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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is not a Fake... Im back...I think

I am like Eminem and I am back again :) Just don't call me slim shady
Hello Lovelies! Well I will say I am back but that doesn't mean I will be as time has shown before... But I will try.  I am going to post another entry joining in on a blog meme/carnival! So check it out I will have two entries today. How cool am I?

Oh and I got an award!! Maybe I should leave more often, people seem to reward me for it...jk.

One of my favorite bloggers with a fantastic blog is Stephanie S-A Day in the Life of a Grad Student's Wife. Check her out she rocks and I am not just saying that because she gave me a blog award (even though that makes her that much more awesome). So thanks!!

The conditions of this award are:

1 - thank the person (Check!)

2 - Share 7 things about yourself

3 - Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs

4 - Let the award winners know!

1. I am a Hookah addict. I go about 1-2 times a week and sometimes ever 3 times... I'm CRAZY
2. I have an addictive personality. Luckily its not with bad things (ie gambling or alcohol) but with Starbucks, work, certain trends, and hobbies.
3. I once latchhooked a design and was going to make it into a pillow but then I was too busy
4. When I was younger I made everyone call me AJ for about 6 months because I wanted to be a boy.
5. My birthday is on Friday and I am super excited about it because it is my 23rd... 2+3=5. 5 and 55 are my favorite #s. (My friend pointed out though that 2/3 is .666 without rounding)
6. I want at least 3 more tattoos (I have 2). 1 on my back chinese ymbol for perserverance. A sun somewhere on my body. Some really cool artisty design on my left ankle/foot
7. I love going to the dog beach because it is so relaxing and it is fun to watch my puppy play with all the other dogs. I feel like a proud mama with a very cute and popular kid.

I will have to break the rules because there is no way I can nominate and notify 15 blogs. Lets see how well I can do. I choose the following:


  1. thanks for the award, love!! super sweet.

    and you have yourself a new follower :)

  2. like eminem huh? well that must be a good thing because i'm digging his comeback and now yours!

    great list of fun facts. i think i wanted to be a boy too. WTF were we thinking? lol.

  3. My sister once renamed herself Esmerelda but then made us call her Es for short. she gave her fake name a nickname. Love.

    Hugs, AJ.

  4. Glad to have you back!! I was just thinking today that I haven't read a post in awhile! How have you been!! Enjoying that Ca sun I am sure...or I hope :)

  5. You're the stinkin best :)))))!!!! THANK YOU!