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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sports A-Holes! *Sports from a Girl's POV* (might be offensive to some)

So I love love sports as you all are aware. However, there are a couple of things about the Sporting World that I despise Those are: athletes who think they are all that, ESPN's repetivive story lines, and the broken hearts you endure from being passionate about your teams.

Today I am going to focus on who I believe are big Sports A-holes in current times. I am sorry if I offend anyone or spotlight your hero. These are my opnions and shouldn't be taken too seriously... Please do not read if you think you might get offended... I warned you :)

1) LeBron James
He is the biggest jerk in the sporting world today. I hate him so much and the last 2 months have made me hate him even more. I am sorry LeBron but you are not the best player in the NBA. MVP titles don't mean anything if you don't have any rings to back them up. Also even if he does win rings in Miami he won't be the leader of the team. The reasons I hate him are that he is sooo full of himself, he treats his fans like crap, he did his own special on tv to spotlight himself, and he dragged out his decision and infested my tv with his crap. I hate LeBron and I hope that he never ever wins a ring! Any guy tha self proclaims himself the King is a Douche in my book.

2) Ladanian Tomlinson
Oh LT how you let me down. He use to be my favorite athlete. I don't hate him because he left the Chargers as that was a necessity. I hate him because he got a Jets tattoo. LT you have not even played with them. He is such a liar because he acted all heartbroken about leaving SD but then he goes and does that. Wimp ass move.

3)SF Giants Team
I hate the Giants. I don't have to have an excuse other than I am a Dodger fan. Sorry.

4) Ben Roethlisbergr
Ok, it is pretty bad when you are the QB on a team and even your own team doesn't like you. Ben is a loner in the locker room. He has gotten in trouble many times with the law including his shady behaviors with women. He is just an all around bad guy. Guess that happens when you become so popular at a young age.

5) A-Rod
This is Kevin's pick. He is rude to his fans. I hate people that are rude to their fans...hello a lot of the reason you are making the big dough is because your fans come to your games, buy jerseys and other logoed gear, and root for you. The least these athletes can do is sign some autographs and smile at their fans.,

The Winner of Biggest A-Hole of ALL Times goes to...

Barry Bonds
I am sure you all don't need an explanation. He is a jerk to his fans, he treated his team like crap, was one of the most self-centered athletes of all times, and was a cheater. Congratulations Barry here is an award you are actually deserving of.


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