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Monday, June 7, 2010

Its on like Donkey Kong!

Man I remember saying "It's on like Donkey Kong" all the time when I was younger and not even understanding what I was saying. I just thought I was the coolest person by saying that.

I have been thinking lately about how our definition of cool evolves from when we are young through our adulthood (is that a word?). So for some reason I decided just now that I will do a post about the evolution of cool.

My idea of cool before I hit 12 was anything my sister (or anyone older than me) did. Barney and Power Rangers were on my super cool list too.
This is how uncool Castle Park really is...This is the best picture I could get of it. WOW
Oh, the Awkward 13 year old stage. That is me on the left, believe it or not.
Ages 12-14 I thought that partying was cool (I never partied at this time), going out to movies and amusement parks, and just being able to stay out until 10 pm on weekends. It didn't take much to please me at that time. I thought I was super cool because I spent the majority of my weekends at Castle Park, the local amusement park, getting "boyfriends" for the day. Me and my best friend (pictured on the right) thought we were "hot stuff". I look back on that now and laugh at how pathetically boy-crazy we were.

 That's me in the center with my sister and my brother (I believe I was 15-16)

High School: This was when I started realizing I was not (and would never) be one of the cool kids. My idea of cool at the time were those very nice looking girls who got the hot boyfriends. The cool kids were the cheerleaders and the jocks at my school. While I was friendly with all of the cool kids I was not part of the "cool crowd". I mean look at that picture of me circa freshman year. I was so opposite of cool looking, haha.

College: This was the beginning of my enlightenment of what "cool" really means. I realized that there really isn't one definition of cool and everyone could be cool in their own way. A person is cool if they have the confidence to believe they are cool. An activity is cool if the person participating in that activity thinks it is cool. In other words, cool is subjective.

I still believe cool is subjective.Actually I don't even believe in cool anymore. I think that everyone is cool in their own way.It is so funny to me now that something that we all cared way too much about as we grew up does not matter when we are adults.

Sorry about all the "cool" rambling. I had not planned that at all, it literally came up because I said "its on like Donkey Kong" and that caused me to reflect on my childhood. Weird. Let's reflect briefly on my weekend.

Friday: Date Night! 
Kevin and I went out to eat at Chilli's which was very yummy. I had the Triple Dipper which is what I always get there. We then went out to our favorite Hookah place. Have you caught on that I LOVE Hookah?

Saturday: Lazy Day!!
I stayed in ALL day long watching Netflix and browsing the Internet. I read everything on Facebook Fails, I am not kidding.

Sunday: Productivity
I got a lot done on Sunday. I went and ran errands and picked up my finishing items for some different swaps I am participating in. I then went and worked out for about 45 minutes. I am so proud of myself.

I then went out to a bar with 2 other girls to watch the Lakers lose to the Boston Celtics. That sucked! I mean I had fun with the girls but it was really hard to watch the Lakers lose like that. They just weren't playing like theirselves. I really hope we go into Boston and tear it up!

Great weekend all in all.

By the way tomorrow's feature is on your favorite dessert. If you want to join in come back tomorrow and link up (that is right I am turning this into a Link Party). I am also looking for someone to make a button for this link party. Let me know if you can help.


  1. I've been totally wanting to make dessert crepes and post a recipe on it on my site!!! I'd be interested in joining :) you can email me about it, since I won't be on blogger much more tonight mmoyal85[at]gmail.com

  2. Haha, isn't it amazing how "cool" we thought we were when we were young. It's very subjective now like you said. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. Sound well said! Cool is so very subjective and just wait 20yrs from now when you see the "cool" kids from school and realize they grew up to be so very un-cool (if that is even a word)! Thank you for having a very cool blog!!

  4. AIMEE! you are so freaking cute at 13!!! not at all awkward. awwwww i love it!!!

    oh man when i was that age top dawg and baggy jeans was cool. oh and hooded sweatshirts. no bueno.

  5. VERY INTERESTING! My idea of what is "cool "has definitely changed a bazillion times as i've grown. It still changes - sometimes, every day! haha... Love the post :) And boo Celtics ;)

  6. dude, I totally went and played donkey kong on my nintendo after reading this! loL!