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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I wish I was at a Sporting Event so I could SCREAM without getting weird looks.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nelly but I am having a Shitastic day... My heart is pounding, I have a headach, and I once again want to pull my hair out. However, that is all the complaining I am going to do on that matter.

Sports From a Girl's POV
*Picture Warning* Before I start though I wanted to see how many of you guys would be interested in joining a fantasy football league (its free and safe) just for fun during football season... I just want to get a feel on the interest to see if its worth it.

See I told you...Crazyness ensues. We were doing a mock wave for the camera
I think I've mentioned it here before but I love going to sporting events because you can scream, shout, cheer, and make a fool out of yourself all in the love of sports. I can be as loud as I want and it is actually encouraged (well if you do it at the right time that is). I feel that a sporting event is my ultimate happy place. There is sports, food, alcohol, entertainment (people watching, cheerleaders, halftime shows, etc), and loudness. What more do you need? Can I please go? I mean now!
Going to games with awesome people is a lot of fun

This is my Town!!!!!

Food being fed to me + drink in hand+ baseball game=Great Times!

Of course going to games with my boyfriend is always fun! (BTW I miss being that tan)
So something I am looking forward to is football season. I am pretty excited because reading through your blogs I see a lot of you are football fans. Come together all you ladies who love sports. Show your pride. Lets playfully bash each others teams and just enjoy sports together.

What is your favorite aspect of sports?

Happy almost Friday! (please come sooner)

P.S. I am doing a Giveaway very soon in honor of going over 50 followers. This is post 94 and I plan on announcing the Giveaway on my 100th post so stay tuned!!


  1. Love this post! There's nothing better than going to the game, grabbing a cold one, and eating a ton of unhealthy food!

  2. i love that you're a sports girl. you're like every guy's dream girl. swear! haha.

    i love watching live sports too. my fav is football like the rest of the US.

  3. you are seriously the cutest thing ever! Your bf totaly lucked out with you!

    p.s. excited abou the giveaway!