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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lets move on to August please

So I am suppose to have Tuesday's Feature today but I forgot all about it. I guess that just explains my life recently... So I am having a HORRIBLE day and I had a bad day yesterday. Two bad days in a row? That doesn't typically happen to me therefore I am going to VENT! Sorry, I'll forgive you if you just decide to close this right now.

  • So it has felt like there has been a raincloud over my head for the past two days. No matter what I do I can't shake it off.  Everything that can go wrong has. Go away rain cloud!

  • Work has been making me want to pull my hair out. People are being super rude to me. Yes, I understand it is a busy tax time and that every business is in the middle of provision and quarter filings but that shouldnt be an excuse for them to yell at me and hang up on me.
  • Another thing that is bugging the beejezus out of me is that my laundry seems to be endless. Ok I know I suck at doing it but when I try to actually be domesticated it just is too impossible to do it all at once. How do you all cope with it? I have a full time job where i dont get home until close to 7... How do I keep up with the housework? I need magical cleaning fairies, or I need to make more money so I can have my cleaning lady come in more often.

  • Beware this vent might make me sound like a horrible person... I am in a transition stage right now because of my new job and responsibilities. I am also changing a lot which means I am growing apart from some friends and closer to others. I have 2 friends in particular that I am growing apart from and it semi-sucks but I know that in the end it is for the better. These girls use to be my best friends but one completly changed because of her bf and the other is still a close friend but she lives far away and she is on a different maturity level and is at a different stage in her life...
  •  I would like to talk about the second one because she is driving me CRAZY! She is being SUPER CLINGY. Texting me stuff like "I love you" all the time and "please dont let us grow apart". Am I a bad person because these constant texts are driving me crazy? You can be honest...I can take it 
Thats all my venting for today. I am hoping my bad days stop soon or I might just go crazy!


  1. Bad days totally suck, and I'm sorry you're feeling a lot like Eeyore these last few days...

    Perhaps you should visit here for a smile:

    Hope your day gets infinitely better! Surround yourself with positive people and do something you love that's just for YOU today. You deserve it!

  2. You are crazy, but not because of this stuff. Love you! =)

  3. I think you are fine. We all have things about friends that drive us nuts. I hate when friends are super-clingy too.

  4. Sounds like you need a double starbucks fix today. Hope things begin to turn around for you soon.

  5. Laundry SUCKS. I hate it. Like you, I work full time and i don't want to spend my remaining hours of the day slaving over the stupid stuff. Basically, I never sleep in on the weekends :( I get up at the time i usually do for work through the week, only i spend a few hours on the laundry. Doing this enables me to have a good weekend, though! and i have time to nap later if i need. Ugh. Laundry. You reminded me... I have a crap ton to do. YAY! haha :)

    Hope your days get better! Here's hoping the jerks at work and the scary, clingy friends step off!

  6. Awwwww....babe...it will get better...life sucks sometimes but you just need a lemon drop:) lots of love(: