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Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you want to accidentally be given a Ferrari? I know I do!! *Friday Oddities**

Hello all!! Time for Friday Oddities (or odd news week in review). YAY!!

So I got a three-day weekend...because I am sick at home. I hate being sick. I hope I feel better enough tonight to go out because I have some great plans lined up.Anyway, on with the news.
 The Ferrari is my favorite car!  This is theF430 Spider-my birthday is coming up in a couple of months...hint hint.

 Ok, so me and Kevin talk about this every time we valet park our car. Wouldn't it be awesome if they gave us a much nicer car and we just drove off in it? Of course we wouldn't do that because we are too high maintenance to go to jail individuals with morals. Still, it is fun to think about this highly unlikely scenario.

So when I read that this actually happened I, of course, had to make it the top story. Apparently, this Aussie Valet accidentally gives this guy the keys to a Ferrari 430 Spider (drools) and the guy just drives off in it. I hope he enjoyed that joy ride because it is the last one he will be having for a while since he was charged with car theft.

 Is it a Zombie?
 A Chinese man came back to life? No, no it is not the second coming of the Lord Zhao Zhensang who was supposedly killed over 10 years ago by Zhao Zuoha (were they fighting because there is only room for one Zhao in Henan?) but he reappeared in the town. I am sure that brought a lot of questions and fears up. Is this God? Is it a Zombie? Is it a Ghost?

No, Zhensang is none of those, he is just a man that ran away from a fight because he thought he killed his opponent. Yet his opponent (Zuohai) actually ended up spending 10 years in prison because the authorities forced a confession out of him. Perfectly normal? Talk about a scandal.

Mail Hoard
So there are packrats that save every piece of mail that they have ever gotten. It is a disorder that some people have that makes them afraid to throw anything away. But what about a person that saves other people's mail? Well for a Pennsylvania postal worker, he stored over 20 thousand pieces of mail in his garage, some that go as far back as 1997. Now that is an insane packrat (and a creep).

The postal office will be delivering the mail to the rightful owners. Imagine getting a piece of mail from the 90s? Now that would be an overdue bill.

Gold Dispenser-Very Nice

So there are gold ATM's now... I am not speaking about an ATM that is made out of gold, but rather one in Dubai that actually dispenses gold. I wasn't aware that gold was still a liquid form of money but I guess it is for the billionaire's in Dubai.

Oh, it gets better! The Emiratees Palace in Dubai (which is where this machine is located) has cappuccinos that have gold flakes on top. Seriously? That is just wasting resources.

Weekend Preview:
Friday: Date Night. We're going to pop open some wine, maybe fire up the hookah, and probabaly watch a movie.

Saturday: I am pretty excited for this event that I have been planning for a month.
 Me and six other Girls will be tailgating and then attending the Angels Game. I am not an Angels fan but I am pretty excited about the tailgating part. This is my first official tailgate.

What are your plans for the weekend? What car would tempt you to drive off if you got it by mistake from the Valet?

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