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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling Off Esclators & Shot Trees

Hello All!!

I am back from Las Vegas. Did I survive? Easily! Am I sad to be back? Yes... I love Vegas, it was so much fun! Unbelievable! Since I have gotten requests for a detailed breakdown of my trip I will try to grant your wishes. I cant promise that I remember the details of every night because I was mildly intoxicated (it IS Sin City).Oh by the way, please note that I was never fully sober for any of this trip. Gambling + free drinks= happy Aimee (especially when I am paying for nothing and I broke even with my gambling money)

To warn you this is a much longer blog than usual. If you want to skim it , I wouldn't be offended. Also, if you want to skip this blog entry, at least check out the end where I will give you some hints about how to live it up in Vegas. In case I don't express it throughout the rest of my blog... I had a fantastic time!

 The above picture could explain everything that happened from 10 pm and beyond on Thursday, but I will get to that in a second. We got to Vegas at 3 pm and went to an NFL draft party that was sort-of lame, so we opted to gamble instead. We decided to venture down to the strip around 8:30pm,  so we bought a 3-day pass for the monorail ( see my tips section about this later).

I, of course, had to get the Eiffel Tower drink. What better way to get very drunk in a quick way then to down a girly drink in a souvenir cup? Be warned though, just because they are a girly does not mean they are sissy. They are VERY strong and will succeed in knocking you on your cute little butt.

We then started our trek down the strip.  We walked around, going into random casinos, and ended up at the MGM Grand. We went downstairs to a place called "Fat Tuesdays", a must when you are in Vegas. They have $1 jello shots and some of the biggest drinks in Vegas. After sampling their Jello shot faire, I was no longer in a sober state of mind. That is where the fun began.A quick run-through if the shenanigans that ensued:
  • I fell off the escalator.
  • I  did the rock'n'roll hand symbol to people while I was on the ground telling them they should go to Fat Tuesdays and have some jello shots.
  • I told a midget who shushed me to shush himself. I then proceeded to tell my mom that i wanted to put a sombrero on him and serve chips and dip off of him (Hey I never said I was PC).
  • We wandered around and got lost somehow.
  • I had a 30 minute phone conversation with me dad detailing my wedding
We ended up back at our hotel, we were staying at The Sahara by the way, at 3 am and passed out.

 I think this day was full of gambling. I don't think there was anything super interesting on this day. We made some friends and had a late lunch/early dinner with them. That was a lot of fun. That's another great thing about Vegas, you can meet a ton of interesting  individuals and can even share food with them. How fun! I think we went down to Imperial's Palace on Friday evening. Oh my gosh that was fun
 I played with Elvis, Alice Cooper, and Christina Aguilara of the ones pictured here.

The Imperial Palace has a portion of their tables that are called Dealertainers and it is so much fun. The dealers are dressed up like famous musicians (ie Beyonce, Alice Cooper, Elvis, and the Blues Brothers). They not only are your dealers but they also perform. It was a lot of fun to play and watch there. These dealers are awesome because they have a lot of personality and are able to high 5 you. I would say this is by far my favorite place to gamble except for the fact that I lost all of the money I was up here.

We also went to Bills Gambling Hall for some $1 margaritas and watched a very good cover band called StageFright. It was a lot of fun. Then we got lost off the strip which was not as much fun but an experience none the less. A little hint for you, don't go down a less traveled road thinking it is a shortcut, you most likely will get lost.


More gambling during the day and drinking at night LOL. We spent most of the morning gambling at our hotel. We did end up walking the strip during the afternoon. We took pictures with Jack Sparrow, with the hand prints on Planet Hollywood, and we had a Pink's hot dog at Planet Hollywood. This was my first ever Pink's hot dog even though I live in CA right by LA... I had to get one in Vegas. It was SOOO yummy. We then went to gamble some more at the Imperial Palace.
 Me with the 10 shots treee
 Taking it baby!
My mom and I with our shot tree
That night was another fun drinking night. My mom and I had a few drinks throughout the day (well we never stopped drinking while we were there if we are being honest.) We went to the NASCAR Cafe to get a 10 shot tree. We took 5 shots each and had a lot of fun entertaining our waiter. The shots I had were naughty shots (PG 13). I had a blow job shot (funny story here), a red headed slut, purple hooter, b 52 and chocolate cake shot. We were mucho intoxicated after this and decided to sit down and gamble while drinking more drinks. We also went down on the strip to walk around more and gamble in Imperial Palace.

