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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wish they all can be CA girls... Tuesday's Feature

Tuesday's feature: Favorite Summer Spot

My favorite summer spot has to be the beach, of course. I mean did you guys expect anything else from a CA girl? Something unique about my love for the beach though is that I hate going in the water. I know what type of Californian am I? 

So why the beach then if not the waves? My favorite thing is renting a bicycle and riding it along the path. I enjoy the fresh ocean air, being able to see the water, and admiring the gorgeous and unique beach houses. There are two beaches I LOVE here in southern CA. One because they have one of the best bike paths and you can always go and get some great ice cream treats at the end of your ride. The second because it is less crowded and has a small town feel to it.

I will let these pictures do the talking. :)

Well that is all. I don't know what next weeks feature will be yet. But I will update you soon. If there is anything you woiuld be interested in featuring or seeing featured let me know!



  1. i love the san diego and san clemente beaches!

  2. I love the beach also and not the water. I love the feel of the sand and just laying in the sun. I am from Ventura county so growing up we were always at the Ventura and Santa Barbra beaches.

  3. mmm.. I might visit CA late summer early fall! :) I hope it all pans out.

    These pictures are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful!! Maybe one day Tony and I will make it to the West Coast!!

  5. even though i'm a norcal girl for life, i will admit socal has some great beaches. and LOTS of them too. we have beaches up north but dang they're cold sometimes.

  6. wow its so beautiful! this is on my list of places to go. and i dont go in the sea either i just dont like it! :) x

  7. i looove renting tandem bikes at the beach. when i was kid, i always tricked a family member into doing so, and then would slack off on my pedaling duties. :)

  8. The beach is my home. Well, not really except in a previous life, possibly. I LOVE it. Anytime I need a meditation focus, you betcha that's what I think of...the glorious hot and sandy life.

  9. SoCal definitely has some great beaches, girlie! And ohhhh those photos? I can see why you love the beach! :)