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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wishes/Coveat

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This weekend I have decided that I have no other option than to be rich and have a butler when I get older. I hate cleaning with a passion and lately it just seems our house keeps getting messy easily. I washed a ton of dishes yesterday and there are still more to be washed. It is a never ending cycle. 

To be quite honest I am not even the one who does the cleaning around here. Kevin is a neat freak and does most of the cleaning. While I feel guilty when he is cleaning I don't feel guilty enough to get off my lazy butt and help him. Does that make me a bad girlfriend or a sloppy person?

So when I achieve my goal of becoming a CFO in 7-10 years I will hire a butler and a cook. Or I can just hire someone like Geoffrey who does the cooking and the cleaning. I think the cost is worth it. 

What is your hated chore? Do you think you would hire help if you had the money to?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. LOL, I never wanted a butler until I "met" Geoffrey. I think we all need someone who is ready to dish out the snark and the lemon pledge at a moment's notice.