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Friday, November 5, 2010

Slacker? Nope not today

So lately I have been a slacker at work but today I am not doing this...

But rather I am a busy bee and have been going non stop at work since 7:30 am. And its a Friday to top it all off. Look at me being productive. So what that means for you all my lovely folks is that there will not be any awesome odd news friday blog entry today. If you really want something to read then you should check out my kick ass blog entry from yesterday if you havent already. Its one of my top 5 entries. :)

Happy Friday!! Tell me your weekend plans! :)


  1. haha, it was pretty awesome.

    I'm hitting the beach, sleeping and playing video games as well as having 'dinner' with friends which will probably result in offences that are probably legally punishable. I have a solid good weekend planned.

  2. Whew wee Aimee..loved your post from yesterday! Awesome information! After your hecktic week..perhaps you'll get some time to rest over the weekend. Truly..I sure wish I had just a thimble of your kind of energy. Here's hoping you have the best weekend ever! Hugs, Terri

  3. good little worker!

    Proud of you!


  4. That's awesome! I need to find some motivation myself!

  5. Hope your weekend was fun filled!

    We didn't do much, Jeff worked all day Saturday and we went to Church on Sunday. Woohoo, huh?