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Monday, November 29, 2010

A brief Recap with No Pictures...What type of blogger am I

Hiya Folks!! Well obviously I have been SUPER busy over the past days so of course I havent had the willpower to write a blog. My view on blog entries is to only write them when you want to (or if you see a really awesome blog journal that you want to partake in). So anyway. It is almost 2 am and I need to wake up at 7 am to double check my bags and get ready... I am flying out to Atlanta tomorrow. I am going to be there until Saturday afternoon (pacific time) for training for my new job. So Im going to make this a very quick recap


Overall it was good. It was super stressful only at the point where we were putting everything in the oven. I knew that timing everything was going to be difficult but I didnt realize that it would be impossible. Ive been told that we have to host it a couple of times to semi get it down. Who knows. I dont think I want to host it again for a while. Its a lot of work, SUPER expensive, and a lot of cleaning (that we may or may not have fully finished yet).

My family (mom, dad, and brother only) came over. We served turkey, stuffing*, candied yams, mash potatoes, green bean caserole, cranberries, bread rolls, salad, and 2 pies. Our turkey was AMAZING. The best turkey I ever had. Kevin did a fantastic job of seasoning it and then we put chicken broth in the bag we cooked it in so it was so moist that it was falling off the bone (I even ate the white meat which I usually hate because it was so moist). *The stuffing was so much of a disaster that we had to throw the first batch down the sink and had to have my dad go out and get 2 more boxes of Stovetop. My green bean casserole was delicious. And I have cme to realize that I will never have a Thanksgiving without the rolls being burned on the bottom.

After we ate we played Loaded Questions and watched The Office. All in all it was fun but STRESSFUL.


Lounged around all day. That night I went out with a couple of my friends to the Hookah bar. It was awesome because I saw a friend I havent seen in months. We were there from 9 pm-2 am. Then Kevin came and met me over there hung out for a bit and then we went home. wE didnt go to bed until 4 am or so.


The best day I have had in a long time. We went and visited with one of Kevin's cousins he hadnt seen in 17 years (since he was 11 years old-do the math lol). She is soo awesome and her house is to die for. We hung out with her and her husband and 2 year old daughter. Had wine and chocolate cake. I had an awesome shot of this tequila called Tres something... You don't need limes or anything with it. Soo smooth. I couldn't get enough of their house. Then we went out to eat at a good Mexican resturant and had the best Margaritas I have ever had. After we got back the boys watched a Rush Documentary (which Dave was nice enough to buy Kevin a copy of) and me and his cousin (Lynn) had girl talk. We ended up leaving there at 12 am. It was soo much fun


Football in the morning. Shopping at Kohls with my friend who I hadnt seen in a while who I went to Hookah with on Friday. More football. Watched my boys (the Chargers) kick some Colts Butt! Then I went with one of my friends to Hookah.

I am leaving tomorrow at 11:30 am from LAX and I really doubt I will be on here too much. I will have scheduled posts (AKA kevin making sure the posts go through) because  I am participating in a 25 Days of Christmas blog journal/meme.

I love Christmas time! I love the fact that I can listen to Christmas music finally and hopefully start decorating for it,

Sorry this was much longer and more boring than I intended it. I hope you all have a fantastic week!!


  1. Would you believe we have no Kohls around here? It makes me very sad. If I drive about an hour, I can find one though.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds amazing and made me hungry.

    So did the tequila.

  2. Sounds like a great holiday wknd!

    Have a great trip!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I'm so glad it's finally time for Christmas decorations and music! Yay!

  4. You're a better blogger than me, photos or not... I didn't even do a Thanksgiving break down, I think I ate too much and napped too much at everyone's houses to remember and write about anything! The Office on Thanksgiving sounds like perfection. I missed my boxed sets when i was visiting the fam :(

    Good luck in Atlanta, enjoy your trip and safe travels!