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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cats and Strippers, oh my!

I am so glad it is Friday! I cannot express it enough, even if I am being lame tonight by staying in and doing laundry.  I'm such a boring 22 year-old. Oh well! Onto the weird and funky news stories of the week.

Scary Cat?

We've all heard about postal workers having issues with dogs before, but cats? Never happen? It has in England, where mail is no longer being delivered to a woman because of her cat. She claims that the cat is too lazy to attack the postal workers. I must say I believe the woman as I have never met a cat that I would consider scary or harmful. I think these postal workers are wimpy! Unless you're 7 inches tall and have a tail, you're not going to get chased by a car. Where do you think they phrase Scaredy Cat comes from?

Stripping as Protest
[Photo: yahoo news]

A time tested way to get your voice heard (or at least have people pay attention to you) is by stripping. These ladies have 9 months of wages that have not been paid to them by their company, so in protest they created a calendar posing provocatively in various airplane settings. I wonder why they waited so long, I would not go 1 month without pay. Maybe they should sell these calendars and make a living that way. Kevin wants to know where he get one of these.

Run to Freedom?

I love these types of stories, where a person gets what they deserve by accident. This guy is running from the police because of a traffic violation and ends up jumping into a prison. It was a women's prison but he had the right idea. Now not only is he going to prison, but he is facing trespassing charges as well. Classic!

Better Late than Never

Everyone has done it. Turning in a library book late or forgetting about it all together and adding it to your collection of books you'll never read. Should it be a federal offense? I don't think so, but a Colorado judge on the other hand disgrees with me, a decision that cost him his position on the bench.

The judge issued an arrest warrant for a 19 year-old male because he had turned in a library book late. The teen was held in custody for over 8 hours because Colorado police saw he had an outstanding warrant outstanding after a routine traffic stop. Moral of the story? When in Colorado, turn in your books on time!!

That does it for the odd news of the week. Please see below for some pictures of my kitties (that will be going to wonderful homes in 1 month, hopefully). See, cats are too cute and lazy to attack.

What are you doing this weekend?



  1. sleeping in! that's what i'm doing :)

    ummm i work in healthcare. fun stuff...riiight. but really i've only splurged a crapload on 3 things...2 bags and a pair of shoes. everything else is usually found at a discounted price.

    like my MJ sunnies were like 75% off the regular price! yea...so i'm not some wealthy chick or anything. i just work hard to shop hard.

    btw those postal peeps are chicken shit. a cat? really?!

  2. Cute kittens! I do have to defend our local city postal service that had to hide behind his truck last month to avoid gun fire!
    You find the best news! Tony would be line right behind Kevin for a calendar and yes...why would you go 9 months without getting paid before speaking up!!
    Have fun doing the laundry! We are getting pizza and renting a movie!

  3. Miss Aimee, your stories are the best! My favorite today was the postal ditty. Next best was the calendar girls. But then again..the overdue library book story really got me. Don't think I'll ever want to relocate to Colorado. Hope you have a great weekend, and I thought it very sweet that you found yourself staying home to take care of your laundry.

    Blessings, Joy and Friday Sunshine, Terri