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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I may or may not be boycotting Facebook..

Yah, I can't really stay away from that social network drug but I am not reading any stalker feeds today and that is because the damn Giants won the World Series (boo and hiss). I am not going to be a witch about it here because that has gotten me in trouble before. All I am going to say is congrats...now the Giants and their fans can go on and on about their one title and make fun of teams with more titles than them (seriously I have seen so many Giants fans being complete douches to the Yankees and the Dodgers). Live it up but you still have less rings than my team (Go Dodgers!)...Okay that is all.
**You still have a chance to "Ask the Sports Expert". Leave your sports (or not) related questions in a comment. On Thursday I will reveal the "expert's" (aka my boyfriend the walking sports encyclopedia) answers/ non-biased opinions. Come on I know you have some!**

So Happy Tuesday everyone, only 4 more days until the weekend (shit its too early to start a weekend countdown?). Today I have a big entry for you because I have been slacking on my 30 Days of Truth and I am also participating in Top Two Tuesday for the first time. So on with the show blog

Today's theme is Favorite Gifts you've Recieved.

This is super hard for me because I have been blessed with great gifts my whole life. I also have a horrible memory so I am sure there are gifts I got when I was younger that I have forgotten.

1) My mom bought me all my dorm room necessities and decorations for my freshman year of college...She even decorated my dorm room for me while I was at a CC meeting  It included the basics ( fridge, microwave, lamp, bed spread) and the extras (tons of posters for the wall, girly pink decorations, shelves, chairs, plates and bowls.) Im just sad that I never took a picture of the room.\
It was pretty similar to this room. Just my room was more open and had a multi-color rug and a pink chair. 

2) Kevin bought me a camera for my birthday this year and that was one of the favorite gifts he has ever gotten me and he has given me some great gifts.

30 Days of Truth
Day 15: Something or Someone you Can't Live Without

I would have to say the very generic but TRUE answer of my loved ones. Seriously, they are the reason I wake up every morning and they are who make me happy. Kevin, my family, my "sisters", and all of my close friends. I think life would suck and be very meaningless if you didn't have loved ones in it.
This is many of my loved ones in one picture :) How can you not love that group right there?

Day 16: Someone or Something you Definitely Could (and Should) Live Without

I have two answers for this.... There are people I could live without... I could live without stupid, rude, inconsiderate, or downright mean people. There are "friends" that I have that I ave been trying to "cut off" but who I just don't know how to tell them "I don;t like you and I don't think we should be friends any longer". Its difficult and I just don' t want to be a bitch. I have 3 friends who I would rather not have in my life anymore.
I could also do without animal poop. I wish there was a way we can make them stop going to the bathroom. I am really bad about cleaning out my cats' litter box or cleaning up my dog's poop. It grosses me out and is on the top of the (very long) list of chores I hate to do.

Day 17: A Book You've Read That Changed Your Views

Oooooo this is tough. Hmmm I read Freakenomics and that made me become way more liberal in my economic views. (BTW an important note is that if you are liberal in economics that means you are fiscally conservative, people often get this backwards). 

Also all of the books I had to read during my philosophy class. I forgot the name of them but I never really stopped and thought about things deeply and they made me think. I know reading Confucius and Plato's philosophical teachings have made me think deeper about life and how I treat others. 

I can't think of that ONE book that changed everything. Most of the books I read in college made me change my views but that was because I was able to think on my own and come up with my own political and social views instead of my parents'.


  1. A) Whats up with people "caring" about your facebook statuses! So rediculous :)

    B) I loved my first dorm room/apartment room! Gorgeous!

    C) Kevin did a good job with his gift! Because then I get to see more pictures of both of you!

    D) The next animal I own needs to go poop in the potty!!!! :)) lol


  2. I don't care about sports so at least I won't argue with you about Dodgers v. Giants. :-)

    Loved your answers!

  3. Sports (related) question:

    1)Who is that older Asian woman who sits in the front row at the Laker games???

  4. I'm totally boycotting FB. My mother is a stalker! Hahaha

  5. Hi! New follower from the hop!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  6. I, too can do without those rude, mean jerks out there.

    now if i only iunderstood better about the sport. =(

  7. i always love ur posts:) u rock!

  8. That's a great camera! I got one of those for my mom last year and she loved it!