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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just a Quickie- Brief Sports from a Girls POV

Hello All!!

So I got swamped today at work but I want to make sure that I post an entry today. I swear I need to start doing all my blog entries the night before since it gets so crazy at work.

So in honor of my birthday being tomorrow!! Woot turning 23. I will make a sports wish list. If at least 2 of these wishes come true then I don't need anything else for my birthday

By the way the sports world is crazy right now so I could write a HUGE post about it but I decided I would save you from that.

Birthday Wish List- Sports Style
  • San Diego Chargers win a Superbowl by 2012
  • LeBron James stays in Clevland and NEVER wins a title
    • Don't even get me started on his RIDICULOUS 1 hour special tonight. God who the hell do you think you are?
  • The Dodgers win tomorrow's game. Especially since I will be there chowing down on all you can eat pastrami sandwiches, kettle chips, pickles, and dodger dogs.
  • The NFL decides that the season should start early and have preseason start this month with regular season begining in August..Hey I can dream ok
  • The US miracously gets back into the World Cup and wins haha. Ok fine...then have some random ass team win. Gosh where is Brazil and Spain? LAME!!

Ok sorry for the lame post but at least I posted right? Guess what will be back tomorrow? ODD NEWS!



  1. If you want you can add "Twins win the world series" to the list.. I mean if you love me that is :)

  2. God please add a Marshall thundering herd win over the turdhead wv mountaineers this coming football season, PLEASE!!!

  3. I gave your blog an award! Check out mine for info!

  4. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend!