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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st Blog Award (Little bit of a Cheat)


Ok, so yes I sort of have a blog award but it is a bit of a cheat because Shelley at Hand in Hand decided to give the bestowed award to all of her followers that wanted it. You should go check out her blog, she is so sweet.

Here are the rules of the blog:
As a recipient of this award the rules are to link up to the blogger who bestowed it upon you, list 10 things that make you happy, and then hand it off to some more bloggers!

Right now the 10 things that are making me happy are...
1. Leaving for Vegas in 2 days!!
2. Wonderful friends who I can either party with or just have a relaxing time with. It doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together:)
3. LA Kings baby!
4. Sports in general. If only football was during the spring this world be the most perfect time in the world.
5. Kevin because he is a great boyfriend (I guess ;) )
6. Spring time weather, it has been soo bright outside.
7. Starbucks addiction is back in full swing...bad for the wallet but great for my sanity.
8. Getting caught back up on all the lovely blogs:)
9. Did I mention Vegas??
10. Much needed vacation from work:)

I am passing this along to:
Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!



  1. congratulations!! Ohhh...have fun in Vegas :)

  2. Congrats and it's not a cheat!!!!!!!!!!! Cute blog :) I'll be following!

    Have a great Tuesday,
    Hope =)


  3. you did mention vegas and did i mention that i'm jealous :)

    have fun lady!!!

    ps. we're celebrating our 4 years on friday. dinner at gary danko. big deal.

  4. Oh no!!! As long as you stay busy with your friends it will fly by! Post pictures when you get back :)

  5. have fun in Vegas :) oh and PS- when you left a comment, I definitely thought it was my sister haha. Her name's Aimée too, we're so French. Our at least, our parents are!

  6. OMG, thanks so much for the sweet shout out! I just know we'll meet up one of these days. Maybe at Chris & Dolores' next fight night? :)

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so jealous that you are going to Vegas! it is my dream. I will get there some day.

  8. Ha, but you are already a winner and didn't even know it! I gave you an award the other day, Ms. Aimee: http://megsewell.blogspot.com/2010/04/pay-it-forward.html

    I am waaay too jealous of Vegas to even function! I might be going in the fall and have never been. Will I wake up broke and a member of a one woman wolf pack? Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  9. Awe, thanks Aimee!!! Have a fabulous time in Vegas! Oh and one of these days, we'll catch up on Project Runway. I bet Kevin is just DYING over this lil hiatus. :)