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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am a Gas Station Bimbo and a Cat Rescuer

Hello All!!

So I think I am slightly phasing out Sports from a Girl's POV. I just don't think a lot of you are that interested in reading about sports, which I can understand,. It is hard to find people (especially women) that are obssessed with sports.... So I will probably have a small paragraph about sports still on Thursdays, it won't take up my entire post.

Today, I went home sick from work and I am feeling pretty crappy so I will make this brief and take a nap before I have to go pick up Kevin (man I wish we had 2 cars).

  • Short story about why I am a gas station bimbo... I pulled into the gas station by my work and it was shut down. There were two guys there working on the pumps and I rolled down my window to ask "Where is the nearest gas station? My tank is on empty". They kind of smirk and point right across the street. Gosh I am dumb!
  • Those same guys were flirting with me when I was across the street getting gas. They kept waving at me and trying to flirt with me across a crowded street. It was flattering but embarassing. I was just trying to pump my gas and get on home.\
  • I wanted to go to bed right when I came home but would my cats let me? No! My little kitten decided she would get her paw stuck in between the 2 closet doors. It took 30 minutes and help from my neighbor to get her unstuck, poor thing.

  • Either an earthquake just happened or a truck smashed into my condo complex. Blah I hate earthquakes.
  • I am going to watch some more Degrassi while I am falling asleep. Maybe i will even curl up with my Cosmo that just came in the mail today.
  • Random sports information of the day: I hate LeBron James and I am so glad that he is getting a ton of S*** for the HORRIBLE game he had Tuesday night... He deserves it. He is so not clutch.
What are your comfort things when you are sick? Have you ever had to rescue a pet?

Well I am off  so that I can sleep a bit but before I go please remember to check out my new Tuesday Feature and send me your wine reviews if you want to be included.



    1. what's wrong with labron james? i know! do a post about it. that would be interesting.

      and duh those gas station dudes were flirting, you're a cutie patootie.

    2. those cat pictures crack me up every time i see them!

      and your plan for relaxing/trying to feel better sounds perfect to me! i think that would do the trick :)

    3. :) TOO funny! Hope you get some sleep this weekend! I love me some cosmo. Just curled up with Mays issue the last two nights. :)

    4. I'm always on E because I hate getting out to pump gas! And I'm clueless-I just don't like doing it! I'm always getting into trouble for rescuing black pregnant cats.....;) they're like our kids.....they keep us up all night sometimes! Here's to a restful weekend!:)