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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Feature **I need your vote/input/opinions!* (Please)

Hello Everyone!

Okay, so I think am pretty sure I came up with a cool idea for my Tuesday's feature to make it less boring better. I was thinking yesterday how cool would it be if I included my lovely readers in my Tuesday's Feature. So every Tuesday after the feature of the week I will announce what the next week's feature would be on (ie wine, food, a movie, etc.) and then whoever wanted to can do a mini-review and send it to me via email. The next week I would then include those features (along with a link to your blog to give you more exposure to followers) after my feature. Therefore everyone wouldn't have to read all my rambling on a topic would be able to read a wide variety of features.

I am going to try this for a while and see if it catches on. Please vote if you think its a good idea. :) I am pretty excited about it and I hope that this really takes off. If it does  then I might even turn it into a linky party... But let's not jump ahead of ourselves.

Next Tuesday's Feature: Wine

I know a lot of my followers are wine enthusiasts so I figured this would be a good start. If you want to join in on this please email me your review (runningchick5505@yahoo.com). You can feel free to do your review in any style you want however I have included a basic questionnaire that you can use to guide you.

Wine Name:
Red or White Wine:
Wine Characteristics:
Review of wine:
What type of food does this wine go well with?
Stem or no-stem wine glass?
Anything Else?


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  1. Neat idea....let me know if you need anything! I just did a Champagne Saturday Vlog but my wine bar was empty:) Good Luck, enjoy the day!