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Friday, July 16, 2010

It's back. Get your fix of Odd News Here!!

Hola everyone!!!

So I am FINALLY bringing it back. My favorite entry of the week when I get to comb through all the idiotic and crazy news stories and share them with you. So sit back and enjoy!

"Just imagine everyone is in their underwear."

I am sure you have heard that piece of advice many of times when you were prepping for a presentation, speech, or performance. This story takes it to a whole different level. Sadly in Boulder, CO, you are no longer to debate in front of the city council in your underwear. Aww shucks there goes my vacation plans...that was on my Bucket List.

Sweaty? Go home!

A boss in Germany is allowing his employees to go home if they are too hot (heat wise) or sweaty. "Whoever sweats gets to go home."  He claims its because he doesn't want anyone passing out, but I think its because they all are too stinky. I'm sweating, can I go home now?

Stupid Criminal of the Week

They should all be wearing this sign

I love when people commit such a stupid crime. How dumb must you be to try to pay your bail with fake money? Are you serious? I find it very interesting that these people actually think they can get away with such idiotic crimes. It gets better though, because he actually came back and demanded a refund because he said he paid too high of bail....So let me get this straight: He paid his bail with fake money, then he came back and demanded a refund of $200? (Speechless)

Well that's all the news for the week. I don't have a weekend plans segment because I don't have any plans yet... Well except to hopefully see Despicable Me and also to continue my new Sunday ritual of going to the dog beach. What are your plans?

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. ha ha ha! WOW! I wish my boss in FL would have said you could leave if you sweat... because I could have left almost every day! lol

    (xcept I loved my job!)

    as for the stupid criminals.. Never doubt the stupidity of stupid people I guess!

  2. Ha ha. Those are hilarious!!

    Enjoy your weekend, my dear! :)

  3. i wonder if the stupid criminal would've accepted his refund in monopoly money. i mean he was dumb enough to ask. what an idiot.

    wish i was sweating so i could go home to. just one more hour for me though. woohoo!

    have an awesome weekend ladycakes!

  4. "You're too sweaty, go home"... that would never happen at my job, my supervisor is having hot flashes and our Air is always set on like 60 degrees! Good post!

    Have a good weekend!