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Thursday, May 6, 2010

NBA Playoff Spotlight. *Sports from a Girl's Perspective*

Hello all!! It is Sport's Thursday and golly we have a lot going on in the sporting world lately. It is the best time of the year because Spring=Sports craziness... What to focus on? How about the NBA playoffs?

Ok, before I start my short sport rambling I wanted to briefly comment about the picture above and what it represents.  If you don't want to read anything about politics skip this paragraph. So I am not a very political person and you will hardly ever find political discussions on my blog (unless my boyfriend, a politcal nut, takes over). However, when something that I feel strongly about is going on, I do chime in about it. I find this law that was passed in Arizona completly ridiculous and unconstitutional. I can't believe a state in the US has stooped low enough to legally allow pure racism. So it has made me really happy to see that sport teams have taken a stand in one of the only ways they can, which is what the above picture represents. The Phoenix Suns wore a Los Suns Jersey on last night's game, that made me so proud.

Now onto the very brief sports summary. So it is the conference semifinals in the NBA playoffs currently which means it is the 2nd series of the playoffs. I realize that not everyone understands basketball or the playoffs so I have given you a quick cheat sheet.
  • There are two conferences in the NBA,  the Eastern and the Western. The Western is the best and hardest conference, of course.
  • The best team in all of Basketball is the Lakers (that is why we have the championship rings, take that LeBron!)
  • During the playoffs there are four rounds: the first round, conference semifinals, conference finals, and the finals (which is the championship)
  • Every series is the best of 7, so the team needs to win 4 games to move on to the next round.
Ok, do you feel like experts now?  Fantastic! Glad I could help. I will now give you the highlights of the playoffs and tell you who will win and in how many games.

Western Conference
  • Phoenix Suns vs. the San Antonio Spurs. Suns lead Series 2-0
    • The spurs are the favorites in this series which means they should be winning but the Suns have come alive in the playoffs and have owned the Spurs, thus far. Personally I am rooting for the Suns in this series because I don't want to face the Spurs in the playoffs. "I" being the Lakers. I think the Suns win this series in 6.
  •  LA Lakers vs. Utah Jazz. Lakers lead series 2-0 
    • The Utah Jazz are a good team but right now they are facing a few set backs in the form of injuries. However, even as a healthy team the Lakers would be able to take the series but probably not in 4 like they will most likely do in this current series.
    • It will be great if the Lakers do indeed take it in 4 because they need some rest as well. They are also battling injuries. Kobe has had a finger injury all season and now Bynum has a hyper extended knee. A rest would do the whole team good.
Eastern Conference
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics. Series tied 1-1.
    • This is probably one of the most exciting  series that is going on right now. I can see this going to 7 games and all of the games should be really good. Both teams are very talented and most likely the winner of this series will move on to the Finals. 
    • I hate both these teams so I am really conflicted about who I want to win, but I think Boston takes it in 7.
  • Atlantic Hawks. vs. Orlando Magic. Magic lead 1-0
    • I don't know much about either of these teams or what is going on in this series. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this front. I do know that the Magic are actually favored by many sport's analysts to go all the way to the finals.
    • If you want to learn more about this series you should watch the game tonight. Come on, playoff basketball is interesting. I'll go ahead and pick the Magic in 6.
My Predictions:
Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics over Orlando Magic in 7.
Western Conference Finals: LA Lakers over Phoenix Suns in 5.

NBA FInals: Lakers over Celtics in 6.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

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