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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Feature: Wine

 Hello All!!

It is time for Tuesday's Feature and this is the first week of the new idea. It didn't really catch on the first week but what idea ever does? I am going to keep at this format for a while and if it doesn't work then I might switch over to a linky party/ blog hop. The reason behind this format is that I think it would be cool to have a bunch of reviews on one central location while still linking back to the reviewer's blog. 

So a little backstory with me and wine. Over the past 2 years I did a total 180 when it comes to wine. I use to HATE wine, I thought it was dry and gross. However, Kevin started introducing me to the sweeter and more refreshing wines. Well I had a love affair, with the wine I mean. I love wine and I just can't seem to get enough. I love being introduced to new wine and going to lounges.restaurants that specialize in wine. It is just a magical drink and it is so classy. Don't you just feel like a refined lady (or gentleman) when you are sipping on a glass? 

Well onto the reviews.

 Aimee's Review
Wine Name: Il Conte D’alba Stella Rose
Red or White Wine: Red Wine (Port)
Wine Characteristics: Fruity, Sweet, sparkling, and refreshing
Review of wine: Stella Rose is not your typical red wine. For starters it is not dry and you serve it very cold. It is also very sweet and it sort of bounces off the tongue. When I first took a sip of this wine I was very skeptical as I hate most red wines. I am a picky drinker and one of the qualifications for my wine is that it be sweet. This fit all my qualifications perfectly. It is a great wine for someone that likes sweet and refreshing  drinks.
What type of food does this wine go well with? Fruit or dessert. Or it is good on its own
Stem or no-stem wine glass? I prefer stem glasses
Anything Else?  This wine is inexpensive with an expensive taste. Perfect for a night in, either with a significant other or a friend).

Kevin's Review (visit his blog)
Wine Name: Sutter Home Moscato
Red or White Wine: White Wine
Wine Characteristics: Fruity, Sweet, can be a before or after dinner wine
Review of wine: Moscato is derived from the Muscat Blanc type of wine, which tends to be sweeter than most white wines. Not quite considered a dessert wine, it is versatile and a perfect wine to try for beginners.
What type of food does this wine go well with? Fruit and cheese, or just by itself after dinner.
Stem or no-stem wine glass? Either one.
Anything Else? It's great, inexpensive and a can't miss when it comes to wine prospects.

What is your favorite wine?

For next Tuesday's Feature it shall be a feature on your favorite summer spot. It could be a vacation spot or a local hangout. Send your review (along with pictures) to runningchick5505@yahoo.com by Monday, May 24th at 9 pm PST. I will post your review along with a link to your blog.



  1. shutter home is so cheap and delish! We should have a wine swap! How cool would that be?! Is it legal to mail alcohol? IDK but if it is, how awesome!

  2. I am in agreement with Brittany!! We love wine too and understand your love affair! My newest favorite is Pink Truck. This was a fun post and will add those to our wine list to try!!

  3. i'm not really a sweet wine drinker. i like my wine more rough...kinda like my men. haha. that's why i stick to cabs and zins.

  4. I'm more of a bubbly gal. My FAVE is Moet Rose...but Freixenet is a great cheap option!