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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rugrats on the Cat Walk... PR Rundown!

So first an update. I have almost figured out all my days thus far. It will of course vary (like this week) depending on specific circumstances. Please see below of the finallized list of my days

Monday: Pictures are worth 1000 words
Tuesday: Tuesday's feature (pick of the week with a review)
Wednesday: Usually a rest day
Thursday: Sports from a Girls Point of View
Friday: Random Friday-Will focus on odd news stories
Saturday: TBD still
Sunday: PR Rundown (Summary of Project Runway + videos)... This one is subject to be pushed off if don't watch PR in time

Now on to the RUNDOWN
Every week I will do a summary of Project Runways episode and I will also include a video (or videos) that the boys did based on that weeks episode. You can find here an explanation of how intense and competitive we are about PR haha.

So this week on Project Runway the designers had to make a look for little ones, the kids were ages 5-8. Of course, there was a twist halfway through the episode and the designers got told that they had to do a complimentary adult look.

Personally I thought every single designer did a great job. I felt that no one should have gone home this week, I mean there wasnt a "sucky" or poorly designed piece. There were also a lot of good pieces. It's getting much harder to pick who is going to leave now.

The winner was Seth Aaron and his looks were very hip and fashionable. You can find it here. It was impeciably done and he deserved to win..I just wish I would have picked him for this week.

The loser was Janeane. Her design was not horrible. She was on the bottom 3 last week so I guess her time had come, especially because she was nothing special. Her designs were boring and she remained true to that on the design that got her booted off.

Stay tune for a blog entry with the video summaries from the boys.



  1. i LOVED seth aaron's looks. the striped jacket with the big zipper lining was FABULOUS! and the little girl's look was so flippin cute! heck, i'd wear it now!

    i agree with janeane's looks. they weren't bad but she was always so insecure and whiney in every episode so i'm not going to miss her...at all.

  2. Haha

    i so agree with you about her whining