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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bright Colors for a Pregnant Lady-Oh My! *Project Runway Rundown!*

 Before I begin my blog I would like to thank Wendy at Relatively Unique for featuring me in her blog today... I am really honored and appreciative. Go check out her blog, it is very good. Thank you Wendy! You are awesome.

Every week my boyfriend Kevin  and I go over to our friends Chris and D-Lo’s house to watch Project Runway.  This is the 2nd season we have done it and we have now made a competition out of it to make it even more interesting. Each week (after the runway part but before the judges give their opinions) we each pick who we think is going to win and lose for the week. You get 1 point for right guesses. Chris made a very detailed Excel spreadsheet. The boys also write a short song (usually very folky) about that week’s episode while us gals watch Models of the Runway.
So on Saturdays (except when I am extremely busy-which it will then fall to Sunday) I will do a short recap of PR and also post one of the boy’s awesome videos… I don’t have one this week though. This should give everyone ample time to watch it before then so I am not spoiling it for anyone. If you don’t watch PR yet you definitely  should. It’s on Thursdays at 10 pm et on Lifetime.
This week was difficult to watch, not because it was boring or lame, but because I was extremely wiped out from the hectic and stressful week so I was fighting to keep my eyes open. This week had one of the BIGGEST reward in Project Runway history. The designers had to design a look that would be featured on the COVER of Marie Claire’s March edition. As if that wasn’t enough it is going to be worn by Hedi Klum-for those of you living on an island under a rock, Heidi is a famous model and she is the creator and main judge on Project Runway. 
There was no interesting fun drama to talk about on this show this week nor anything that really stuck out to me.. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this point. It was pretty quiet and everyone was extremely focused working on their own designs. However, some people have taken a disliking to Ian because he talks to himself and is quite obnoxious (but he has some great designs so they are just going to have to put up with his schizophrenia).
Oh, an important note… since they were designing for the March edition the colors were extremely important (I mean come on its spring-show me those Turquoises, yellows, pinks, and bright greens). Some people didn’t catch this memo especially Mina, who I don’t like at all, who produced an ace bandage dress.
So on to the results… The loser made me and D-lo very sad as it was one of our favorites but it was a well deserved kick off. Her design was very last season and boring. The good news about her going though? All four of us picked her as the loser so we all got one point for the week (no one picked the winner).
 *How can you not love her though? She was so sweet just not talented enough.*
The winner was Anthony . I don’t know why I didn’t pick this one to win. The color choice was perfect for Heidi and it was very Spring-esque. Also the judges love volume and unique patterns. I hope that Heidi can stay un-pregnant long enough to wear this dress
As I noted before we were all tired so the boys didn’t end up doing a song for this episode and us girls didn’t watch Models of the Runway-sad times.
Thanks for reading! 
P.S. Oh Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it! And to the rest of you. Happy Sunday!


  1. You are very welcome! I will stay tuned for your update on project runway! Thanks for the great stories :)

  2. Sigh. Poor Anna. I really thought she'd make it to the top 5.