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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to Know you!

Getting to know YOU
If you want to play it is easy...Just click the link above, copy the questions, and link up. How simple!
1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them?
If it was my boyfriend or a close friend than yes. I wouldn't tell a stranger or even an aquantince, I tend to stay away from potentially awkward or embarassing situations.

2. What are you passionate about?
I am going to steal an answer from The Shoffernan's Grow and say life. To be more specific I am passionate about all my relationships and the people in my life. I sometimes am too passionate and care too much about what they think... I am also passionate about work, reading, and staying up to date on all of your blogs..
3. How long have you been blogging?
I actually had to check this one but its only been a couple of months...My first blog entry was on Feb 10th.
4. What is your favorite "summer" drink?
ok I am not going to lie, I love my alcohol and I tend to drink more of it in the summertime. My favorite summer drinks are absolute lemonade (tastes just like lemonade), strawberry daquiris, and refreshing wines.
5. What is your favorite type of music?
I like all different types of music but I guess my favorite would be alternative rock. Boring answer i know.. I am sorry
6. Something I do before I go to bed is......?
I always kiss Kevin, my boyfriend, good night. I also always try to read before I go to bed. That is something i have been doing since I learned how to read.
7. My Summer vacation plans are...?
Well since I have a full-time job and I am no longer in school I don't really view summer as a vacation time anymore at all. On top of that I am starting my new job on June 14th so can't really take much time off now. I do have some weekend trips planned. I am going to SD next weekend (to celebrate my new job). I also have at least one Vegas trip lined up... a girls one... I have a summer birthday and this one happens to fall on a Friday so I have a weekend of fun lined up that includes a Dodger game, a party, a resturant, and hookah...
8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is?
I love my Merle Norman makeup. I just started wearing it recently and it makes me feel so beautiful so the face makeup, that is what I cant live without.

Hope you enjoyed my answers and I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday!


  1. I need make up too! Although my selection is all sorts of random! I love to mix and match to come up with the best look for me! :)

    Loved getting to know you more Aimee!

  2. Aww, thanks! Our answers for bedtime rituals would be the same except the Mr. works 3rd shift so he's not always here at bedtime :-(.

    Enjoy your new job and mini-vacays!

  3. love, Love, LOVE your honest answer to No. 4 haha. That's totally my train of thought as well :)

  4. Yay for strawberry daiquiris! Have fun in Vegas!

  5. don't ever be ashamed of liking alcohol...it's the perfect drink for summer. beer, margs, mojitos, sangria, mamosas, daquiris, bloody marys...i can go on and on :)

    hope you had a fab weekend doll!

  6. Sigh. I miss Vegas trips!! I'm a new blogger too...just started back at the beginning of March. And as for the alcohol, I SO have to try that vodka - it sounds yummy ;)

  7. Aimee,

    Thanks for the comments! PINT is Post-It Note Tuesday. We all write our blogs on post-its and post them.

    SupahMommy is our wonderful hostess...http://supahmommy.blogspot.com/