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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics, football trades. O MY!-Sports from a Chick's Eye

Hello my lovely followers and readers! So after a lot of thought and several blog drafts I decided that Thursdays will be my focus on sports (but from a girl's POV). There is a lot of sports going on right now especially with the Olympics but I will try to narrow it down to a few key stories (and by key, I mean what I find most important).

The Olympics:
So the olympics have been in full swing for almost a week now and I am happy to announce that the US is still ahead in medal count (we have 14 total)! WOOT. I use to love that as a kid, to know how many medals each country had. The two stories I want to focus on briefly deal with snowboarding. 
  1.  Shaun White-Snowboard
 Master of Many Sports with 2 Golds to show for it!
This guy is ridiculously talented. Its one thing to be great at one sport but he is not only good at  snowboarding but skateboarding as well. He wowed the world with his ridiculous talent on the snowboard halfpipe competition where he took Gold for the 2nd time. I sadly wasn't able to watch this but I did see short video clips and read all about it. I love when people up the stakes. Shaun pretty much had the Gold wrapped up but that didn't stop him from doing mindblowing tricks on his last run. Well deserved win Shaun.
           2. Lindsey Vonn- Alpine Skiing

3rd time is the charm!
       I guess 3rd time is the charm for Lindsey Vonn. She won her first gold in her 3rd Olympics. She put her injury behind her and was able to just suffer through the pain to gain the ultimate reward. Me? I am happy to reward myself with fatty foods after a workout-I guess this can be comparable right? She is also the first American Woman to win the Gold for downhill skiing. That's some girl power for you!

Charger News:
News Flash! I LOVE the Chargers. They are my all time favorite team and actually more of a passion. I even have a charger bolt tattoo (I will post the picture-after I get it fixed). I cried when they got booted out of the playoffs (even tho its been a yearly experience). But every year I say "There's always next year!"

Anywho. I came across an article yesterday that was talking about Cromartie is most likely going to be traded. For most of you, Cromartie is a high ranking Cornerback for the Chargers (he actually use to be on my top 3 fav. players) The reason why I wanted to address this topic though was because of the last paragraph that one of the things he would be able to get out of the trade s more places to father children. I found this really funny because he has 7 children in 5 different states... See sports can be interesting!

Do you like sports? Are you watching the Olympics?



  1. Thursday sports updates is a great idea! Watching the Olympics has been so much fun. Find myself sitting on the edge of my seat! The snowboarding was amazing...they have to have no fear!

  2. i love football...not really into the winter olympics but shaun white is bad ass. you can't help but want to see him in action. he's amazing!

  3. Wendy... Thanks Im glad that you like the sports update. ITs nice to hear feedback:)

    Bananas..Whats your fav team?