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Monday, April 5, 2010

Shake & Bake

Hello! Happy Monday!

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and a very beautiful Easter. I did not celebrate Easter this weekend but will be celebrating next weekend, seems as all of us kids have gotten older we don't really celebrate the holidays on the actual day, have you noticed that?

So, yesterday we Southern Californian's experienced a long, rolling earthquake that was centered in Baja. It was a 7.2 and lasted upwards of 40 seconds.  As a native, I am very used to earthquakes but that does not mean I like them. Earthquakes scare me. So yesterday as I was laying on the couch (feeling a bit nauseous already) I was not very happy to be feeling an earthquake. My boyfriend did not feel it right away and probably thought I was going crazy as I was laying there saying "Earthquake" over and over. Crazy times! Our chandelier was swaying back and forth and I thought it never was going to end. If it would have happened 30 minutes prior I probably would have thrown up...It literally felt like we were on a boat.

Other than the quake I had a great weekend. One of the more relaxing ones I have had in a while. I am, however,  disappointed I didn't get a chocolate bunny:(

On Friday night we stayed in and Kevin watched Netflix Instant Queue while I read a bit. I swear I don't know how I survived before Instant Queue, we don't even watch regular TV anymore. Saturday was a great lazy day then that night Kevin and I went out to dinner and Hookah. It was a much needed date night. Then Sunday was just another lazy day. I must say usually I feel guilty if I have more than one lazy day over the weekend, but it was nice to just relax and rejuvinate my body.

How was your weekend and your Easter?



  1. Easter was so great this year, thanks largely in part to the amazing weather. We haven't had great Easter weather here in S. Jersey in years. So yours sounded pretty relaxing! Good for you Aimee and I'm so glad you were okay during that earthquake! It could have been so much worse!
    God Bless,

  2. gah that's kind of a big earthquake. scary!

    my easter was alright. nothing special except being with the fam.

    in response to your comment, we might have the same friend on fb. i blocked mine cause every update mentions her fiance. super annoying.

  3. Bananas,

    Are you referring to Laura Guzman??? If you are, that is effing HILARIOUS!!! =)

  4. I'm all for lazy weekends!

    Speaking of celebrating holidays on non-holiday days, we observed Easter on Saturday with oodles of food and competitive bocce matches. Those Italians sure know how to party!