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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Artsy Fartsy- Tuesday's Feature


So I am a bit too lazy and intellectually drained to do a real feature this week. Instead, I have decided to feature some art from my favorite artist, VanGogh. I know everyone has already seen this art as it is widely known. However, everytime I look at it, I get some inspiration and happiness.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces with you on my intellectually dead day. Who knows maybe it will inspire me to actually accomplish something at work today.

[photo from wikimedia.com]
This is his most popular painting and it is my 2nd favorite. It is such a different take on a night landscape, I love it.

[photo from: vangoghgallery.com]
This is my favorite panting of his. I love it because I love sunflowers, as you all probably could tell. However, I love that his are not perfect, you can see some are wilting. I love when artists exhibit the imperfections.

[photo from: vangoghgallery.com]
"Still Life with Earthenware and Bottles"
This is one I discovered as I was going through the gallery. It stood out to me for some reason. I just love how realistic it looks, I can imagine myself in that kitchen cooking something. I love how perfect the lines are and the shadows are great. 

Hope you have a fantastic day!     


  1. Ahh Aimee, I love Vincent's work too. Can you believe he never sold a painting in his lifetime? Not one. He probably would never have believed he would one day be so very famous. I am greatly inspired by his work and wanted to thank you for spot-lighting these pieces.

    Blessings, Joy and Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

  2. Beautiful! I was thinking of you today...I heard on the radio that there were some aftershocks. Hope you guys are doing okay!