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Monday, June 14, 2010

Its Slacker Time again

Hello Bloggy Buddies!!

Well it is time for me to be a slacker on the blogging world again. Please forgive me as I will be unable to come comment on your lovely blogs and my blogs will most likely be lame. I started my new job today and I got handed the itinerary for work this week and it is training ALL day for the next week. I am super duper excited about my new job but that means harldy anytime on the bloggy world.

When I come hone I will probably be studying and/or spending time with my boyfriend. But don't worry...I will be back next week in full force checking your blogs daily. I will also still be posting on my blog this week and trying to get to yours if possible.

Quickest Weekend Recap Ever:
Thursday: EPIC!! So much fun down in SD. Stayed in the Hard rock which is GORGEOUS and AWESOME! Hung out in our hotel room with one of our friends. Lots of fun
Friday: Horton Plaza in SD, chilling in the hotel room, a little spa action, and gaslamp quarter at night. FUN!
Saturday: Lots of chilling at home and hung with one of my chick friends.
Sunday: Another chill day with a massage and a little bit of shopping. Watched the Lakers lose :( Oh well, we will win it in LA, the right way... Luckily True Blood premiered last night. Who is excited about summer programing? I love True Blood, Entourage, and Hung.



  1. yay for new jobs... i just started mine too!! congrats!

  2. hope you're loving your new job! i just got back and now you're gone so hurry back so we can do all kinds of catching up :)