres of land in Bridgehampton. The extras are always what gets me. It has a skateboard half pipe and a rock climbing wall-def. necessities in the home. Oh and did I mention the bowling alley? It's only $49,000,000- I can afford that someday!

I couldn't find my dream house in any of the current listings I looked through. I one day want to live in a Spanish style house with a center of the house courtyard and everything:)



  1. Hi Aimee, and thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog and for linking to my giveaway! I'm enjoying your blog!

    Kat :)

  2. A skateboard ramp? Awesome. Wonder if they brought in some fancy famous skater to consult on the process?

  3. 19 bedrooms?! HOLY MOLY!!! that's a hotel yo!!!

    i'll take it!