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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Oddities-The Best Odd News Stories!

[Photo Credit: Yahoo! News]

Hello! Time for some odd news stories of the week!

Weird Adoptions

These are always my favorite stories to read about, an animal (usually a domestic one) adopting baby animals that they would not normally care for. This one is super cute because a little tabby cat adopted a litter of bobcats. These little bobcats may be small and adorable now but they grow up to be big animals who could have their "mommy" for a snack.

Little Zoe, the momma cat, will only feed them for 4 weeks because after then their teeth would probably rip her nipples and prove to be a threat to her. It is good that they have this feline to suckle on instead of a bottle because they can learn habits from a the same species. Also it is very important that these bobcats maintain their fear of humans because it is actually a survival necessity.

Way to Prove a Point

If someone told you that you were a filthy pig would you throw more stuff on the ground? No because that would prove them right. However, this woman did not understand this logic. When a man called this woman that she was fat she showed him by biting his ear off. He then had to be taken to the hospital.

We can all learn two lessons from this.
1) Don't call someone fat because karma might come and bite you in the A$$ (or ear).
2) If you are called fat simply walk away, don't bite someone's ear off. Way to prove the statement and land a night in jail.

Funny Work? 

When the times get rough and work gets hard just laugh at it, that is great advice and an important way to stay sane.

I am going to buy this book that the article was tallking about, "WTF, Work?: How to Survive 101 of the Office's Worst F*#!-ing Situations". This sounds like my type of book. Humor mixed with advice.

Some of the advice they list in the article is very funny (and maybe even useful). My favorite is "If someone keeps taking your stapler, booby trap it with explosives or glue it to your desk" Sounds like something Dwight would do to ward off Jim (The Office television series).

That is it for news of the week. See below for some pictures that displays what I will be doing this weekend. WOOT!

The boyfriend and I are treating ourselves to massages tonight and then going on a date night. I hope we see Nightmare on Elm Street.
I am a chicken when it comes to movies but I love to be scared.
If it is warm enough on Saturday I am totally laying out at the beach. Time to tan my pastiness away
 Going ice skating with some girlfriends on Saturday-very high chance of me ending up on the ice.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I need to get that office book! When I was reading my first thought was put it in jello! Love watching the Office! Thanks again for some fun Friday news :)

  2. Awe, this is a lovely post!

    I know I've probably said this before, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    Hope :) xx

  3. Hi Aimee, I love your new profile pic! And the bobcat story was too cute! I hope you had a fun weekend being scared, suntanning, and skating!

    Kat :)

  4. Loved this post Aimee! You always have the best information and I love how you mix fact with humor.

    Thank you so much for wishing my momma a happy day. Meant alot!

    Hope you and your boyfriend enjoyed your date-night. Oh to be young again. Somehow my mind still thinks I "am," but my body parts are forever disagreeing!

    Blessings, Hugs & Monday Sunshine, Terri

  5. ooooh I want a massage so bad :) hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog about Buster! I'm happy to see you are an animal lover and Office fan too! :-)

  7. Sunbathing and ice skating in the same weekend? Flippin' Sweet!!! Now, are you old enough to remember the first Nightmare when it came out? Of course not (silly me!). If fact, you prob weren't even born yet. Lemme know how/if you like it.
    I hit the beach last Fri. and it was awesome! Gonna try again this weekend.
    Have a great week girl!

  8. Wow, serious anger control issues I would say. Can you imagine biting so hard as to bite someone's ear OFF? Ewwwww!