Funny story about the shots experience- When we were picking out which shots we wanted I asked our waiter, Nero (a male), if he did blow jobs. His face was classic. He said we made his night and he even came over to watch us take our shots.  We took the blow job shot without our hands, of course, and I did very well with the whip cream but threw the rest of my shot all over me. I am so classy

 Sunday was a very touristy day. We woke up early to head over the the MGM because we were going to take a picture with the Lion cubs. AWW they were so very cute. Trust me, the $25 for taking a picture with the lion cub is very worth it. Ours was so perfect and even smiled with her tongue sticking out.
 She stuck her tongue out and smiled, aww

 Aren't they soo cute when they sleep?

We then walked the strip some more. We took pictures of the statue of liberty made out of jelly beans. Then we watched the water show at the Belagio. We ate and drank at The Tequila Bar in Bally's which I would highly recommend you go to. $1 tacos, margaritas, and $2jose cuervo shots. My mom and I got 8 tacos, 4 margaritas, 2 shots of jose cuervo and we only spent $20 all together. I think that is a fantastic deal.
 I had never seen the water show during the day. It was still beautiful.

We went back to the hotel and had a wonderful nap. I went down to the pool and fell asleep next to it. I am now very dark, yay for tans! Gambled a little more when I woke up then had to get dressed for our show. I wore a very pretty dress:) We went to go see Rick Thomas the magician who makes Bengal Tigers disappear. He was very good and I had a lot of fun. The rest of the night we just hung around the hotel and gambled and ate. Yay for steak dinners.

Hints and Tips:
1) If you are going to gamble sign up for the players card. You never know how many comps they will give you. Last year when we came to Vegas we gambled a lot in the Sahara. This year when we went back I had $100 in comp money which meant I pretty much ate for free all weekend plus bought some great stuff from the gitft shop for free. My mom even paid the one night we had to pay for with her comp dollars. So because of the comps I pretty much  did Vegas for free. Sweet eh?

2) If you are going to be in Vegas for the weekend and plan on going all over the strip get the monorail pass. It is $30 for 72 hours and it really was a handy tool to have. We were able to jump on and off that thing and never had to walk super far.

3) Know your cheap drink specials. While in Vegas you should spend less on alcohol then you would wherever youre from because  they have the greatest drink specials plus free drinks if you are gambling or at least look like you are.
  • Know where your $1 drinks are- Bill's Gambling Hall, Fat Tuesdays, Sahara, Tequila Bar, etc.
  • the Imperial Palace ladies will give you drinks if you are watching the tables, even though you aren't gambling.
  • If you are a girl-even better. A lot of places have ladies night where girls will have open bar 11 pm and earlier if you are a girl (I know El Diablos is one of them).
4) Just Almost as important is  to know your cheap food choices. Especially your buffets. Because lets face it, eating a buffet in Vegas is almost as imperative as drinking till you drop. Also you cant get a better deal than steak dinners in Vegas. Also while it may be tempting, don't skip breakfast.

I almost forgot. I have the sweetest boyfriend. It was weird being away from him so long and we missed eachother a lot (insert awws or gags here).  Anyway, I got back to the condo on Monday before he came home from work. So when he comes home he has dinner in hand along with a bouquet of sunflowers. He is the sweetest!

:) Have you ever been to Vegas? Do you want to? Whats your favorite Vegas memory.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad you made it back safely!!

    What a sweet boyfriend! You better hang on to him!

  2. Vegas Baby!!!
    I was there a few years ago (pre-baby) and I had such a blast. Drank and played roulette the entire time.

    Looks like you had an amazing trip. And I'm so jealous you got to take a pic with the lion cub! There was no cub when I was there!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm a new follower now.


  3. Ha! This was hilarious! I especially enjoyed the description of you falling down, doing the rock and roll symbol with your hands while telling people to go to Fat Tuesdays and your confrontation with the midget.

    This sounds like an amazing trip!!! You really made me want to go to Vegas. And how cool that your mom is such a party animal?

  4. YESSS!!! now that's how you do vegas! i loved the midget story. love me some non-PC. haha!

    and lady you are so stinkin cute! love the photos and the new default.

    oh and love me some vegas. have i been? hell yes and i'm going again in october.

  5. Thanks for stopping by the Tiki Hut, it led me here and I haven't stopped laughing yet!

    I've been to Vegas many times, so your adventures sound familiar, but I haven't been in quite a while now. Now that I know I can get $1 margaritas and even a Pink's hot dog, I better start packing my bags. The good news is, one of my closest friends bought a house there about a year ago. I think this could mean trouble in my old age, lol.

    Btw, can't believe you've never been to Pinks and you live in LA! I'm giving you friendly advice, go soon! (Did you know I spent most of my life in LA?)

  6. Eek! Those cubs are too cute for words. And I LOVE that you got the huge drinks in the Eiffel Tower glasses. Those ROCK. YUM!